Distracted while driving? Consequences of reckless driving

There are worst and expert drivers on the road. However, distracted drivers are the worst kind of it. They don’t only put themselves in danger, but everyone walking or driving parallel to them on the road. There are various causes of car accidents. Most common causes of careless driving involve eating, texting, adjusting radio/volume and talking to another passenger. When you are involved in any of these activities, you are at the highest risk of car accidents which leads to severe back or neck pain. Even if you could doge it for good, it can still result in a whiplash injury minor or major. So, it is necessary to know about the causes including the impact of a whiplash injury for an immediate cure.

Why you should take Distracted driving seriously?

Lawmakers have highlighted the issue many times. Usually, the issue is referred to the main cause of accidents and that is texting or mentally absent and not focusing on the driving. Millennials are the common generation to get accused of reckless driving. Well, with many other accusations, it is quite possible as they are always in a hurry and lack focus. The instant availability of the resources has been damaging their tolerance level as well as focus. However, we cannot just point it out on one generation as car accidents can be due to the lack of driving skills too and probably, there are many other reasons for it too.

So, before you become a victim of distracted driving leading to the whiplash injury, just know about the consequences of showing carelessness on the road. By knowing the result of your recklessness, you can always try to prevent such accidents or at least try to safe drive to avoid any whiplash injury.

Consequences of non-serious driving

Before inviting yourself for a whiplash injury, do a study about the whiplash injury. For now, we will discuss the potentials results of your little careless behavior.

·A serious accident can kill:

You can get into a serious accident and chances are you might kill someone or yourself. There are pedestrians and other drivers too. So, if you are not quite fond of yourself, at least be careful for them and avoid any activities that can cause serious damages.


Do you want a traffic ticket? No, nobody wants that trouble. We know the crucial process of the court and it can waste a lot of time. Therefore, save yourself from any kind of mishap by avoiding driving if your mind is not at the present place.

·Neck strain or other severe injuries:

Most cases of neck pain are reported due to car accidents. Your spinal is a crucial part of the body. If it gets injured, whiplash injury, back pain, and severe head injury can get you in long term trouble. And the impact of a whiplash injury can keep you inactive for more than months. So, do you want this kind of distress in life? No? Then, drive safely for both you and others.

Final Thoughts

You get less or only one chance in life. In this time, be careful with your safety and prevent any road accidents simply by avoiding any risky activities during driving.

Consequences Of Drunk Driving: Taking Road Trips To Explore The Outskirts Of Houston

Source: Pexels

Summer upon us. Soon, schools will close for the holiday and top on the agenda of many families is engaging in family activities. There is nothing that screams summer fun more than a family road trip. Luckily, there are numerous attraction points right on the outskirts of Houston that you do not have to keep answering “No” when asked “are we there yet?” or at most you will answer two or three times. Importantly, there is ample diversity in the destination; whether you are interested in a fun and chilled destination, an educational venue, someplace trendy, or simply some great outdoor venue, there are plenty venues to choose from.

#1. Magnolia Market In Waco, Texas Approximately a 3-Hour Drive

Consequences Of Drunk Driving: Taking Road Trips To Explore The Outskirts Of Houston

Source: https://bit.ly/2JqbYyk

“Fixer Upper”, HGTV’s hit show has emerged as a godsend for Waco. Joanna Gaines and Chip has turned Waco into a tourist hotspot. Magnolia Market, in particular, offers a wide range of experiences, especially in a family setting. There is the obvious shopping. Additionally, there is a lawn with ample games, swings, lawn chairs, a bakery, and much more.

#2. Hamilton Pool Preserve In Austin, Texas Approximately 3-Hour Drive

Do you love water? Then the Hamilton Pool is a good destination choice. It is a naturally formed pool filled with turquoise green water. There are also beautiful cliffs that surround the pool and a river inside it, which form the pool system. The pool was formed over millions of years. With beautiful flora and a 50-foot drop from the cliffs to the middle of the pool, you are assured of lots of fun.

#3. Guadalupe River or The Comal In New Braunfels, Texas Approximately A 2.5-Hour Drive

Consequences Of Drunk Driving: Taking Road Trips To Explore The Outskirts Of Houston

Source: https://bit.ly/2kVrl7z

If you are interested in visiting New Braunfels and enjoying the outdoors, then you have the choice of tubing down the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers. The Comal River snakes through an urban setting the city itself giving you a new perspective of the city. Additionally, is broad and leisurely, meaning it is safe to enjoy as a family. Only the man-made chute that diverts single-person tubers around the dam tends to be fast. On the other hand, the Guadalupe River plays the role of being a party river. Music, alcohol, co-eds are in abundance. Just ensure that you have a good understanding the consequences of drunk driving and avoid it altogether.

#4. Riverwalk/ The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas Approximately a 3-Hour Drive

San Antonio is renowned for its multicultural experiences that are wonderfully fun and educational. There are numerous historic attractions for you to enjoy. For starters, there is the Alamo, the awe-invoking San Fernando Cathedral, and other historic missions that dot the city. However, the centerpiece of the city in as far as historic monuments are concerned is the Riverwalk. The 2.5-mile cobblestone path set just below the city level and bordering San Antonio River is a setting for you to enjoy a walk and explore the sights and sound of the city.

#5. Corpus Christi In Texas Approximately a 3-Hour Drive

A good weekend away ideally should feature the sea, the beach, the sun, numerous sightseeing options, and engaging activities that you can enjoy as a family. Corpus Christi offers all these in a picturesque environment. You will enjoy water sports activities such as windsurfing and all the while you will be soaking up the sun. When it comes to site seeing, you can visit Dolphin Bay, the Texas State Aquarium and other water-related sports. Alternatively, you can visit the USS Lexington can explore naval history. The Botanical Gardens are also a good venue for you to enjoy some flora and fauna

#6. Marfa In Texas Approximately an 8-Hour Drive

Consequences Of Drunk Driving: Taking Road Trips To Explore The Outskirts Of Houston

Source: https://bit.ly/2sCkNyC

Although this trip is a bit longer than other trips listed here, it is still in the Lone Star State. Moreover, if Beyonce can go as far chartering a plane for a visit here, then it must be a fun destination. Marfa is an art-filled, odd but beautiful place on the western side of Texas.

#7. Pedernales Falls State Park In Johnson City, Texas Approximately a 3 Hour Drive

This has to be on the must-visit list of every Texan. The park has numerous trails and activities to enjoy. You can ascend the Wolf Mountain or explore the limestone rocks along the Pedernales.

#8. Palo Duro Canyon State Park In Canyon, Texas Approximately a 9.5-Hour Drive

The Grand Canyon of Texas, the second largest canyon in the US is another must-visit attraction. It lies about twelve miles east of the town of Canyon. The park offers over 30 miles of biking, hiking and equestrian trails.

#9 Hill Country In Fredericksburg/ Wimberley, Texas Approximately a 3-Hour Drive

Many would argue that the Texas Hill Country has the most beautiful vistas in the State. The Green Hills, meandering and rolling rivers is a break from the typical arid and flat scenarios that characterize most of Texas.

#10. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area In Fredericksburg, Texas Approximately a 4-Hour Drive

This magical, mysterious, and massive rock attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists. It offers a unique 1800 ft. hike to the top that reveals a 360-degrees view of the Hill Country. There is also a cave to explore at the back of the rock.