Wondering Whether Breast Surgery Is For You? Try A Virtual Boob Job First

2017 saw the number of cosmetic procedures rise by 11%, with the nation spending $6.5 billion enhancing their image. Breast augmentation surgery was the number one procedure carried out on American females last year, while liposuction took second place. When you’re considering your surgery options and are pondering a boob job, it’s natural to wonder what your new boobs will look like, but innovative virtual reality technology is helping to alleviate that worry.
Virtual aesthetics technology
Breast augmentation surgery is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% by 2025, according to Global News Wire. But, for the millions of Americans who are currently contemplating going under the knife, it can be difficult to know what will suit their body shape. This is where virtual aesthetics technology comes in as it allows you to test out as many shapes and sizes on an image of your actual body, opening your mind up to more options and empowering your choice. Tiffany Hayden, who is considering surgery and has tested out the virtual technology for herself told CBS “It just makes a decision that much easier, what I would want to go with.”
Low cost
On average, females pay just over $4,000 for breast implants which is a hefty sum for any individual to part with. However, virtual aesthetics allow you to trial your potential new look in the comfort of your own home for less than $100. This is a small price to pay to determine whether surgery is right for you and to decide on the shape and size that will suit you. Each year more than 40,000 women have their implants removed because they are not happy with them or because the implants are causing them physical pain. But virtual reality could cut this figure in the future as individuals spend more time and consideration on choosing the perfect breasts.
Changing the way you choose implants
Thousands of surgeons across the world have access to virtual aesthetics. Therefore, if you’re not comfortable making the decision on your own, you can try out various shapes and sizes alongside a qualified surgeon, who will offer all the advice and support you need to make your final decision. When you’re looking to enhance your body, it’s vital that you choose a surgeon who you have a good connection with, trust and who provides exceptional results. Furthermore, a surgeon who offers innovative products, such as virtual aesthetics technology shows that he or she is a leader in the industry who wants the best for his or her patients.
If you’re one of the millions of Americans considering having a breast augmentation it’s worth utilizing aesthetics technology. This innovative technology will allow you to make an informative decision regarding your new breasts for just a few dollars. It will also open your eyes to the various options out there so you can be sure you’re making a decision that’s right for you.

The Kind of Bra to Wear After Breast Augmentation

Post breast augmentation surgery you may need to change your entire wardrobe, especially bras. You might need to prepare yourself on spending extra in getting bras that are specially formulated for women with breast implants. Although, the change is pretty simple but the plethora of breast surgery bras and claims about each one of them is confusing.

The online forums and blogs are filled with knowledge about breast augmentation surgery and the pre and post-surgery instructions for your knowledge. The surgeons at Crispin Plastic Surgery Center however recommend all patients visiting for breast augmentation in Atlanta to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon, and ask questions for the right answers.

The following guide is for all the women aiming to get a breast implant procedure and have concerns for bras. TIP: It’s important that you prepare for the surgery in advance and keeping your closet ready for post-surgery days is even more important.

Post -Breast Augmentation Surgery Bras

So, whether you’ve had breast implant surgery or you’re looking to get one, remember that your bust line will change. Therefore, it’s recommended to look for bras that will not only look good but will also enhance and support the breast implants.

For post-surgery bras, always understand that it’s wise to decide whether you will go for sports bra, go bra less, or will wear a compression bra, consider the influence of your choice bra on the implants. Moreover, your implants need time to end up in the form you want, this also includes the type of bra you will choose.

So, before you rush to your favorite lingerie shop in excitement, the factors influencing bra choice include:

  • Most plastic surgeons recommend patients to follow the bra routine after duration of six weeks.
  • Right after the surgery, the bras used are mainly for holding the wound dressing in place and for protecting the breast tissues against movements and rubbing of wound against another surface.
  • Sometimes, the surgeons will ask the patient to go bra-less for the first week of post-surgery. Going bra-less helps soften and stretch tissues, as the breasts will be left to move freely.
  • Some surgeons on the other hand recommend an open front sports bra or a knit cotton surgical bra that opens up at the front with a zip. This kind of bra allows you to easily apply or remove the bra.
  • Your new bra should not only provide support, comfort and look flattering but should also fit properly. Wrong size will give shoulder and back pain.

Underwire Bras is a Wrong Choice for Post-Surgery Bras Choice

Breast augmentation surgery will leave you numb and in pain for a good time. Therefore, wearing an underwire bra will cause irritation on your skin and can make incisions become inflamed. The pressure of underwire on suture line might cause pain and affect the healing process. To avoid all such complications, avoid wearing a bra that has an underwire.

Choose a bra that is without underwire. Even better, it’s safe waiting for the right time to heal completely and then shop for any bra type. The general time period for complete healing from the wounds and adjustment of implants is three to six months. However, again it’s important to consult your surgeon for clearance.

The Medical Grade Compression Bra

The first weeks and even months of your breast augmentation surgery will need several follow up visits of you with your surgeon that will include stitches and monitoring for recovery. These will determine your eligibility for a clearance; meanwhile you might be one of those patients who will be sent home wearing a healing bra also known as a compression bra.

The compression bra is a specialized supporting bra that is made clearly for post operative duration. This bra is easy to wear and remove, and other major benefits include:

  • A compression bra minimizes swelling
  • It makes the healing process speedy
  • Will help improve the circulation
  • Flush down potentially harmful fluids
  • Keeps implants in the best position
  • Helps the skin fit in for better contour

This bra type is more beneficial than the sports bra. Most women are recommended to wear a sports bra for Stage One healing and Stage Two, or from the first week through the eighth week. Since this kind of bras accelerate the healing process, therefore you will soon get back to your daily routine. Just the right amount of compression reduces the formation of scar tissue.

There are various options of breast compression garments available at popular brands and stores. The best part is their availability in various sizes and colors. Enjoy your surgery in the best way possible and always make the right product choices that will ensure successful results.