The Best Postnatal Vitamins for Breastfeeding Mothers

postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding

The Best Postnatal Vitamins for Breastfeeding Mothers

Mamas who breastfeed, you rock! Not only does your milk deliver outstanding nutrition, but what you eat also matters for the baby’s development. Make sure to grab those postnatal vitamins! But with all the choices – which should you pick? 

This list of nine postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding is what you’ll need to keep up the energy for your mini and yourself. Any herbs or just the basics – look no further. Go ahead, take your pick – we mean ‘vitamin’, not the poison!

1. MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Postnatal Multivitamin

Hey mamas who are breastfeeding – you need to get your hands on MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Postnatal Multivitamin! Even if natural food like moringa leaves or oranges can’t be beaten, this powerhouse of a supplement comes really close. We’re talking vitamins C & D3, choline, and biotin – hello, perfect milk production. Plus, it’s all non-GMO and vegetarian so you know it’s safe. And the price is right – just $39.99 gets you 120 tablets with up to 60 servings! Shop now on Amazon or Poshmark for a healthier mommy-baby duo!

MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Postnatal Multivitamin
Image credit: MegaFood

2. New Chapter Postnatal Vitamins Lactation Supplement

Congrats, new mama – you rock! Help your body recoup after the amazing gift of bringing a baby into the world with New Chapter postnatal vitamins. Specially curated for moms like you, these supplements give complete nourishment with generous amounts of beneficial vitamins, minerals and organic herbs fermented to perfection.

They’re easy for your body to process with no nasty digestion issues – plus if you’re breastfeeding, the D3, B vitamins, iron, and iodine found inside are important nutrients for you and your little one. And since mamas need all the chill they can get nowadays, naturally occurring chamomile and lavender join forces with lemon balm to soothe away stress while helping keep everyone happy. Let New Chapter postnatal vitamins do all the hard work while you relish every moment spent cuddling your bundle of joy!

3. Actif Organic Postnatal Vitamin.

This is one of the best postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding. Ladies – looking for a way to stay healthy post-baby? Actif Organic Postnatal Vitamin has you covered! It’s all the nutrition that new moms need – including essential vitamins, minerals and lactic acid for better milk production. Plus, it’s non-GMO and made in the USA. At an unbeatable price of only $40.95 for 90 tablets, don’t let postpartum fatigue get the best of you – grab Actif Organic Postnatal Vitamin and be back in charge!

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Actif Organic Postnatal Vitamin
Image Credit: Actif USA

4. Nature Made Postnatal Vitamin + DHA Softgels.

Nature Made Postnatal Vitamin + DHA Softgels have your back (and your little one’s too). These slick soft gels are filled with everything you need to feel superhuman. Iron, calcium, vitamin D3, folic acid – even 200mg of essential DHA (which helps develop baby brains and eyes). Get yourself a 60-count bottle for just $27.59 on Nature Made’s website or save some money and order through Amazon’s subscribe and save program for a mere $24.83 – free shipping included! Do it for the kids; you won’t regret it.

5. Pink Stork Postnatal

Gals, if you need a little loving care post-baby, try Pink Stork Postnatal – it’s tailor-made for new moms. Packed with natural goodies like fenugreek, ginger, turmeric and magnesium, this line is a lactation & digestion helper and helps speed up postpartum recovery. If you want to make it through the fourth trimester like a Rockstar, Pink Stork Postnatal should be at the top of your list – your body will love you for it!

6. Zahler Female Totality

Get your hormones back in balance without breaking the bank! Try Female Totality – their special blend packs all of the nutrients you need to support balanced levels of progesterone and estrogen and promote an optimal ovulatory system. Plus, it’s loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals like D, B6, and zinc for an extra bonus to your reproductive health. Each dose has only four capsules so it’s super easy to take – certified Kosher too! Don’t take our word for it though – check out all the great reviews on Amazon, PureFormulas, and Dr. Alex Rinehart’s online shop.

7. Vitamin IQ Mommy Brain Postnatal

Mommy Brain Postnatal by VitaminIQ is here to shake up the world for all you postpartum mamas! It’s an excellent brain booster, packing essential nutrients like GPC/CDP Choline, Phosphatidylserine and Omega-3 DHA to revitalize your mind. Plus – with probiotic enzymes and multivitamins added in, it’s a sure way to appease your gut too. Thanks to Mommy Brain Postnatal you don’t need mommy brain any longer – cognitive function, memory, attention and processing speed are now within reach! And pregnant or breastfeeding mothers? Omega-3 DHA has got you covered. So don’t forget VitaminIQ for a healthier and sharper you!

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8. NATURELO Post Natal Multivitamin

This is also one of the best postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding. If you’re a mom in need of postnatal nutrition, stress no more! NATURELO Postnatal Multivitamin has all the ingredients to keep you and your baby healthy and strong. The amazing formula includes iron, vitamin D3, calcium, and much more. Plus, each veggie capsule is sealed for five years! Feel confident in taking your postnatal supplements with NATURELO – remember to double-check with your doctor first. Get the best nutritional support today – don’t miss out on a great deal this good!

NATURELO Post Natal Multivitamin
Image credit: Kiwla

9. Ritual Essential Postnatal Multivitamin

Hey mom, milk got? It might sound like a strange quest but we’ll explain. Ritual Essential Postnatal Multivitamin is crafted to make your life as a just-giving-birth superwoman easy (if there is such a thing!). This magical supplement will cover you for 6+ months postpartum with nutrients supporting your immunity and brainpower. 

Not to mention, the healthy fatty acids in this vitamin supercharge that breast milk you’re working so hard to produce! And vegans and gluten-free ladies, they didn’t forget you either! Take one of their minty delayed-release capsules daily and put them in charge of taking care of both you and baby! With clinically tested ingredients including vitamins A, C, D3, E, K, B12, B6, plus essential minerals like iron, iodine and folate – you won’t miss out on anything.

Final words

These are the best postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding. All mommas who are breastfeeding need lots of nutrition and aid—vitamins specifically designed for postnatal nutrition can give ’em exactly that. Though no singular vitamin has all the answers, using these vitamins together will play a major role in keeping mamma and baby healthy as can be.

Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs by eating a nutritionally packed diet! Don’t rely solely on dietary supplements; keep fresh fruits and veggies, wholesome grains, and proteins as a regular part of your routine. With the right balance of these essentials, you can take on life’s challenges – parenting included – full of energy and vigor.


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