7 things your partner should never say to you

things your partner should never say to you

When it comes to a relationship, a person is always very careful, provided he or she is in true love. When you love the person standing right next to you, then for nothing and none, you are ready to lose your gem. Also, one should understand that the other person also, in most cases, reciprocates the same feelings. But, no human is perfect. There are some or other flaws in all of us. So, as a result of those flaws, there are times and situations where you will get into arguments. Also, at times, there will be discussions that cannot conclude.

In such situations, you and your partner will face many psychological challenges, leading to heated arguments and massive disagreements. During these arguments and disagreements, there are chances that you may get to hear certain things your partner should never say to you, which would not sound very pleasant to your ears. But, just because you are blindly, madly, and deeply in love with your partner, therefore, at times, just for the sake of your love, you tend to ignore all those harsh words said to you.

things your partner should never say to you

What do the researchers and psychologists have to say?

So much research is conducted every now and then for this particular emotion called love. Various psychologists and psychiatrists do get involved in this research all around the globe. These learned people mention certain things your partner should never say to you. Here, let us further discuss what things your partner should never say to you.

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The list of those things your partner should never say to you goes as follows –

1. “It’s all your fault”

Blaming you for everything on Earth would not help anybody; blaming just one person for a  thing where there are two people in a relationship is not a justified thing to be done. The facts given out after various pieces of research offline and online, it can be said that these set of words may leave lasting damage to your confidence and may affect the other psychological aspects of your brain as well.

2. “Ex did this for me”

Every individual comes with his or her own identity, and one of us likes to be compared to another. Comparison often leads a person to lower self-esteem.

3. “I just wish to slap you”

Yes, maybe in your case, your partner will not cross that line, and you will never face anything physical, but still, you should not forget words are more dangerous than any weapon.

things your partner should never say to you

4. “You cannot do anything in the right way”

Nothing of this sort you should ever take to your ears from your partner or friend or anybody else. These kinds of words may lead a person to self-doubt, and this can further lead a person to be underconfident about everything.

5. “If you love me….”

These kinds of emotional blackmails may lead to unnecessary mental pressure on a person. Obviously, any relationship is not for putting a person into such kind of unpleasant situations.

6. “Don’t wear that”

Yes, it is true, everyone likes to dress up for their significant other, or we should say to get praise from our loved one. But that does not mean he or she should be dominating what one should wear. When it comes to choosing clothes for you, their tone and the selection of words should be purely suggestive.

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7. “You complete me”

This phrase may sound sweet to your ears but entertain it happily only enough until you are ready to handle the baggage of expectations it would bring alongside.

Check their actions

Now that we have almost discussed everything that neither you should say to your partner and your partner also should not say those things to you. We shall further focus on noticing their actions. We shall never forget actions speak louder than words. So, you need to keep in check if there is anything in their actions that feels disrespectful to you. Because where there is love, there should not be any place for any disrespect. Before we fall for anyone, it is respect that we start with. We can also say it is actually the respect that justifies any kind of love that anyone ever feels for anybody.

So, if you have mistakenly blurted out any phrases, sentences, or words discussed above as things your partner should never say to you, perhaps you should immediately start working on an apology plan.

things your partner should never say to you


So, to conclude, we can say that if we love someone, we should always be careful regarding our actions and words around them. We cannot always save them from the hurt, but at least that is what we should try. No true lover has ever liked hurting his or her loved one. Sometimes hurting them by mistake is one thing, but if you love a person, you would never wish to hurt them intentionally for no reason.


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