Fun activities for introverts

activities for introverts

Extroverts thrive in social situations. It literally charges them, and they feel refreshed, energized, and happy afterwards. As an introvert, I wonder what that’s like. After any kind of social interaction whether that be with just one friend, going to class, or communicating with the cashier at the grocery store I go to, it leaves me drained and tired afterwards. What fuels introverts like me is time alone doing our favorite things. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to have fun! So, here’s a list of things I think many introverts can do that will be not only entertaining, but also requires very menial social interaction.

People watching

This may sound creepy but trust me it’s not (unless you’re staring at someone, do not do that). Go to your local park with a nice book, some headphones, and some snacks. As much as I love reading, after a while a break is needed. When that happens, look around. People are living completely separate lives from you. It feels nice to reflect on that while people watching. You are not alone in this world, there are billions of people, and you are one of them. It’s a fun activity to make up stories for the people around you and imagine what they’re saying and doing. 

Online gambling

Gambling in an online casino is literally a perfect introvert activity, no in person interaction and there’s no pressure of having the perfect poker face! How could it get any better than that? Online casinos are the same as regular ones, just online. They’ve got the same games such as card games and “ألعاب سلو .

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Learning a new language

It’s so fascinating that we can learn a new language on a whim. There are many ways to do this but as an introvert, the easiest and most accessible way is the only way. What I recommend is downloading Duolingo. My roommate, another fellow introvert (perfect living situation I know) downloaded Duolingo to learn French and she’s been going at it for two months straight, every day opening up the app and doing the activities that are provided. It might not have you speaking and writing and understanding a whole entire new language in a short time span, but the brain is a muscle that needs to exercise and learning a few phrases a day can help with that. Besides, you can do this anywhere. As long as you are focused and on your own, it totally counts as a fun introvert activity.

Solo dates

This sounds very daunting and trust me it is. I’m not saying go to a restaurant and request a table for one. I’ talking about going to a nice dark movie theater to watch a very lengthy movie of your choice. You don’t need to talk to anyone or have anyone talk to you. It’s just you, your snacks, and a nice movie. Another idea is going to the library. No one expects you to be a social butterfly at the library. People go there to work, study, and read…quietly! Whoever tries to chat you up is rude and it would be perfectly acceptable to turn around and walk away.

Hopefully, some of these ideas are appealing to you, because I know they are for me. Catch me on a nice weekend watching a three-hour movie with my lonesome. Actually, don’t catch me, I’d rather be alone.

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