Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Fit and Healthy

The influence that technology has had on people’s lives has been astounding. Mobile phones, gaming, online shopping and streaming has made people’s lives easier and more accessible than ever before. However, there has been a downside to this tech boom. Many children have swapped playing in the park or going out on their bikes for sitting at home on their computer consoles. It can make it hard as parents to get your kids fit and keep them exercising. Thankfully, there are some tips which might be able to help you.

You Don’t Need to Ban Computer Games

Your kids love playing computer games, and there is some research that suggests they can learn valuable skills from playing them. You don’t want to ban them from something they get a lot of pleasure from, so use the computer games as an incentive. Tell them that if they can start doing after school sports or going out with friends a couple of times a week, then they can have gaming time. If you get the ratio right, they won’t mind exercising if it means they get a day or a couple of hours a day to play games.

Limit their TV Opportunity

Most kids now have TV’s in their bedroom as well as in the sitting room and the office. It gives kids a lot of opportunities to simply sit down and watch whatever show is on at the time. If you limit the number of TV’s you have in the house, then you will be able to control how much they watch. You can also limit the number of hours they watch to an hour a night. It might seem harsh, but rather be a little harsh with their viewing, then trying to help them lose weight and get fitter later.

Make Exercise Part of the Routine

If you can get your kids to do things that also includes exercise, then you are well on the way to getting them fitter. Regular exercise will not only help them get fit, but it will also help to improve their mood if they are stressed with school. It can also help with any existing physical problems. You should, of course, speak to their doctor first, as they will need to assess the level of exercise they can do. With the rise in teenagers using opiates, it might also help to lessen their need if your teen takes them. Some of the ways you can encourage exercise is to let them take on a paper round if they are old enough or get them to walk to the shops or take their bike instead of driving them.

There is a fine line between allowing your children to take advantage of new technology and keeping them active and healthy. However, if you can try to get the balance right by setting boundaries and offering incentives, then there is no reason why they cannot do both and flourish.

Why Stop Bad Habits?

A habit can either be good or bad, and there is often no in-between. Either you are engaging in something that is positive and good for you, or you are partaking in something that negatively impacts your wellbeing. A bad habit can include many different activities, whether that’s overindulging in alcohol or illicit substances, smoking, binge eating, nail biting, re-emerging negative thoughts and so on. There is a long list of different bad habits, but why you should stop one applies to all of them.


Maintaining your health is one of the most important things anyone can do. Your health will affect the events and activities you participate in, and good health will keep you happy. Bad habits by their very nature of being bad, will negatively impact your health. For instance, drug abuse will affect your physical health as certain organs can become damaged. In terms of a mental remedy, there are rehab centers, such as the drug rehab center in Georgia that can help. If you choose to not go to the drug treatment center, you must watch out for your bad habits.

There is a long list of bad habits to watch out for, as excessive drinking and drug abuse are two extreme examples. Watching TV for long periods of time, for instance, can increase your risk of a heart attack because you are not exercising your body. Other bad habits that must be rectified are dealing with internal hostility, not flossing, excessive junk food, too much salt intake and so on. All of these habits mentioned will impact your overall health and particularly your heart. That is why these bad habits must be stopped.


Bad habits can affect your emotions and thus your happiness. Living a happy life is something that people aspire towards, and rightfully so. Being happy is the best kind of emotion, considering how it makes people feel. Given that bad habits can affect this feeling, there are a few factors to keep in mind to remain happy. Firstly, some individuals have a habit of living in the past. Instead, you must learn to live and seek happiness in the present. Your life will be short if you do not move past certain events. Realize that nothing is stagnant and life moves on. Fearing change is something else that can negatively impact you. People must instead realize that change, just like time, is inevitable. You also must stop putting yourself down. Practice self-care and self-love. They are both powerful and will affect the way you feel.


Your performance, whether it’s in school, work, or even in a hobby, is affected by your habits. If you constantly over think, constantly put yourself down or even try to please everyone, you will not be living your best life. There is a long list of bad habits, all of which can affect your performance during your day-to-day life. It can affect something as simple as cleaning your home when all you want to do is smoke or drink. Thus, to increase productivity, you must lose the bad habits.

Bad habits can stem from boredom, stress, depression, or simply looking for an escape to your usual life. The bad news is, these habits affect your health, happiness and even productivity. While these are three reasons why they should be stopped, the ‘how’ can be much harder, given that it boils down to perseverance. You must accept your bad habit as bad to change. Still, knowing why you should put a stop to them is definitely one of the first steps towards changing your habits.

Tips for Healthy weight Loss

In our daily life we are so busy that we usually end up compromising on our health while striving to achieve milestones. Obesity is one of the common health issues that is countering people very fast and latterly becomes reason for many other diseases. Not only this being overweight influences your self-esteem and sometimes drives you to depression. Losing weight is transformative it is not just about going down on a dress size but it also improves your health, career and wallet condition too. Therefore, we have complied some ides that can help you to get rid of stubborn weight and enjoy life to the fullest.

Tips for Healthy weight Loss

Prepare Yourself First:

The first and foremost thing that you are required to do is to make up your mind that the fat you want to lose is deposited in months and years. Similarly it will require months and even years to get rid of it. Losing weight in a healthier style requires more time. By healthier way I mean losing weight gradually because when you go for excessive diet you will lose muscles and water weight instead of fat. In addition to this if you will starve yourself you will make your body weak by not providing enough nutrition required by your body. Therefore, before starting your weight loss journey calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and calculate how many calories your body will require to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Meal Distribution:

Starving yourself will not help you in losing weight however the rule is to eat proper because as you starve yourself your body will start storing calories for future instead of burning them. It is necessary for an average over weight person to take at least 1200 calories per day. In addition to this, divide your daily meals into 5 sections breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper and dinner. The reason behind breaking meals into smaller portion is that it does not put burden on your digestive system and food is digested properly. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so never skip it because it boosts your metabolism. Moreover, take heavy breakfast and a lighter dinner the rule is to go from heavier to lighter meals. Try to avoid instant food and foods that contain preservatives. The added amount of salt and sugar in them can lead you to gain weight.

