3 Fun Facts About Teeth


There are millions of facts about the human body and its functions that we use and often take for granted every day. The mouth and teeth are no exception since they are used for chewing food, helping people talk and enabling people to express emotion. Here are three fun facts about teeth.

1. Humans Have 4 Types of Teeth

The human mouth contains four types of teeth, all with different shapes, sizes and functions:

  • Incisors, whose job is to initially bite into and cut food
  • Canines, whose function is to tear food apart and are the sharpest teeth
  • Premolars, which have a flat surface and assist with tearing and crushing food
  • Molars, whose primary function is to grind food so that it can be properly swallowed and digested

Make sure to seek regular Happy Valley dental care to keep your four types of teeth in good working order.

2. Enamel Is Very Strong

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, consisting of a mineral called apatite. In fact, enamel is even harder than silver, gold and iron. However, tooth enamel can still chip or decay due to injuries or accidents, lack of good dental hygiene and consumption of acidic foods and beverages like sodas. Along with avoiding these common culprits, there are many kinds of toothpaste you can purchase and use to help protect enamel.

3. All Sets of Teeth Are Different

Like a fingerprint, everyone has a unique set of teeth. This distinctive identifier is why consulting dental records is a common practice in forensics when detectives need to identify a homicide victim or other person who has been found deceased with no form of identification on them. This unique “fingerprint” provided by your teeth is known as an enamel rod pattern.

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If you enjoyed these three facts about teeth, feel free to learn more about this amazing organ.

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