Foods That Cause Hair Loss: What To Avoid For Hair Growth

Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Believe it or not but there are certain foods that cause hair loss. So, if you love your precious hair, it is time that you avoid consuming these foods. If you want to grow your hair naturally, it is advisable to avoid consuming these foods. 

It is advisable to consume biotin-rich foods for hair growth and minimize foods that can increase hair loss. These foods will not only trigger hair loss but also affect your lifestyle. Most importantly, these foods can also reduce the hairline. 

Although there is no one food, in particular, that will affect the hair quality; you need to be careful. Healthy and strong hair is everyone’s dream. Just like we take care of our skin, we should also adopt necessary measures for improving hair quality. 

Foods that cause hair loss

Hair loss is a serious problem. If not taken care of in the early stages, consumption of certain foods can prove to be harmful. However, before making any dietary and lifestyle changes, you need to see a doctor. 

Some of the common foods that cause hair loss include the following:


As much as sugar is bad for your health, it is equally bad for your hair. Studies show that insulin resistance is the main cause of obesity and diabetes. These diseases can, however, also result in excessive hair loss. 

Too much consumption of sugar can lead to balding in men and women. This is mostly because consuming a diet rich in sugar can lead to insulin resistance in the body. Furthermore, you should also avoid consuming starches and refined carbohydrates. 

Dairy products

Many people suffer hair loss due to diet. Although dairy products are suggested to be beneficial for hair growth, not all of them can be helpful. Certain dairy products are rich in fat. Therefore, instead of promoting hair growth, these dairy products can cause a lot of hair loss. 

Foods That Cause Hair Loss
Source: deccan Herald

Fat increases the testosterone level of the body. Foods with a high glycemic index are known to increase testosterone secretion in the body. As a result, most people suffer from hair loss due to this reason as well. If you have conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff, you may suffer more from hair loss due to dairy products. 

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Junk food

No matter how satiating or delicious these appear, these are nothing but a trap. If you go on a diet, you cut junk food. But what if you face hair loss due to diet? While there is no encouragement in the consumption of junk food, you better avoid it. 

Foods rich in saturated and monounsaturated fats can increase testosterone levels in the body. Furthermore, this leads to an increase in bad cholesterol levels. Moreover, high testosterone levels are also known to release DHT hormones in the body. 

DHT is a type of hormone which will trigger alopecia. Consumption of oily foods can make the scalp greasy. Moreover, in many cases, it can also lead to the blockage of hair follicles. It will damage the quality of existing hair and prevent the growth of new hair. 

Raw egg whites

While it may appear tempting to consume raw eggs, you should avoid doing so at any cost. Raw egg whites are a pain. Raw egg white can cause biotin deficiency. 

Foods That Cause Hair Loss
Source: Healthline

However, you should consume biotin-rich foods for hair growth. The lack of biotin also prevents keratin formation, which is the driving force for hair growth. The raw egg eventually binds with biotin, thereby preventing intestinal absorption. As a result, your hair won’t be able to grow in the desired manner. 

Refined carbs

Carbs are probably one of the best foods ever. Nonetheless, they can trigger hair loss significantly. If you want your hair to grow in a natural way, you should avoid foods such as cakes, pizza, pasta, and more. 

Most refined carbs can cause stress. As a result, it can also block the production of stress-relieving medicines. Too much stress is itself known to trigger hair fall. 

Moreover, foods rich in carbohydrates turn into sugar after consumption. It is mentioned above only how sugar can negatively impact our natural hair growth. 

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Foods rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary for vision and proper organ functioning. However, excessive vitamin A presence in the body can lead to vitamin A toxicity. One of the most common side-effects of vitamin A toxicity include excessive hair loss. 

Foods That Cause Hair Loss
Source: HealthyMe

Consuming high doses of vitamin A can have a negative impact overall. The vitamin A toxicity in the body can vary significantly from being chronic to acute. Acute vitamin A toxicity can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and rash. On the other hand, chronic vitamin A toxicity can lead to dry and rough skin and hair loss. 


Excessive mercury can lead to hair loss. Fish can, however, make your body exposed to mercury. Fish contains concentrated methyl-mercury that can cause hair loss.

Over the years, overfishing and climate change have led to an increasing concentration of mercury in fish. Sea-water fishes such as sharks, swordfish, and mackerel are extremely rich in mercury. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid consuming these fishes as much as possible to promote hair growth. 


While nuts are significantly beneficial for your overall health, these can have a negative impact on your hair. Nuts are rich in protein and healthy fats, but other impacts may contradict. 

Source: Bicycling

Many people are allergic to nuts. They do not always get a pleasant experience consuming these. On the other hand, other people are mildly allergic. This can, however, lead to a receding hairline. If you’re starting off with nut consumption, it is advisable to check for allergies. 

Nuts are also rich in selenium, which can be one of the many causes of hair loss. Brazil nuts are extremely rich in selenium. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid them the most. 

Final Thoughts

Several foods cause hair loss. However, if you’re a little careful and do your research properly, you can avoid these. At the same time, it is necessary to adopt measures that can be helpful in the long run. 

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