Your Seamless Hair Extensions Are Your Passport to This Year’s Hottest Trends

You can’t be a trendsetter without experimenting, and you can’t experiment without a whole lot of commitment, right?  Wrong!  Seamless hair extensions are the commitment-free way to try on hair styles, colors, and lengths, no different from hitting up a thrift store with your friends and trying on all of the vintage clothes. 

Seamless hair extensions are just that—seamless!  No one will know that you didn’t really dip dye your tips or hack off your hair for fringe bangs, and the best part is that if you aren’t feeling a look or style, you just take ‘em out!  So, get your selfie stick ready because here are some this year’s hottest trends you can try with easy to apply seamless hair extensions.

The Fringe

Shaggy fringe.  Baby fringe.  Mid fringe.  No matter what the fringe style, this look is most decidedly in.  It’s a throwback to the 70s and the 80s where fringe bangs reigned supreme.  This style demands commitment, but you know better because you’ve got your hands on seamless hair extensions.  You can ditch that pair of scissors and simply use your seamless extensions as a way to emulate this classic, super fun look.

Dramatic Middle Part

It’s a new take on a traditional look.  Once made popular by the flower girls of the hippie past, the middle part has dressed itself up to become this year’s crown of sophistication. What makes a middle part dramatic is to add a little length (or a lot of length).  Growing your hair out to do this is not only tedious, but it takes forever.  This is where seamless hair extensions can save you the effort and immediately give your hair the length you need to make the middle part look so epic.  To finish, you can opt to straighten your hair or use a gloss for the sleeked back look.

Relaxed Curls

Who doesn’t love curls?  Whether you have natural curls or straight hair, relaxed curls can be made easy with your seamless hair extensions.  While everyone has their own method in perfect, simple curls, here are two ways you can achieve a fresh-off-the-beach look.  Just attached your extensions as you normally would, apply a heat protectant spray to your hair to ensure that your curler doesn’t damage your extensions, and curl away.  Use a spritz of water to retain the moisture and a brush to gently tease the curls to achieve a loose, carefree look.  Or if you’re planning ahead, create a loose braid with your wet seamless hair extensions for overnight, and the next morning you’ll have perfect curls.

Wet Waves

Wet waves are a new, intriguing look that has been hitting photo shoots and the red carpet for a while now, this year.  Let people wonder if you’ve just been swimming or if you’re just that glam.  The longer your hair, the better, and you know that with your seamless hair extensions, this look can be done in a cinch.  Your extensions can handle any products thrown their way, just like your real hair.  A little oil elixir and some styling wax and there you go!  Wet waves for days.

Oversized Braid

Braids are amazing, but they’re also amazingly challenging.  There’s no reason to avoid this intricate hairstyle, especially when you’ve got seamless hair extensions at your disposal.  If you struggle with braids, it could be because your hair isn’t one length (whose is?), but your extensions can solve this problem in no time.  Extensions make braids so easy, that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using them this entire time!  Now, if you aren’t great at the actual act of braiding, no worries, because luckily the oversized braid is in and can be done by novices in no time.

So many hair problems can be resolved with seamless hair extensions that every girl should have this life-changing accessory.  Extensions can zap the fear out of trying new styles because there’s no permanent change to your real hair, leaving you with all of the fun.  Now you can literally try all of this year’s hottest hair trends in one day, no joke.  Enjoy the trends or set them, with your seamless hair extensions anything is possible!

6 Important Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

When undergoing a hair transplant surgery, it is important to know that you are in safe hands. Going through any surgical procedure can be a challenging task. However, the reduced cost and permanent results make it worthwhile. Nevertheless, you will only get excellent results if you choose the right surgeon. Here are a few factors to help you make the right choice.


Even though hair transplanting can be carried out by any practicing surgeon, it is best to go to a doctor who has the right training and experience on doing hair transplants. He/she should have years of experience transplanting hair. You should never feel shy to ask the surgeon about his/her experience or level of learning. You will be paying your hard earned cash and you should never settle for less.


Experience is an important factor when choosing a doctor to carry out hair restoration services. You need to determine the number of years that he/she has been performing hair restoration surgeries. The more the number of practicing years, the better expertise you will get. A doctor who has been performing hair transplant surgeries for over ten years will not have the same experience and expertise as a surgeon who has been practicing for one year.

 Before and after images

It is always worth the time to look at the before and after pictures of surgeries that the doctor has carried out in the past. This is one of the most direct and simplest ways of assessing the effectiveness and success rate of a doctor. Pictures can help you determine the capability of the hair restoration surgeon, especially if he/she has had a high success rate with the patients that he/she has handled in the past.

Technique used

There are different types of hair transplants services that use various techniques. It is important that you research on the different techniques to determine which one you will prefer. Most surgeons will offer follicular unit extraction or FUE, where your healthy hair follicles will be transferred to balding areas. Most surgeons prefer FUE technique because it is scar-free and painless.

Online reviews

It is important for you to read online reviews and experiences of other patients with similar conditions. Most people tend to be honest about their personal experiences with the doctor. Therefore, you will get a feel of how the patients are treated, whether the process was smooth, and if the clients were content with the results. Learning from the experiences of previous patients will help you make an informed choice.


When seeking hair restoration services, you need to consider whether the price is reasonable or not. If the price of the entire process seems too good to be true, then it probably is. With hair transplant, the major costs are the time of the surgeon and the use of the hospital or clinic. With hair transplant surgery, you do not pay for quality. Make sure that you determine the average price brackets and ensure that the practice your settle for fits this and your budget.

A reputable surgeon will provide aftercare services for his/her clients. Comprehensive aftercare means continuous follow-ups after surgery until a patient is 100%content with the results. The doctor should review your condition and pictures and offer recovery advice and tips. With the right aftercare services, you will be confident that you are getting the right services.