What You Need To Know If You Are New To Contact Lenses

Nowadays many people prefer using contact lenses than classic eyeglasses. The reasons are different, for instance it can be a style makeover solution, or it is so practical that it can be used occasionally. Therefore, contact lenses are currently so trendy. For whatever reason you are wearing lenses, here are a few basic things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, it is essential to ask for a prescription, before you are buying lenses. The measurements of eyeglasses are not similar with the lenses, because the lenses are specifically designed to be placed on your eyes. You are required to have prescriptions for both left and right eyes, because there is a probability that you have different prescription from one eye to another.

After you received the prescription, you can start to look for contact lenses online to place your order. There are 3 aspects that you need to comprehend while purchasing your lenses for short and long-sightedness:

  1. Power: this is what you need to ensure that you have focus eyesight to see things precisely.
  2. Base curve: this is the measurement that is made base on your eye’s natural curvature, in order to place the lenses perfectly secured on your eyes. Basically the lenses company has arranged the measurement, but they may provide multiple choices of lenses.
  3. Diameter: this is your contact lenses width.

Furthermore, you are allowed to decide the time and places, where you prefer using your lenses. You are not obliged to wear it every day or every month, you can pick your own time preference that is suitable and convenient for you. If you are willing to wear a daily lenses, it will give you the most comfortable experience and guarantee the hygiene level, because you will undoubtedly use a new pair each day. However, it is worth a higher amount of money.

Otherwise, if you prefer to use monthly lenses, it costs less than daily lenses. It can last up to 30 days, as long as you clean and place them in contact lens solution every night. Another option is a 2-weekly lens. With this kind of lenses, you are still required to rinse them with contact lens solution every night. You can wear bi-weekly lenses for two weeks until you should discard them.

However, you should be aware with your optician’s recommendation regarding the wearing time preferences. Wearing your contact lenses for longer than prescribed may put your eyes into jeopardy.

Finally, it is necessary to look after your contact lenses. You need to prioritize its hygiene, while you are going to wear it. Ensure that your hands are sterile and dry, before you put in your lenses on your eyes. It is not appropriate to wear your contact lenses during swimming or taking a shower, so don’t forget to leave your contact lenses for those matters. You are also not allowed to wear lenses while sleeping, so you should discard them if it’s daily lenses, or store them in a lens case with clean solution if it’s monthlies or bi-weekly lenses.

It might be difficult at the beginning to maintain the use of contact lenses, but you will get used to it eventually.

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Common Contact Lens Concerns of Newbie Contact Lens Wearers

The number of people wearing contact lenses is increasing every year, thanks to online sites like contactlenses4us.com which makes it possible for people to order prescription free contact lenses without any hassle. With so many new people trying to use contact lenses, we keep hearing some concerns they have about wearing lenses. We have addressed those concerns below;

Is My Contact Lens Inside Out?

Many newbies get confused while wearing contact lenses and wear them inside out. It is not difficult to understand which is the right side but for a new wearer, it may get confusing. So, how do you identify the inside from the outside? It’s simple, before applying lenses, place it on your palm and observe carefully, it should look like a semi-sphere and not a bowl with a rim. It should be a clean U then you know the direction is right, instead if it is a U with the sides flared out then you need to reverse the lens before you wear it.

But, don’t worry if you wear it wrong sometimes as it will not do any damage instead you will start feeling uncomfortable and that would indicate you have worn it the wrong way.

Applying Your Contact Lenses:

You should be hygienic and follow certain basic guidelines while wearing contact lenses as indicated below;

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you apply the lenses.
  • Do not mix the right eye contact lens with the left, be careful while applying and placing back, as it is difficult to figure out if you mix them up.
  • The contact lens should be put in your eye while placing it on the tip of your index finger while using your other hand’s fingers and thumb to pull your eyelid.
  • Close your eyes and roll your eyeballs so that the lens takes its position, then blink.

You need to be careful if you are using monthly or daily disposables, keep a track of the date and do not overuse the lenses past their expiration date.

Removing Your Contact Lenses:

Follow these guidelines while removing contact lenses;

  • Wash your hands before removing contact lenses.
  • Cover the drains of the sink before removing lenses.
  • Use lens solution and rinse and clean the lenses carefully before storing them.
  • Make sure you place the right lens on the right side of the lens case, do not mix up.
  • Look upwards while you pull out the lenses.
  • Shorten your fingernails till you are used to using contact lenses.
  • Fill the contact lens case with enough lens solution so that the lenses are submerged in the solution all the time.

