Chlamydia Eye Discharge- Know All Details About It

Chlamydia Eye

In today’s world, defending yourself from diseases is not at all easy, it takes up all our lives to reach a state of holistic health. Many diseases affect your health. Some affect your mouth, some affect your limbs and there are some diseases which affect multiple systems of the human body. Multiple diseases involve infections like viral infections, fever, bacterial accumulations and many more. Let us now discuss a disease that has a great and major effect on human genitals as well as on organs like the eyes and face. Chlamydia Eye

Dive in now to get the complete details about chlamydia conjunctivitis with chlamydia eye discharge.

What is Chlamydia Conjunctivitis? 

Chlamydia conjunctivitis is the infection caused by a microorganism named chlamydia trachomatis. This does not only affect genital organs but is also very commonly seen in the eyes. If we talk about its prevalence, this disease affects one person in 20. That means its ratio is 1:20. It is a sexually transmitted disease. Individuals who are sexually active and have multiple partners are at a higher risk to catch chlamydia conjunctivitis. It is most commonly seen in women. Men are also affected but the incidents recorded in men are lower as compared to women.

chlamydia eye discharge


The below-given details describe the causes by which chlamydia can affect your health severely. These causes are: 

  • Microorganisms: The microorganism mentioned above, is Chlamydial conjunctivitis. The transfer of these organisms from the fluid exchange or needle contamination can cause chlamydial conjunctivitis to you. 
  • The infection can be direct as well as indirect. For example, having intercourse with a person already having chlamydia conjunctivitis can make you another patient of it. This is a direct infection. Using the same unwashed utensils and used clothes will increase your chance to acquire diseases like chlamydia conjunctivitis.
  • Touching Genitals: The doctors like sexologists or gynaecologists when unknowingly diagnose the genitals of the patients who are suffering from chlamydia conjunctivitis can catch this disease easily. Or while a couple is going through sexual intercourse, touching each other genitals can for sure increase the chances of them getting a disease. 
  • Neonatal Conjunctivitis: Chlamydia trachomatis when resides in the genitals of a pregnant lady, at the time of delivery, the baby can also catch the same disease due to the touch of genitals. Thus, regular checkups and blood tests should be done during the nine months of pregnancy. This is called neonatal conjunctivitis.  
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chlamydia eye discharge


There are multiple symptoms observed while the patient is suffering from Chlamydial conjunctivitis. Some most common ones are given below by the presence of which, this disease can be identified. 

  • There is constant pain in the eyes of the patient who is suffering from it.
  • There is swelling around the eye and not only around it but the eyelids are also in a swollen state. This makes the eye look even smaller.
  • Redness and inflammation of the eye are very common due to the effect of chlamydia conjunctivitis.
  • Chlamydia eye discharge is the identifying feature of chlamydial conjunctivitis. There is a viscous mucous discharge from the eye that affects vision.
  • There are swollen lymph nodes that can be seen around the eye. 
  • There is preventable blindness observed in multiple patients.
  • Photophobia is also a very common symptom observed. 
  • When the patient opens his eyes, there is tearing like pain in the eyes that provides discomfort to the patient.

How To Prevent Chlamydial Conjunctivitis

‘Prevention is better than cure. It is just not a saying but a fact. If you start preventing yourself from getting a disease, you will never get a chance to cure any. There is basic 4 prevention that should be taken to avoid chlamydia conjunctivitis. They are:

  • Protection: Use protective barriers like condoms which are now available in both latex and non-latex form for those who were not able to use them because of the fear of inflammation due to latex. Please do use condoms before having sexual intercourse with your partner. 
  • Sex Toys: Using used sex toys should surely be prevented. As you never know who used it last, there is always a chance of getting an infection. Thus, avoid yourself from using sex toys. However, if you have to use it, it is better to clean it up to avoid infections. 
  • Communicate: Explain to your family members or your friends not to have sex with multiple partners. Communicating about this disease will spread awareness about it thus leading to a safer generation.
  • Tests: Go for regular checkups. Every individual should get a complete body checkup after every 6 months at least. This identifies the disease at an earlier stage which is always curable.
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chlamydia eye discharge


Talking about the diagnosis. Diagnosis is done to confirm the diseases that the doctor has suspected clinically. Here the diagnosis is performed with the help of a swab test. A cotton swab is taken and is slightly rubbed to the scores of the eye to collect some chlamydia eye discharge. This swab sample is then taken to the laboratory. The culture is made and is incubated. This confirms the causative organism of the disease. So if it is chlamydia trachomatis, then the patient is suffering from chlamydial conjunctivitis. There can also be confirmatory symptoms like chlamydia eye discharge, swelling and homophobia that confirm the disease


To treat the patient, firstly the doctor must communicate with him or her. The patient should get counselled about the disease he is suffering from and must be told about the prevention.

Several medications are given to the patient including ointments, eye drops and antibiotics. The antibiotics depleted the regrowth of bacteria and there’s the disease as early as possible. The drugs used here are azithromycin, doxycycline, erythromycin and tetracycline. All of them are given under gm/ Kg rule.

Summing Up

This was all about the infection caused by chlamydia and the chlamydia eye discharge. The symptoms like chlamydia, eye discharge, pain, redness and all mentioned above can only be treated if you take all the prevention given and take medication regularly.

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