Harry Styles Grammy Outfit Makes a Bold Statement

Harry Styles Grammy Outfit

Harry Styles Grammy outfit has left the internet abuzz with admiration and awe. The former One Direction member opted for a daringly bold statement for his look at the ceremony, donning a Gucci ensemble featuring a greyhound-embroidered jacket, black tailored trousers, and pearl-studded loafers.

His eye-catching outfit quickly became one of the biggest talking points of the night, and since then, has been subject to much discussion and analysis from pundits and fans alike. Here we will discuss the design of Harry Styles Grammy outfit in more detail, exploring the various elements that made it so memorable and distinctive.

Harry Styles’s Shirtless Tuxedo Jacket Look: Harry Styles Grammy outfit

At the 2021 Grammy Awards, Harry Styles made a statement with his gender-fluid aesthetic and multiple outfit changes. One of his most memorable looks from the night was a shirtless tuxedo jacket ensemble, which he paired with heeled loafers, chunky rings, and a cross necklace. However, Styles also sported other bold looks that caught the attention of fans and fashion critics alike, including a sparkly Swarovski jumpsuit, a checked suit jacket with a lilac feather boa, and a full leather look with a collared jacket and matching slacks, going shirtless underneath.

Styles is known for his daring and eclectic fashion choices, which often incorporate gender-fluid elements, as seen in his 2021 Grammys look. His outfits have been praised for their boldness and creativity, with fans and critics alike expressing admiration for his fearlessness in experimenting with fashion.

Harry Styles's Shirtless Tuxedo Jacket Look: Harry Styles Grammy outfit
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Leather suit and mint green feather boa

Harry Styles made a bold statement at the 2021 Grammy Awards with his iconic outfit that included a black leather suit and a mint green feather boa. He wore a suit blazer without a shirt to show off his gender-bending, retro-inspired style, which he accessorised with high shoes, a stack of jewels, and a cross chain.

Styles’ stylist, Harry Lambert, revealed on Instagram that the outfit was by his go-to brand, Gucci. The leather suit was adorned with silver embellishments and featured a flared leg, adding to the retro-inspired vibe. Styles’ hair was slicked back, completing the rockstar look.

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The outfit was a hit with fans and fashion enthusiasts, some even calling it “iconic”. The bold statement also sparked a rise in sales of feather boas, with many fans eager to emulate Styles’ look.

Harry Styles Grammy outfit: Harry Styles’ Red Carpet Look

Harry Styles’ Red Carpet looks in 2021 have been widely discussed and praised in the media. At the 2021 Grammys, Styles made a bold fashion statement with his outfit, wearing a lilac feather boa, brown flared pants, a striped sweater vest, and a yellow plaid jacket. He was also seen wearing a feather boa blazer look on the same red carpet. Styles’ red carpet look at the Grammys drew comparisons to fashion icons of the past, particularly the 1990s.

At the Brit Awards, Styles wore a bold Gucci suit and a statement-making handbag, giving an acceptance speech while looking stylish in his outfit. His look was also well-received by fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, with some even calling him a style icon.

Harry Styles’ 250,000 Swarovski Crystal Jumpsuit

Harry Styles’ outfit at the 2023 Grammys has been discussed since his appearance on the red carpet and during his performance. He wore a rainbow-colored jumpsuit designed by EgonLab, set with 250,000 Swarovski crystals, giving him a shimmering appearance on stage.Fringes trailed down from the colourful outfit in opposite directions as he sang. Styles added white stiletto boots, a pearl-accented chain necklace, and the same Risqué Gucci banana choker he wore at Coachella to complete the look.

Styles’ outfit is reminiscent of his April 2022 Coachella appearance and stage costume. According to one source, Styles’ Grammys outfit recalls his on-stage costume during his Coachella appearance. His jumpsuit has been described as “clowncore” and was a rainbow paradise, as reported by People. The outfit also included a patchwork design in multiple colors and was adorned with sequins and fringes, making it stand out on stage.

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Watermelon Sugar Performance

Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar performance at the Grammys in March 2021 garnered much attention, particularly for his fashion choice of wearing a light green feather boa. Styles performed his hit song “Watermelon Sugar” as the show’s opening act, wearing a matching green suit and the feather boa as an eye-catching accessory.

The performance received praise from fans and media outlets alike, with some crediting Styles for bringing back the feather boa trend. The light green feather boa Styles wore during his performance was especially popular, with searches for feather boas increasing significantly following the show.

In addition to his performance, Styles’ song “Watermelon Sugar” also gained attention for its lyrics and meaning. The song is a romantic tune that compares the taste of strawberries on a summer evening to how Styles feels about his lover. The song’s true meaning was a mystery for some time, but in October 2021, Styles confirmed that it was a sensual love song.

Watermelon Sugar Performance
Image credit: Business Insider India

Harry Styles’ Pop Rock Star Look

In 2023, he received six Grammy nominations for his latest album, “Harry’s House,” produced by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon. This is not the first time Styles has been recognized by the Recording Academy, as he had previously earned three Grammy nominations for his sophomore album, “Fine Line,” which also topped the Billboard 200 chart.

In addition to his nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Music Video, and Best Pop Vocal Album, Styles has been praised for his unique fashion sense and pop rock star look. His style is often characterized by bold prints, bright colors, and daring silhouettes and has been compared to that of rock legends like Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

Despite his success and acclaim, Styles remains humble and grateful for his fans and supporters. Harry Styles Grammy outfit has described his experience making “Harry’s House” as the greatest of his life and has expressed gratitude for the opportunity to create music he loves.

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