Black Fungal Disease Symptoms: All You Need To Know

Black Fungal Disease Symptoms

After the deadly breakout of Covid-19, the widespread of black fungus was one of the deadly diseases. Various myths were revolving around the information of black fungal disease symptoms.

The spread of misinformation has proven to be highly harmful. We must be informed about the correct details.

What is a black fungal disease?

Black fungal disease or black fungus infection is also known as mucormycosis. It is one of the rarest yet most harmful infections. The contraction across fungal spores leads to this disease. It makes its way into the body through a scrape or burns. One of the most dangerous aspects of black fungal disease is that it can lead to a severe or deadly skin infection.

The fungi are usually found in decaying elements like rotten wood, leaves, and more. Compared to other fungal diseases, this is one of the rarest ones. Even the most potent medicines do not have any significant impact on the infection. The main target of black fungal disease is the immunity system. It weakens the body’s ability to fight against any diseases.

What are the black fungal disease symptoms?

Whether or not you have contracted Covid-19, you will need to check the black fungal disease symptoms. Some of the common black fungal symptoms to counter include the following

  • High fever or flu 
  • Cough
  • Chest pain
  • Belly pain
  • Sinus
  • Shortness of breath
  • Face swelling
  • Bloody stool
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal changes
  • Black lesions around the face

If you ever notice any blister or swelling that seems unusual, you need to contact the doctor. One of the most common black fungal symptoms is swollen or blistered skin turning black and painful. The infection eventually spreads around the body.

Black Fungal Disease Symptoms
Source: India

Apart from attacking the immunity system, the Black fungus will attack the spleen, heart, and essential organs. It is crucial to be careful about the black fungal disease symptoms from the initial stage. Over time, it can get severe and may result in a coma. If not taken care of earlier, the black fungus can be fatal.

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The black fungus can be a post-covid symptom for many especially in times of epidemic.

What are the causes of black fungus?

Mucormycosis is also one of the most common diseases in today’s time. Although it has become prevalent due to Covid-19, it is necessary to understand the impact and be careful about it.

One of the main things that many people don’t know is that black fungus is present almost everywhere. It is a major part of plant manure, vegetables, and fruits. It can also be found in air and soul. This infection is almost found in the mucus of a healthy person. There is a high possibility of an individual contracting black fungus via the eyes or mouth.

Moreover, steroid misuse for curing black fungus can also cause problems. Black fungus mainly affects people who are already suffering from health conditions. If you are on medicines that reduce your body’s ability to fight diseases, you can be prone to black fungus. Post Covid-19 patients are the most prone to black fungus because of low immunity.

There have been several cases of death due to black fungus for post covid patients.

Fatality Rates

As soon as you notice the black fungal disease symptoms, it would help if you started the treatment. Experts suggest that black fungus can be fatal if not treated immediately. According to a 2021 review, around 31% of cases of people affected with black fungus are fatal. It is necessary to understand the recovery rate for SARS-CoV-2 patients. If you eat healthy, you can stay in the right path. 

Myths about transmission

While this disease is so dangerous, there are several myths about the transmission. It is essential to consider the impact and have knowledge about accurate information. False information can be misleading and only cause panic.

As the black fungus is taking over the world, its theories are all over social media. Some of the common myths about transmission include

Person-to-person transmission

Person to person contact causes covid-19. However, person to person contact cannot transmit black fungus. It is an airborne disease that is present in the form of fungi spores.

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Face masks cause black fungus

One of the ridiculous theories one can ever come up with is face masks causing black fungus. If you are lured in by this, please know that this is nothing but a myth.

Black Fungal Disease Symptoms
Source: Medical News

There is no evidence or scientific research that states face masks cause black fungus.

Fungi grow in water and oxygen cylinders

If you’re active on social media, you know how people are turning doctors. Everyone has their theory related to coronavirus. While some may be effective, it is always advisable to consider information from credible sources.

Black Fungal Disease Symptoms
Source: Deccan Herald

Many social media medical experts claim that fungi grow in the dirty atmosphere around the hospital. Many of them have even gone to the extent of claiming the growth of fungi to be from humidifiers and oxygen cylinders. Well, you don’t have to believe them.

There is no social media evidence that supports this theory. It is nothing but a myth.

Onions are harmful

Many people on social media are claiming that onions lead to the growth of black fungus. When we store onions in the fridge for a long time, we often see mold growth. This mold growth is related to black fungus and is considered to be a significant source of infection.

However, research states that these spores aren’t black. Therefore, the fungus in garlic or onion isn’t black fungus but Aspergillus niger. Moreover, black fungus grows only on decaying fruits and vegetables. These cannot survive in building materials such as ceramic tiles, painted surfaces, and more.

Black fungal disease prevention

It is advisable to keep a check on your blood sugar level to prevent the transmission of black fungus. Covid recovered patients need to keep an eye on what they’re eating. This will play an essential role in ensuring their blood sugar level is in check.

Black fungus is a deadly disease. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a check on the black fungal disease symptoms. Experts recommend keeping a tab on your blood sugar level to get maximum impact. Make sure to consult a medical professional rather than believing the social media posts.

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