Preventive Measures & Popular Home Remedies For Foot Corn Removal

foot corn removal

So, perhaps you have got foot corn troubling you? Is it paining like hell? Now that you are searching for a home remedy, here as you scan through this post and you will get to read about many popular home remedies for foot corn removal.

Also, we would also discuss some preventive measures one can apply if one is very much prone to foot corn. Talking about the preventive measures first would not help those sitting with painful foot corn in their legs already and trying to search for a home remedy relief on the internet. So keeping all of those in mind here, we will start our discussion with a detailed list of home remedies applicable to this situation.

foot corn removal
Image Credit: Manhattan Foot Specialist

A list of popular home remedies for foot corn removal

1. Soaking your foot in warm water

This is perhaps the best and one of the most popular home remedies for foot corn removal. While applying this, the corn should be kept in warm water for at least 10 minutes.

2. Use a pumice stone

If you are hearing this for the first time, then to define a pumice stone for you simply, it is a type of stone made out of a mixture of lava and water. This stone is very well used to treat foot corn. With the help of the stone, you can quickly get all the hard and dry skin cleared.

3. Use lotion on the corn

Another key element for foot corn removal is using lotion on the corn. If you do not have a lotion, then an alternative for that would be a cream.

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4. Corn Pads

If you cannot apply the two solutions above, corn pads are the next good solution available for your foot corn. Putting a corn pad on your feet will prevent contact between your foot and your shoe; thus, you will experience less pain.

foot corn removal

5. Vitamin E Oil

All the sources of vitamin E have always been good for the skin as well as for hair health. So, in the case of foot corn problem, it is a good natural remedy for successfully removing foot corn from the feet.

So, all these home remedies for foot corn removal have been very successful so far, but if, for some reason, these home remedies are not helping you, then it would be best to visit a doctor and take the prescribed medicine. There are chances that your doctor may prescribe to you some specially made medicated lotions, creams, or some other treatments.

Now that the treatments and remedies associated with the process of foot corn removal have been discussed, we can shift our focus to some preventive measures to avoid the frequent occurrence of foot corn.

Preventive measures to be taken

1. Socks and shoes should fit properly– When buying shoes at a shop, be precise with the size. The shoe should never be too tight or too loose. It should always fit in your leg just perfectly.

2. Nail trimming – You may disagree with the fact that long nails are an agent in the development of foot corn, but that is a real fact. Long nails push your toes, and thus they give your feet a push against the shoe.

foot corn removal

3. Clean your feet regularly – To keep your foot protected against foot corn, it is essential to keep your feet neat and clean. If you wish to keep your feet neat and clean, then for that, you should use a scrub brush and should wash your feet daily with water and soap.

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4. Keep away dryness – In order to prevent your foot against foot corn, it is essential for you to keep your feet well moisturized. It would be good for you to put lotions and creams on your feet constantly.

So, this is how you can protect your feet and prevent foot corn. Home remedies and skin specialist doctors help you with foot corn cure, but prevention is always better than cure. So, before getting into the pain of foot corn, one should always do everything to avoid it.


If besides all the information regarding foot corn removal, you still feel you are missing out on something, then it would be best to get in touch with a trained and certified doctor.  In the worst cases of foot corn, home remedies will not be as effective as medicated lotions and creams prescribed by any skin specialist doctors. If you wish your corn to heal faster, and if it has worsened, you should definitely work on getting it healed faster so you can free yourself of the pain and continue your normal activities.


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