Sex toys: sharing the next level of sexual pleasure with your partner

There is not a single iota of doubt that having a pleasurable sex life has its benefits. The first thing you can get from having pleasurable sex is that it relieves your stress and anxiety. Why? You might ask. Having pleasurable sex with your partner releases feel-good hormones like serotonin, dopamine, etc. in your body. The benefits of these hormones are not only limited to relieving stress, panic, and anxiety. The hormone dopamine is also related to memory, learning, motor system function, etc. so having sex not only refreshes your mood but also improve your memory and health. Again having sex means burning calories. What better exercise can you ever find than sex that helps in burning calories.

Why do you need to use sex toys?

So the thing is that you need to have regular sex in your life. But as the day goes by, having sex becomes drudgery to the couples. They find it nothing exciting. So you have to do something new to keep the spark alive. While there are numerous ways to keep the spark alive like sexy dressing, role-playing, having intimate romantic dinner, there is one thing that stands alone in this regard. That is using sex toys. There is a wide range of sex toys that can give you intense pleasure in your sex life, that no mortal human can give you. Those sex toys target your multiple pleasure points simultaneously in such a manner that heighten your sexual pleasure for a million times. So if you use sex toys during sex, it not only enhances your sexual pleasure but also makes your sexual relationship more kinky and exciting. So guys, to keep your sexual spark alive and exciting, owning some sex toys are the best option for you. We will help you in giving the idea about those sex toys that you should own to make your sexual life more steamy, hot and exhilarating.

What are those common sex toys that you should own?


The dildo is very common and also the most basic sex toy that you can ever have. With the help of a dildo, you can stimulate your female partner’s vagina or anus. There are numerous types of dildos that you can avail of. Dildos are also available in different sizes. Generally, they are categorised in small, medium and large dildos.

Double penetration dildo:

You can have a double penetration dildo which can be used to stimulate your female partner’s both vagina and anus. It can also be used by female partners simultaneously.

Strap on dildo:

There is another type of dildo that is called a strap on dildo. You can wear a strap on dildo to penetrate your female partner’s vagina or anus. If you want to apply it to your male partner then you can stimulate his genitals and at the same time penetrate his anus.


Horseshoe is another type of sex toy that shaped like a horseshoe. It is a non-vibrating sex toy. It is put into both anus and vagina at the same time


These types of sex toys are called vibrators because they cause a buzzing sound by vibrating in different patterns. As the sex toy vibrates, it causes a sexual sensation to the erogenous point it is applied. In a broad aspect, vibrators can be of two types.

Vibrators for external use:

Vibrators that are for external use can stimulate external erogenous points like clitoris to provide an intense sexual sensation.

Vibrators for internal use:

Vibrators which are for external use are generally of phallic-shaped. These types of vibrators are inserted into your female partner’s vagina or anus or your male partner’s anus. The vibration causes sexual stimulation internally and facilitates orgasm.

Vagina balls:

Vagina balls, also known as orgasm balls are simple hollow metal balls that have a small weight. These are internal sex toys. These balls are inserted into your female partner’s vagina. These balls are attached to a retrieval string. As these balls roll inside the vagina, they cause a sexual sensation inside the vagina that enhances sexual pleasures.

Penis sleeve:

The penis sleeve is one type of sex toy that is worn by men. It is a type of dildo that is hollow inside. That hollow portion is to insert your penis. It is very stretchable. It is also one type of penis extension. It can be worn by men of any penis sizes. As you wear it, it gives you an instant extension in both length and girth. So to put it simply, it is worn by men and used to penetrate his female or male partner. It provides you with that extra length and girth that can satisfy your partner’s fantasy. The most important advantage of penis sleeve is that some men, who feel insecure and intimidated by using sex toys like dildo or vibrator, can find it intensely personal and masculine. You can have usual sex with your partner just by wearing it yet it makes your sex more satisfying and exhilarating.

Erotic furniture:

Apart from sex toys, there are many sex furniture that can enhance your sexual pleasure. While simple couch, sofa or bed can be regarded as erotic furniture because they can be used for having erotic sex yet we are talking about some furniture that is specific for sex. The most important and popular erotic furniture includes a spanking bench. It elevates your partner’s hip to put him or her in a sexy position. Then you can spank his or her ass or simply just have sex in the doggy style. It can also be used in BDSM sexes.   Sex furniture also includes sex wings, sex gliders, various types of spanking or flagellation devices.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to rock your partner’s world? Are you ready to take a step ahead in your regular sex life? Do you want to satisfy your partner’s fantasy? Then get up and rush to any sex toy shop. Sex toys are also available on the internet. The point is, grab those above-mentioned sex toys and lose yourself in a sensual sexual experience.