Know All About Childhood Alzheimer’s Disease

Childhood Alzheimer's

Certain diseases affect the childhood of an individual. Some affect the physique and some affect the mind of the patient. It is important to acknowledge the cause of the disease so that it can be eliminated from the body as soon as it is possible. But there are some diseases which do not have a definite aetiology. Thus, it gets difficult to treat such a disease. The complications of such disease can be delayed but they can not be stopped. This article is about one such disease which we know by the name Childhood Alzheimer's.

What Is Childhood Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Alzheimer's is a disease where the patient at first starts to forget some smaller current incidences of life and then starts to forget his very own relatives, his name and a lot more. It is a disease where the brain cells of the patient start to degenerate. The responsible hormone for the thinking and learning prices starts to decrease. There is atrophy of the brain cells. Childhood Alzheimer's

Causes Of Childhood Alzheimer’s Disease

There are no specific causes yet found as to why this disease occurs but there are some relative causes that tend to cause Childhood Alzheimer's. They are given below:


A person who is lonely for a long period, for example, kids with working parents are likely to catch such a disease. When no one is around, it gets easy for the patient to scoop themselves into depression. Loneliness can let the child have their brain cells degenerate. This can cause Childhood Alzheimer's. Thus, you must give proper attention to your kids, especially during their childhood and teenage period.


The kids are variant in appearance and somewhere in behaviour too. However, the basic genetic information or the parental information when combined gets preserved in the body. This causes the child to contain a lot of genotypic as well as physiological characteristics. This proves that if the parent is suffering from any sort of disease like Alzheimer's, the child might get it too.

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Lifestyle And Environmental Factors 

Poor lifestyle and a toxic environment together are very much responsible for creating illnesses like childhood Alzheimer's. Poor lifestyle means no healthy eating, and lots of stress because either parent fight a lot or no care is taken for the child. Talking about the environmental factors, the toxic environment like people having fights in society, taunting your child and any trauma to the children are all factors that combine up to cause Childhood Alzheimer's. 

Childhood Alzheimer's
Image Credit: Healthline

Symptoms of Childhood Alzheimer

A disease can be suspected based on some of its clinical features that must be identified by the doctors. Every disease has its kind signs and symptoms. Thus, Childhood Alzheimer's too has some symptoms that you must know about. They are:

1. Memory Loss 

The patient suffers a loss of memory. He or she will first start to forget small things like something from his daily routine or what is her address. As the stages start to increase the memory power starts to decrease even more. The patient forgets his or her name and they can also forget to identify their parents.

2. Difficulty In Performing Tasks 

They face major problems in the initial stages of performing tasks like wearing shirts and closing their buttons correctly, tying shoelaces and difficulty understanding multiple instructions at one time like opening an English book, page 32, 5th Chapter, paragraphs 3 and 6th line. He gets confused and will forget half of the instructions. 

3. Problem In Speech 

The patient might face problems in speech. Due to degeneration of the brain cells, many organs can get affected. There can be problems with speaking. There can be mumbling and slipping off the tongue. They might forget the important words to speak in between.

4. Disorientation Of Time 

The patient loses the track of time. It is difficult for them to judge if it is morning or evening time. 

5. Decreased Judgement 

There is a decreased judgement seen in these patients. They are unable to decide right or wrong. They are unable to judge things like a ball coming toward them. They are unable to counter it.

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6. Hampered Thinking 

Hampered thinking is one of the major symptoms of Childhood Alzheimer's. They are unable to think or picture a story in their mind like other children are perfect at doing.

7. Misplace Things 

They can easily misplace things like your TV remote, their toys, their books, your files, and jewellery and sometimes they can misplace themselves also. Thus, it is advised not to leave them or your things alone.

8. Changes In Behaviour 

Several behavioural changes are being noticed in the children who are suffering from childhood Alzheimer's. They can push themselves into loneliness and can lock themselves down in a room. They avoid social meetings and try to be alone in gatherings.

9. Change In Personality 

There is a complete change in personality due to several changes seen in behaviour.

10. Loss Of Initiative

They are not at all responsible for taking any kind of initiative because they can forget ample things if they are given any initiative.

Childhood Alzheimer's
Image Credit: Being Patient

Treatment of Childhood Alzheimer 

Taking care of these patients is the most important part of their treatment. It is important to keep them in an environment of love and attention. But in the case of medical treatment below given drugs are given:


Acetylcholine which is responsible for memory and alertness gets increased due to these drugs. Thus, preventing the severity.


They regulate the activity of glutamate which is responsible for learning and memory.

The Final Verdict

This is all about Childhood Alzheimer's that you must know. There are multiple clinical features that you might notice but the one really important is poor motor skills and loss of memory. Now when you know about it, you must not take medicines by yourself, you must take tablets as prescribed by the doctors. It can prevent too much severity too soon. So try taking medicine on a perfect timetable. To top it all off, intense care for the patient is the most vital thing to perform. So stick to that.

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