ADONIS Prenatal care clinic

Prenatal care clinic

Pregnancy, preparation for childbirth and parenthood need to be controlled by real professionals. The whole range of knowledge and qualitative services are collected in ADONIS Prenatal care clinic and  Programs to ensure the safety of parents and their procreation. 

ADONIS Prenatal care clinic 

 ADONIS Prenatal care clinics provide the highest quality help for families from 1997. More than 24 years we have worked with whole dedication using the newest technologies for the well-being of patients from around the world.

ADONIS has its own technological basis for all stages of treatment and emergency situations. 

Individual approach is ensured by ADONIS facilities and services collected in one place for additional comfort: 

  • Own Maternity Hospitals located in a beautiful green area and equipped with only certificated equipment 
  • Women’s professional consultation – gynecological diagnostic, individually adapted examination programs, pregnancy monitoring, etc.  
  • Pathology of pregnant women Department –  fetal-placental system state examination and planned cesarean section providing (in case of emergency)
  • Neonatology and Pediatrics Department – the newest technologies aimed to save lives and improve their quality
  • Own Resuscitation Units – intensive and all around care for both adults and newborns
  • Own functional diagnosis laboratory – with the most accurate results which are the basis for a successful treatment 

And this is not even a complete list of advantages which ADONIS Prenatal care Programs provide for future moms and their families. 

Safety and protection of the most precious 

Safety for medical establishments is of the first priority, especially when we are talking about newborns and mothers. 

ADONIS ensures the best maintenance of sanitary norms established by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine norms and worldwide standards. The equipment, surfaces, medical and non-medical facilities are thoroughly disinfected even more than before. 

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Our staff doctors and carrying personnel are constantly diagnosed and tested for COVID-19 negative results. We create the safest surrounding during the whole stages of your Prenatal care Program.

From the technological point of view, the Neonatology Department – an innovative unit of the ADONIS clinic – provides services to identify any abnormalities or difficulties in baby development at the earliest possible time frame. Skilled medical staff that works with every patient maintaining an individual approach, provides additional confidence for parents and safety of the embryo in the future.

Parental knowledge and awareness

ADONIS comprehensive help is not limited to only the medical part of the treatment. We have our own School of Motherhood where future parents may have access to essential information about breastfeeding, first aid points, newborn care and nutrition, baby development aspects, etc. 

It’s really essential to be completely ready for parenthood, but qualitative help from the side of the ADONIS specialists will never be too much. 

Even after discharge, a skilled pediatrician will be always ready to answer your questions, moreover baby examinations need to be included.

ADONIS clinics provide the widest variety of services of the highest quality. Our Prenatal care Programs cost is really affordable with the best price/quality ratio. Be sure that your procreation in safe hands of professional when you are with ADONIS. Come to us for consultation and stay for treatment


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