Surrogacy agencies

Surrogacy is a method of Assisted Reproductive Technologies that has already become a viable option for individuals and couples who have some fertility  issues for conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. 

Surrogacy agencies play a significant role in facilitating the Surrogacy process,

ensuring the connection between Intended parents and Gestational Surrogates. 

Such companies provide additional support and comprehensive care throughout the Surrogacy journey. 

Let’s consider the work of Surrogacy agencies step by step together. 

What are Surrogacy agencies?

Surrogacy agencies are professional organizations that specialize in facilitating and managing the Surrogacy process.

 They act as intermediaries between Intended parents (individuals or couples seeking to have a child through Surrogacy) and Gestational Surrogates (women who carry and give birth to a child on behalf of the Intended parents).

The best option for both – Intended parents and the Surrogate – is to find a professional and advanced clinic that provides services like the Surrogacy agency did. 

ADONIS Fertility International can be an excellent example of a highly proficient medical establishment that fulfills a full cycle of Surrogacy process stages on its own. 

How Surrogacy agencies work?

Surrogacy agencies typically follow a structured process to facilitate Surrogacy arrangements. 

The work of Surrogacy agency typically includes the following steps: 

  • Initial consultation between Intended parents and the Agency to find out the basic and specific requirements for Surrogate to search;
  • Screening and Matching process to find the best compatible and matched Surrogate for Intended parents; 
  • Legal process and help to draft and negotiate the legal agreements;
  • Coordination and communication between the Intended parents, Surrogate, and other professionals involved in the process;
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Please, pay special attention that the specific services offered by Surrogacy agencies may vary and be different.

ADONIS Fertility International is a clinic for Assisted Reproductive Technologies that provide comprehensive support throughout the whole Infertility treatment process. 

Such an approach helps to avoid the usage of additional services and sides such as Surrogacy agencies. 

ADONIS provide the following list of services: 

  • Professional consultation – which helps to determine the initial health state of Intended parents from the qualitative medical side and find out each specific nuance of desired Surrogate to search;
  • Surrogate selection – ADONIS own Surrogate database of fully screened and healthy candidates helps to find the best option individually for you, without any lines and time-consuming waiting;
  • Legal help – ADONIS own Legal department with experienced reproductive law attorneys ensure that the legal requirements are met and that the interests of all parties are protected;
  • Medical procedures and support – Fertility treatments, In vitro fertilization (IVF), Embryo transfer, Surrogacy lead-up and Prenatal care with own Maternity Hospitals are for your service in ADONIS; 
  • Emotional Support and Counseling – ADONIS staff are ready to help you 24/7 with all dedication and care;
  • Coordination and managing – every step of the Infertility treatment program is monitored by an individual coordinator, the process can be adjusted according to your needs and requests during the ongoing Program. 

Additional comfort for our international patients provides the availability of ADONIS Headquarter in Colorado Springs, USA. There you can find out every detail of the Program and even start it from abroad. 

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Be sure, we are in your time zone, we are always nearby to help. 

Surrogacy agencies are a good option to serve as mediator between the patient and Fertility clinic.

But you need to know that there are other options like ADONIS that combine all the services in one. 

Choose the best option for your family!

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