What You Need to Know about Accommodation for an Older Relative

an Older Relative

As a loved one grows older, they might need additional help to support their quality of life and safety. For example, they might become increasingly frail due to aging or develop a medical condition that requires occasional or around-the-clock care. If your parent, grandparent, or another family member requires extra assistance in the home, you might need to consider the various support options available to protect their health and wellbeing. Here’s what you need to know about accommodation for an older relative.

The Home Care Options

Many options are available to provide at-home care for elders. For example, a live-in carer could provide 24-hour support for those who struggle to complete everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, and dressing. 

However, if an elder can maintain their independence, options are available to support their quality of life, such as:

  • Cleaning services
  • Caring technologies (such as personal alarms, fall detection sensors, blood pressure cuffs, etc.)
  • Meal delivery services
  • Grocery delivery services
  • Personal care assistance

Also, family members could provide an aging relative with additional help in the home. For example, loved ones could take turns to perform many household chores, cook or deliver meals, buy groceries, or provide personal care support, such as helping a relative step in or out of a bath or shower.

Various mobility aids could also make life much easier for an elder who struggles to complete various everyday tasks, such as climbing the stairs, using the bathroom, or stepping out of bed. 

For example, they could benefit from:

  • A cane
  • Grab bars
  • Slipmats
  • Chair recliner
  • Stairlifts
  • A raised toilet seat
  • A commode
  • A wheelchair ramp
  • Reachers
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A Comfortable Care Home

A senior might benefit from moving into a comfortable care home, as they could receive the daily support they need while feeling a part of a fun, friendly community. A little research could help you find a facility that not only provides an aging relative with the assistance they need but will help them make the most of their golden years.

This care home in your area is a perfect example, as it provides luxurious care home accommodations to match different needs, such as one-bed and two-bed suites, larger options, and companion suites for couples. Plus, each suite features various home essentials, such as an en-suite bathroom, kitchenette, and a built-in wardrobe. Also, residents can attend a salon for a makeover, play board games, or attend various trips and outings.

Also, many nursing homes can provide dementia care to ensure a senior receives the support they need as the disease progress. With a nursing home’s assistance, the person living with dementia and their loved ones can adapt to the challenges in a dignified manner and setting. 


Many seniors struggle to admit when they need help, which is why you might worry about adjusting an elder’s daily routine. For this reason, you must try to involve an aging relative in the conversation about their accommodation requirements. It may prevent upset, frustration, or anger while ensuring they feel in control of their future. Your advice and support could help a loved one embrace additional help at home or consider the advantages of moving into a luxurious care home.

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