Tips for Healthy weight Loss

Do not drink calories:

Fruit smoothies are in trend these days which are no doubt healthier alternative of commercially available juices and drinks. However you should take them in limit because drinking smoothies means taking calories in. But drinking them does not make you feel full and you opt for something to munch on and ultimately eat more calories than required. In addition to this water must be your heartiest friend when you are trying to lose weight because it makes you feel fuller and you do not mistake your thirst with hunger. In addition to this, water flushes out toxins from your body and adequate amount of water intake decreases water resistance in your body. Moreover you can take green tea or oolong tea as they have antimicrobial properties and flavonoids that help in boosting metabolism.


Do you know taking beneficial bacteria can help you lose weight? Friendly microorganisms help to boost your immune system and provide with enzymes, nutrients and helps to break down fiber that your body cannot digest. Probiotics contain these bacteria from Lactobacillus family like bacteroidetes and firmicutes that absorbs dietary fats and increase level of hormones and appetite control. Not only they help to lose weight but they also helps in avoiding weight gain. Now the question arises which probiotic you should take? For you I have listed 5 best probiotics on blog.


The game is about 80% healthy eating with 20% of exercising. Controlling diet will help you to lose weight in the start but after certain time it will not work for you and you are required to move your body in order to lose weight. However adding exercise will help you to reduce weight fast. Ideally one must workout 3 days a week for at least 40 minutes.

Tips for Healthy weight Loss

Hope you find the above content helpful. Stay consistent, you can do it.

Author Bio:

Jane Scott is currently working as a nutritionist at a renowned firm. With an experience of more than a decade, she is considered as a go-to person in her field of work. She also writes blogs for her website Home Remedies for Life.

How to fit Exercising into Your Busy Schedule

If you’ve ever talked to a businessman, you are surely aware that in the modern business landscape there’s a prevalent attitude that no matter what – business comes first.

As a matter of fact, it’s the high priority that eclipses practically everything else in one’s life – including family members, close friends and especially health and fitness. The sad thing is, today, a large number of young entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice all of those things to focus on making their business venture successful.

And don’t get me wrong – greed isn’t the main motivator behind this – because after a while, dollars become nothing more than points in the business game. So what’s it really all about? Well, most people want to feel like they are creating something important – something that could possibly change the world one day.

And that’s why it’s so easy to brush so many important things off. However, before you skip your next workout in favor of a business meeting, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Lack of Physical Activity – A Global Pandemic

As out little subtitle above suggests, in the last couple of years, researchers have discovered that physical inactivity has become a pandemic on a global scale.

As Time reports, according to a series of papers published in the Lancet Journal, lack of exercise causes around 10% of premature deaths around the globe each year. The same researchers also indicated that smoking takes roughly as many lives, which brings us to a sad but a true and simple fact – lack of exercise is as deadly as smoking.

On the other hand, regular exercise can lower the risk of a number of factors, including high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, which in turn lowers the risk of diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer and heart disease, just to name a few. If you take a look at current government guidelines, experts recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Some of you are probably thinking that with your difficult schedules, how can a person even manage to get the minimal amount of recommended exercise?

Balancing your Work Life and Exercising

Exercising doing pushups

It’s actually much easier than you think. Basically, all you need to do is take a few steps to maximize your workouts during the week and you’ll have enough time to concentrate on your work and work on your body at the same time.

• Prepare Meals In Advance

You already know that your diet is almost as important to your fitness goals as actual workouts. But you probably think you don’t have enough time to prepare healthy meals every day before work. Actually, all you need to do is pick one day during the weekend, and prepare post-workout meals for the full week. And if you don’t have enough time to go shopping, simply use a meal prep service like Home Chef.

• Set Up a Quick Strength Routine

Some people hit the gym for an hour or two every day. But while this may recommendable for athletes, there’s no need for a two-hour workout – especially if you’re up against serious deadlines. Instead, you should shorten your workouts to 15 or 30 minutes and combine them with a little cardio and yoga. A smart thing would be to look into the ever-popular HIIT workouts.

• Set and Complete a Pushup Goal

It doesn’t matter if your upper body strength needs some work or not – working toward a certain goal will provide you a great way to add small bursts of physical activity throughout your day. Furthermore, this little exercises will also beef up your chest are and strength and girth to your shoulders and triceps. And don’t be ashamed to start with something small like 20 or 30 pushups.

Final Thoughts

Exercising running through streets

Before you start implementing the tips we listed above, here you have a couple of things you should always keep in mind.

For starters, if you start ignoring your workout session, your health will go downhill in a matter of few years (maybe even months). And with the loss of physical health, your productivity at the office will definitely go down.
All of that can easily lead to depression, which will because you lose the motivation and concentration you need to do the things that make your business successful. Simply put, excellence in one area of your life will promote excellence in all other areas.

Finally, exercise is perhaps the easiest area of your life you can control, so naturally, if you manage to control it properly, it will lift up other areas – including your work life.

By Adam Ferraresi

Adam Ferraresi author bioSince the first moment he logged online, Adam knew that wanted to work with computer for a living, and fifteen years, later he is making his living as a web developer. He’s also quite successful at it, and you can read his articles about his biggest passion