Best home remedies for cold during pregnancy

home remedies for cold during pregnancy

Keep reading if you’re looking for home remedies for cold during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be exciting and joyous, but sometimes it can be a challenge too! Many of us have experienced a cold while pregnant, and finding the right remedies to alleviate the symptoms can seem daunting. Traditional treatments often aren’t safe for use during pregnancy, so what other options are out there?

Thankfully, you can try many home remedies that are safe and effective for treating a cold when pregnant – from over-the-counter medications to natural remedies like drinking lemon water or inhaling steam. This article will explore why these home remedies work and any important considerations to keep in mind when using them.

Effective home remedies for cold during pregnancy

Remember – before trying any new remedy, speak with your doctor first. Don’t let a cold interfere with your pregnancy journey – seek help today!

1. Increase fluids such as water, herbal teas, and warm soups

You must stay hydrated when pregnant and suffering from cold symptoms. Increase your water intake throughout the day and make sure to drink plenty of fluids such as herbal tea, chamomile tea and green tea – these will aid your recovery by providing additional vitamins and minerals beneficial for both mother and baby. Warm soups and broths are also nutritious and help rehydrate the body while fighting off infection.

home remedies for cold during pregnancy

2. Get plenty of rest

This is one of the best home remedies for cold during pregnancy. Getting enough rest is one of the best things you can do when battling a cold during pregnancy. This doesn’t mean you have to nap all day; give yourself permission to take periodic rests or sleep in if you aren’t feeling well. Don’t be afraid to plan so your daily activities give you a chance to get some extra restful hours. It’s advised that pregnant women sleep 8-10 hours a night to boost immunity, increase energy levels and help fight off infection.

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3. Gargle with salt water

Why not try salt water gargling if you’re pregnant and looking for a simple, natural remedy for a cold? All you have to do is combine half a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water, stir to dissolve the salt and gargle for 30 seconds. Repeating this several times throughout the day can help alleviate symptoms like sore throat, congestion, and coughing. Also, stay hydrated to keep your mucus thin and relieve symptoms.

4. Try honey and lemon drinks

This is also one of the best home remedies for cold during pregnancy. Don’t forget about honey and lemon drinks either! Not only do those two ingredients taste incredible together, but they can work wonders on your cold symptoms. Honey helps soothe sore throats and reduce inflammation while lemon’s vitamin C content supports your immune system. Just mix equal parts of honey and freshly squeezed lemon into a cup of hot water and you’ll be good to go! Drink several cups throughout the day and bid farewell to those pesky colds.

home remedies for cold during pregnancy

5. Drink warm ginger tea

Warm ginger tea is an excellent home remedy for treating a cold during pregnancy. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can help reduce congestion, boost the immune system, and soothe the throat. To prepare this tea, boil 1 cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of peeled and finely grated ginger root. Allow the mixture to simmer for five minutes, strain it and then sweeten it with honey. Drink this tea up to three times a day when experiencing a cold while pregnant.

6. Take a warm bath or shower

A warm bath or shower can be as effective as drinking ginger tea. This helps alleviate congestion, open airways and calm the mind. Fill the bathtub with warm water and add a few drops of eucalyptus, rosemary or chamomile essential oils for additional relief. Soaking in the tub for 15 to 20 minutes helps hydrate the skin and relaxes the body. To make the most out of a shower, turn on the hot water and let it run over your body for five to ten minutes before washing yourself. This will help loosen some of the mucus in your body and prevent it from building up.

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7. Diffuse essential oils like peppermint

Home remedies for cold during pregnancy are a great way to relieve a cold’s symptoms while pregnant. Diffusing essential oils such as peppermint is a safe and effective remedy that can help clear nasal congestion, reduce headaches, and soothe sore throats.

8. Steam inhalation with menthol and eucalyptus

Steam inhalation is another effective home remedy for colds during pregnancy. This process can be done by adding a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus essential oils to a bowl of hot water and then draping a towel over your head as you lean over the bowl and inhale the steam. Not only does this action relieve congestion, but it’s also beneficial in helping reduce muscle tension and providing an overall sense of relaxation. Additionally, steam inhalation with menthol and eucalyptus can help open up airways and break up mucus. This can be done by boiling water in a pot, adding a few drops of the essential oil, then draping a towel over your head and breathing deeply for 15 minutes. Other home remedies include drinking plenty of fluids, resting, using saline nasal spray, topical balms or ointments on congested areas.

steam inhalation in pregnancy

Final words

These are home remedies for cold during pregnancy. A cold can be challenging for expecting moms, with uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms. Fortunately, there are many remedies that you can use to reduce your cold symptoms from the comfort of your own home! Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest – nourishing foods like fruits and veggies will also help boost your immune system.

To reduce congestion, try taking hot showers or baths, running a humidifier, and avoiding air conditioning if possible. If you’re feeling extra stuffy, natural decongestants like peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil can really help clear out your nose.

Probiotics are also great for strengthening your immunity, so don’t forget to add those into your routine. Taking care of your health during pregnancy is super important – make sure to talk to your doctor before trying any home remedies, as some may not be safe while pregnant. Don’t let the cold get you down – pick yourself up with these simple tips!

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