Contact Lenses and UV Light

Though there are contact lenses available that may block UV light but remember it does not cover your entire eyes hence skipping sunglasses in the hot sun is not an option. Do not forget to carry your sunglasses while wearing contact lenses. For better vision and eye health you should consult with doctor.

Eye Makeup and Contact Lenses:

Doing eye makeup while wearing contact lenses can be irritating as you will have to be extra careful so that the makeup does not get into your eyes. Follow these tips to 

  • Put your contact lenses before you apply makeup.
  • Apply eyeliner carefully so that they do not get inside your eyes,
  • Keep the eyes closed all the time on which you are applying make-up.
  • While removing makeup, first take out your contact lenses then you can easily take off the makeup.
  • Do not use your eye makeup past the expiration date.

Final Thoughts:

Contact lenses can make your life easier if you are careful about certain basic guidelines. You should be aware that eye infection is a possibility if you are a regular contact lens wearer and just using lens solution to clean the lenses will not be enough, studies have suggested that you should replace your lens case every three months and it is also recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to reduce any eye infection risk.

Top Health Changes to Make Today to Improve Your Office Life

Office jobs might often be referred to as “comfortable” but there are many more reasons why sitting at a desk all day can and is doing you a disservice. A sedentary life leads to a variety of health complications, and then there are issues like chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and just generally what the lack of exercise can do to your body.

Office life is not congruent with healthy living. You need to follow this guide instead so that when you are at your job, your health and wellbeing can be supported, day in, and day out. 

Drink A Regiment of Water

Drinking water is incredibly beneficial to our lives, but it can be forgotten easily when you look at all of our other options. In the office, for example, coffee, tea, and energy drinks will likely take precedence, and while this is fine in small doses, you should still take up drinking water in-between. Caffeine does dehydrate you, and drinking a glass of water after a cup of coffee can help you stay hydrated and alert simultaneously.

Improve Your Sleep Cycles

Another key stressor to our office lives is the quality of sleep we had before. Have a bad or restless night beforehand, after all, and just see how productive you can be. The chances are that you will have a hard time thinking, solving problems, and getting through the day amicably. That is why it is so important to improve your sleep cycle immediately. Fixing it is rather simple as well. Once you start drinking more water regularly, you will be well hydrated, and this will help keep you at the right temperature throughout the night.

From there, you will want to work on your routine. Start first with your electronics. If you can, either turn them off and stop looking at them after sunset or more likely, turn on night mode, which darkens the screen and makes it more yellow. What you are aiming to avoid here is the blue-white light. This light is often seen during the daytime, and our circadian rhythms are built to wake up when we see it. All that is left after that is to go to bed at the same time every day and to wake up at the same time. You will want to make adjustments initially so that you can wake up at the right time in your sleep cycle, of course, but those can be figured out rather quickly.

Know How to Sit at the Desk

Slouching, staying in one position, and not getting up to stretch periodically will take its toll on you. Even being in the wrong chairs or having your seat too high or too low can cause problems. Fix these problems, and if there is a persistent pain or strain on your body, seek out a chiropractor immediately so that you can work on improving your posture and fixing your pains.

Maximize the Benefits of Your Breaks

Your breaks need to be taken and optimized. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Don’t eat unhealthy restaurant food. Don’t assume you cannot get some exercise in. You can do it all, such as taking the stairs during your lunch break and eating a healthy, at home meal outside. It can do wonders for your health and productivity.

Ensure Your Aids Work with Your Lifestyle

When you need aids, like glasses or contact lenses, don’t simply settle. Even having the right prescription alone isn’t enough. Contact lenses, for example, could leave your eyes feeling dried out and in pain at the end of a long day at your desk, staring at your computer or phone. Thankfully, there are Ultra Bausch + Lomb contact lenses available that are designed specifically to keep your eyes hydrated all day at the office, allowing you to get your work done in comfort.

Cut Out These Foods

Finally, cut out unhealthy foods from your life like those that are high in sugar, salt, and saturated fats. These foods impact how you feel throughout the day, and will only worsen your health over time. Replace them instead with these healthy alternatives and start to feel what real nutrition can do.

Working in an office day in and day out can be great in the beginning, but give it time and you will start to see the health costs you are paying for it. By adopting these lifestyle changes today, you can stay healthy and succeed at your work better than you did the day before.