10 Eye-Catching Pastel Makeup Looks to Brighten Up Your Look

pastel makeup looks

10 Eye-Catching Pastel Makeup Looks to Brighten Up Your Look

Can we really not have it all? Not true. Enter pastel makeup: the ultimate way to achieve a delicate and ethereal vibe with pops of vivid shades mixed in. These looks have covered whether you want to blend in or stand out. Trust us, the pastel possibilities are endless – and endlessly chic.

Whether rocking some show-stopping eye shadow or adding a lip color, these pastel makeup looks will take any outfit up a notch. So don’t be afraid to go bold and rock your favorite hues! From Two-Toned Pastel Eyeshadow to Spring Pastel Makeup, here are 10 pastel makeup looks you need to try.

Two-Toned Pastel Eyeshadow

Ready to step up your makeup routine? Say ‘aloha’ to the Two-Toned Pastel look – the latest trend that’ll bring extra pizzazz to your peepers! It’s all about blending two pastel shades that fit like peas in a pod, yielding fabulously eye-catching results. Rocking this style? Start by sweeping on a light pastel hue across lids. Next, go in with a darker shade and add definition along the crease and outer corner for a seductive smoldering touch. Don’t forget to amp it up with some glimmer and depth – dab on the highlight to inner corners and brow bones! Bam – you’re ready to blow everyone away with your gorgeous eyes.

Two-Toned Pastel Eyeshadow
Image credit: Miss Milani

Green With Envy

Ready to turn some heads? Try Green With Envy, a daring and fashion-forward pastel makeup look sure to make a statement. Start by creating a smoky base all over the lid and crease with a dark green shadow. To add depth, use a lighter shade of green on the inner corner of the eye and blend it towards the center of the eyelid. For a pop of electrifying color, apply a bright yellow or gold shadow to highlight the center of the lid. Finish off the look with black mascara and a matching brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas. Get ready to watch jaws drop when you debut this show-stopping look.

green with envy

Pastel Blue Makeup Look

When you’re ready to wow the crowd with your makeup game, this look is the real MVP. Start off by priming your canvas and laying down a flawless foundation. Then, swipe on some light blue eyeshadow to really make those peepers pop. Next up, grab some medium-dark blue eyeliner and smudge it outwards like it’s hot. Don’t forget to apply some lash-thickening mascara and a luscious lip color in a hue that complements your killer vibe – think baby pink or dusty mauve. Now that’s how you show the world who’s boss!

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pastel blue

Soft Pastel Cut Crease

Say goodbye to boring eye makeup and hello to a soft pastel cut crease that will have people staring in awe. Start by sweeping a light purple eyeshadow onto your lid, then grab a fluffy brush and blend an icy pink shade from the outer corner towards the middle. No harsh edges here! Next, add a muted pink shade to the crease and blend again. Feeling extra bold? Apply luminous yellow glitter with a tiny brush to the inner corner and define the winged shape of the crease with bright white eyeshadow. Finish off the look with a light pink blush and some shiny nude lips. You’ll be feeling like a pastel princess in no time.

soft pastel cur crease

Pastel Smoky Eye

Level up your eye makeup skills! Yell hello to the smoky pastel eye and show off this impressive art. Mix in a little sultry smokiness with pinks, purples, blues and greens for a memorable style. Start by layering on lighter colors first, sweeping all up to your brow bone before adding depth with darker hues in the crease. To finish it off, darken both the upper and lower lash lines until you get the definition you want then add some twinkle to your inner corners. Your eyes are sure to be impressed!

Pastel Smoky Eye
Image credit: January girl

Pastel Lids and Winged Liner

Get ready to slay with this timeless makeup look that will have heads turning left and right. First, prep your eyelids with eyeshadow primer and then apply a delicate pastel shade all over your lid up to your brow bone. Next, grab your trusty dark brown liner and create a bold winged look by extending the line past the outer corner of your eye. Finish off with some black mascara and, if you’re feeling extra bougie, add a hint of glitter to the inner corners of your eyes. You’ll look so good you might just cause a traffic jam.

pastel lids

Sunset-Inspired Pastel Makeup

Want to look trendy and romantic? Check out Sunset-Inspired Pastel Makeup. This hot trend mixes soft pastels with flirty pinks for a stunning result. Eyes get a touch of definition with some brown eyeliner, while a blend of blush and peach on the lids plus a little highlight really makes them pop. For that extra glow, contour your cheeks with a bronzer that adds sparkle without stealing the show. And don’t forget your lips! Finish off your look with a sheer pink or nude lipstick. You’ll be the epitome of subtle glamour.

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sunset pastel

Playful Pastel Makeup

Time to kick your makeup game up a notch! Inject some playfulness and vibrant energy into your look with gorgeous pastel makeup. And why stop at plain old pastels? Add a bold twist to your palette using light blue, purple, and green pigments. First, prep your skin with a matte foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Next, focus on the eyes. Give them some extra oomph by applying bright blue eyeshadow to the center of your lids and blending it outwards. For an added pop of color, reach for shimmery purple eyeshadow and apply it near the outer edge of the eye. And to really bring the fun, top it all off with a touch of striking green- whether eyeliner or a vibrant mascara is your jam is totally up to you!

playful pastel

Pastel Eyeliner

Whoever said makeup should be boring clearly hasn’t played with pastel eyeliner. This fun and creative trend is perfect for achieving a subtle yet feminine look that won’t go unnoticed. To get started, grab a pastel-colored eyeliner pencil and let your imagination run wild. And don’t worry about getting that perfect coverage – a slender brush can easily blend the liner on your lower lashes for a uniform finish. Play with various pastel shades to achieve your desired effect for some extra oomph. And if you really want to make those eyes sparkle, mix in a metallic eyeshadow in a corresponding shade. Trust us; your eyes will thank you.

Pastel Eyeliner
Image credit: Trend Hunter

Spring Pastel Makeup

These pastel makeup looks are all about incorporating warm, light colors reminiscent of the change in seasons. Give yourself a beautiful and unstudied look with foundation or BB cream as the basis for your face. Afterward, swipe on some pretty in pink or peach blush. Show off your eye color with lavender, mint green, or baby blue pastels on the eyelids. To define your eyes, brush on black mascara or draw thin lines of dark-toned liner along them. Finish it off with just a hint of baby pink lip gloss or lipstick!

spring pastel

Final words

Pastel makeup looks are a great way to try out different colors and come up with beautiful looks that are all your own. Pastels are the perfect pop of color to brighten any outfit – from soft pinks to bright blues to subtle greens. But hold up, before you go cray-cray with your pastel palette, listen up. You need the right products, strategic application, and killer blending skills to achieve a flawless finish. With experimentation and practice, anyone can confidently rock a pastel makeup look and turn heads. So shake off the fear and embrace your inner artist with gorgeous pastels!

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