7 Drinks That Make You Poop Immediately and Relieve Constipation

With the rapid and urbanised lifestyle, often, we ignore the ill effects on our bodies. Due to this, we suffer both mentally and physically. One such problem is the rising cases of constipation among people. It’s such a prevalent issue and may seem small, but if not treated, it can lead to serious diseases. To cure it, this article will introduce 7 drinks that make you poop immediately. All the recipes include home ingredients that can be easily found in the kitchen cabinets–waiting for you to realise how they can help. All you need is a perfect recipe and technique to say bye-bye to your blocked stomach.

What causes constipation?

A lot of medical and lifestyle choices can cause it. But mainly, it is affected by a poor diet which includes many fatty meals without much dietary fibre and a lack of water content. Apart from this, stress, dehydration, lack of exercise and changes in diet can also be the main reason.

Why do we need drinks that make you poop immediately?

While constipation gets solved on its own sometimes, if it persists for an extended period, the person can face challenging and dangerous health issues. To avoid that, this article will provide drinks that make you poop immediately to avoid such a scenario without any stress.

 7 Drinks That Make you Poop Immediately

1. Lemon Juice

Lemons are known for being a great source of Vitamin C–an antioxidant that aids in stimulating bowel movements in the gut.

All you need to do is to squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach. Within minutes, you will be making the trip to your desired place.

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2. Coffee

Apart from the delight of many evening talks, date nights or a night-awaker drink, coffee can make you poop immediately.  Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which triggers acid production in your gastrointestinal tract. This causes your stomach to contract and alerts your brain that it’s time to poop.

3. Apple Juice

Loaded with loads of dietary fibre and sorbitol, Apple Juice is a perfect drink to get over with constipation. According to a trusted U.K. Department of Agriculture source, a medium apple has 18.91 g of sugar and 4.4 g of fibre. Along with other minerals, apples also include vitamins A and C and calcium.

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Apart from that, Apple has pectin, a water-soluble fibre that promotes bowel movements.  Also, a high quantity of fructose is found in this juice compared to others, making it the perfect drink that makes you poop immediately.

4. Ginger Tea

In herbal medicine and Indian household, ginger is considered a preferred remedy for constipation and getting the desired bowel movement. 

Ginger, also known as the “warming plant,” causes the body to produce more heat, which can hasten sluggish digestion. Ginger Tea hot water aids in relieving constipation and encourages digestion. Additionally, ginger tea in infused with laxative properties which promote bowel movement in the body. 

How to have it?

Cut one-inch ginger into small pieces. Put it in a saucepan along with a glass of water. Boil it for a few minutes, strain and drink the water.

After that, just let your body work it out for you.

5. Prune Juice

Is one of the best drinks that makes you poop immediately. They contain significant amounts of sorbitol, potassium, and magnesium, all of which have natural laxative effects. The Health Kart advises consuming 2 to 4 glasses of prune juice daily to achieve the desired results.

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You can buy prunes online as they are dried and sealed.

How to make Prune Juice?

In a pot of 2 litres of water, add 300g of prunes to the pot. Further, heat the pot, and once it’s boiled, cover it with a lid, reduce to low heat and simmer for 2 minutes. Now, blend the mixture and drink it.

6. Castor Oil

Since ancient times, castor oil, made from the castor plant, has been used for various medical purposes. It can help with anything, including bruising, hair fall, menstrual cramps, and stomachaches. Constipation may also benefit from it.

Castor oil is an energising laxative that stimulates bowel movement and cleanses the colon. Some people may find it challenging to consume the oil on its own due to its potent flavour and aroma; however, mixing it with cereal or orange juice may assist in masking it. 

Milk, juice, or water can all be combined with a teaspoon of oil. Taking 1-2 tablespoons on an empty stomach is also beneficial.

 7. Water

Water? Seriously? Yes, one of the most accessible drinks you can grab without any preparation. Just fill your bottle and drink it throughout the day to give your bowel some movement and digest the food properly.

Drinking enough water speeds up the digestion of nutrients, promoting regular bowel movements. 

The colon works correctly when the body has an optimal water level because it absorbs less. Constipation can also occur if the colon takes in too much water or the supporting muscles are too weak, which causes the stool to solidify. 

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Foods That Make You Poop

Consuming high-fiber foods can make it simpler for you to empty your bowels. The component of plant matter known as fiber is indigestible. As a result, fiber gives your feces more weight and loosens it. Let’s examine the most effective foods that make you poop and discuss how each one can maintain regularity in the gastrointestinal tract.

1. Berries

They are so abundant in fiber and water. Hence, berries are among the healthiest nutrients for constipation. 

Berries are abundant in soluble fiber. In your digestive system, it creates a gel that gives your feces volume and softens it.

2. Veggies

Consuming a variety of vibrant veggies is unquestionably one of the greatest strategies to treat constipation. 

Vegetables have various laxative qualities that keep your stools from being too firm or tough to pass through, and they are a great source of nutritional fiber. They additionally include a lot of water, despite what may seem to be the case.

3. Brown rice

This has become a key component in many people’s diets worldwide. 

The amount of fiber is substantial. Unpolished brown rice keeps all of its fiber content, in contrast to white rice.

4. Oats

These grains are undervalued. They are high in important nutrients and antioxidants, making them one of the finest meals for constipation. Also amazingly adaptable are oats.

5. Walnuts

When you have constipation, walnuts are among the healthiest foods to choose. One of the nuts with the greatest fiber per serving is walnuts, which have eight grams in a cup. They have a significant amount of omega-3. It lubricates the intestinal linings to make it easier for faeces to move through, easing constipation.

Your diet is the most important factor in maintaining regularity. Pooping is critical since our gut health reflects our general well-being. So, if you’re seeking foods that make you poop, you can include these foods in your dietary regimen to release the stool smoothly.


While these drinks will make you poop immediately, the advice is always to eat clean wholesome food. That way, your body will be protected and wouldn’t have to be sought for such drinks. Keep your gut happy, then you will be healthy.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1: What are some drinks that make you poop up instantly?

Ans: While not a guaranteed instant  solution, certain drinks such as prune juice, sparkling water with lemon, and herbal teas such as senna or peppermint can have diuretic effects if easily causes diarrhoea

Q2:How does prune juice help with bowel movements?

Ans: Prune juice is rich in sorbitol and fiber, which provides soft stools and aids in bowel movements. It is a natural remedy for acne that can work well for some individuals.

Q3: Can coffee make you poop right away?

 Ans: Coffee, especially caffeinated coffee, can cause constipation in some people by stimulating the digestive system. However, it does not work immediately for everyone and can lead to dependency with long-term use.

Q4: Are there any herbal teas known to have a quick laxative effect?

Ans: Yes, some herbal teas, such as senna or cascara, are known for their rapid diuretic properties. However, these should be used with caution and guidance as immediate side effects can be severe and cause seizures.

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