Acidity Home Remedy: Quick And Easy Ways To Fix The Problem

acidity home remedy

Acidity home remedy: At some point, almost all of us have been victims of acidity. It may start as a mild pain in the chest, but if not taken care of, this can turn out to be very serious. Acidity can lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease and eventually heartburn. While there are medicines to treat this condition, it is advisable to opt for an acidity home remedy. 

Experts recommend that bringing small lifestyle changes can bring instant relief from acidity. People use different methods for treating heartburn. Nonetheless, being mindful of it can play an essential role in enhancing the quality of life. 

What is acidity? 

Acidity is when our gastric glands secrete acid in the stomach. While a certain amount of acid is fine, excessive amounts can be harmful. Acidity is also referred to as acid reflux and can result from different factors like extra intake of spicy food, irregular eating, alcohol consumption, and more. 

acidity home remedy
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Individuals should be familiar with what to eat in acidity to curb it down. Heartburn and painful chest are the most common symptoms of acidity, and you may also experience other symptoms such as indigestion, burping, hiccups, and more. 

Acidity can be very annoying. Not only will it prevent you from enjoying your meal, but it will also keep you away from following a healthy lifestyle. 

Acidity home remedies

If you’re wondering what to eat in acidity, you should carefully follow acidity home remedies. From consuming healthy food to living a good life, acidic home remedies can be of great help. 

Some of the prominent remedies that can provide instant relief from acidity include the following:

Drink cold milk

As soon as you start feeling heartburn, it would help if you considered drinking cold milk, which is the easiest thing you can opt for. Milk is a good source of calcium that can play an essential role in preventing acidity buildup. 

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Sleep on your left side

While this may appear to be weird, this is helpful. Sleeping on your left side can help prevent the symptoms of acidity reflux. The impact of sleeping on the left side of acidity reflux is pretty unclear. 

Stomach acid will lower the esophageal sphincter if you lie on the right side, which will eventually lead to an increased risk of reflux. Sleeping on the left side may not always appear feasible; however, once you are comfortable, it can be highly comfortable. 

Avoid raw onions

Raw onions can increase the risk of acidity. Raw onions are rich in fermentable fiber. As a result, including raw onions in your diet will eventually increase the risk of acidity. 

acidity home remedy
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Raw onions tend to irritate your esophagus, and it will also increase the risk of heartburn. If you avoid the consumption of raw onions, you can get relief from acidity in no time. 

Mint leaves

Mint leaves, or pudina, helps to treat various digestive problems. Moreover, it will also act as a natural cooling agent that can relieve heartburn and acidity in no time. 

While you can include mint leaves in different ways in your diet, the best way to consume them is to drink a cup of mint tea. Drinking a cup of mint leaves every morning can help to keep your digestive health in the best condition. 

You can also boil the mint leaves and consume them with water separately. 

Tulsi leaves

Basil leaves, or tulsi leaves are equally helpful. If you are a victim of excessive mucus production in the stomach, tulsi leaves can help get rid of it. Tulsi leaves also act as an effective cure for treating heartburn. 

Tulsi leaves play an important role in soothing the stomach lining. You can chew two to three leaves of basil every morning. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for instant relief, you should boil tulsi leaves in water and drink them. 

Eat dinner early

According to experts, one of the main reasons people suffer from acidity is their dinner schedule. As per the general rule, people should eat dinner three hours before sleeping. 

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If you go to sleep instantly after having your dinner, you will suffer from the worst symptoms of GERD. Studies have found that eating your dinner late makes you more prone to acidity than eating it early. 

acidity home remedy
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People who have diabetes 2 are more at the risk of developing acidity due to later dinner. Nonetheless, more studies need to be done to determine the impact of early dinner on acidity. 

Eat small but frequent meals.

If you suffer from acidity frequently, you should consider eating small meals. Eating big meals at once can be pretty annoying for your stomach. 

It can be a huge problem if the lower esophageal sphincter becomes weakened or dysfunctional. Acid refluxes also occur if there is a severe case of pressure. As a result, the acid will squeeze through the opening. If you eat one or two large meals a day, it will worsen the symptoms of acid reflux. 

Nonetheless, if you eat smaller meals frequently, you can reduce the unwanted symptoms of acidity. 


Buttermilk or chaas can act as an efficient acidity home remedy. Furthermore, it can also play an important role in treating heartburn. Buttermilk is a good source of lactic acid. 

As a result, this can contribute towards lessening the symptoms of acidity. If you suffer from acidity, you should consider consuming a glass of buttermilk after a heavy meal

Follow a low carb diet

Following a low-carb diet can be helpful if you are suffering from symptoms of acid reflux. Undigested carbs can pave the way for bacterial overgrowth. Furthermore, it will also increase the pressure in the abdomen, which worsens the symptoms of acid reflux. 

Source: Healthline

Extra undigested carbs will lead to gas and eventually cause burping and bloating. Nonetheless, it is necessary to do proper research about how a low-carb diet can be helpful. 

Final Thoughts

Acidity can be very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it is necessary to be familiar with the acidity home remedy. There are different types of treatment options available. However, it is advisable to opt for home remedies as they can be quick and risk-free.

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