What kind of maintenance does your wheelchair need?

Just like any other equipment, a wheelchair also requires proper maintenance. Clean and well-maintained wheelchairs reflect a positive image on its user. Proper maintenance also minimizes its chances of breaking down and extends its lifespan.

The greatest reward that you get from routine maintenance is its performance; it’s easier to propel and rolls better. Well-functioning parts reduce the overall strain on the arms since less energy is required to push. As the mobility improves, negative effects such as wear and tear of the muscles decreases.

Basic maintenance tips

Cleaning and inspection

The easiest way to extend your wheelchair’s life and performance is by keeping it clean and away from moisture.

A wheelchair needs to be cleaned at least once every month. Use a mild detergent and a soft piece of cloth to clean it. Afterward, let it dry in the sun.

As you clean, inspect all the parts to make sure that they’re in working condition. Fasten any bolts and nuts that may be loose. If you notice any damage that is beyond you repair capability, it’s recommended that you take it to a professional for repair.

Wheels and Tires

Basically, there are two types of wheels: foam-filled tires and air-filled tires. These need to be checked on a weekly basis to make sure that they’re not punctured.

Air-filled wheels tend to roll with much ease and are lighter. They’re also referred to as pneumatic tires. They must always be fully inflated so you should check the tire pressure weekly. If aren’t fully inflated, the resistance is increased and this could damage the tread. The tread should be replaced immediately it wears out.

If the wheels are solid, inspect them regularly to make sure that the rubber is still attached to the rim. For spoke wheels, inspection is done by plucking them like a guitar to check whether they’re loose or broken. The good thing about spoke wheels is they don’t require regular maintenance compared to solid wheels.

There are some wheelchairs that use sealed bearings. Hair strands, threads, and carpet strands may get into the bearing causing them to get stuck. You can remove these strands using tweezers.

Seat and Backrest

The seats need to be checked regularly to make sure that they’re not torn. Loose or worn out seats can cause discomfort and back pain due to bad posture. Replace any damaged seats to make sure that they support your posture. Make sure that the straps stay in place; if they slip, re-adjust them.

The seats must also be kept clean all through. Clean them using normal cleaning soap and plenty of water.


The main reason why you should give your wheelchair regular maintenance is for your own safety. Inspecting and repairing any damaged parts helps you avoid accidents that could cause severe damage.

How you maintain your wheelchair says a lot about you. You should, therefore, take good care of it to leave a good impression. Always make sure that your wheelchair is clean and well-functioning.

How to take care of your broken leg?

Do you know that there are plenty of ways to make yourself mobile after facing a leg injury? You might have sprained an ankle or went through a leg surgery, and you don’t want to use a pair of crutches or be confined in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, these two are the most common options to turn to after a leg injury. However, there is one more add on to this list and is better than the other two. These are knee walkers or knee scooters, and that more convenient to use.

A quality knee walker is stable, keeps you free to move anyway you like, cushions your hurt leg, and keeps you moving fast. They support your body and make you feel comfortable. The unique design of your scooter helps your leg, reduces chances of placing weight on their foot and prevents any further damage.

Crutches don’t give you same level of stability like these do. It is tough to cross uneven grounds when you use crutches. They also have a chance to sprain your upper back, neck, chest muscles and shoulders. There are many knee scooters that feature several accessories from baskets and store personal belongings. The special padded knee cushion offers support and you also get a basket to carry items. A funky handlebar makes you feel like riding a proper bike and you can zoom your way around. Many knee scooters give you a chance to add accessories, while some are offered for free. These help you make the walker feel more special and doesn’t make the thought (of using it) painful.

Stability and mobility comes with a knee walker

Products offered by the Knee Walker Central shows you a simple way to rent stable knee scooters. These make you far more mobile than you could have been with other walking aids. These have fewer limitations and you don’t depend on anyone. You can use these on smooth surfaces and on rough terrain. These make you feel confident and you don’t have chances to trip over.

One of the main reasons why people must choose this walking aid is because it helps strengthen their upper body. These are way simple and easier to manipulate compared to crutches. If you see pictures of knee scooters, they will look like a child’s push scooter. They come with different wheel options and you can choose the ones with or without brakes. They are also available in colorful options so it makes the situation desirable.

Many people like to choose the three-wheel scooters as they offer more maneuverability and agility. They are more stable than the other options, but once you get a grip on any of them, you are good to go. You can use them indoors and outdoors, and you can also take them to shopping malls or to events.

When choosing an ideal product for yourself, make sure you see the cushioning offered for your injured leg. If it happens to be good enough, you will be able to get optimum rest. Rent your knee walker and use it till your leg heals. These will give you a nice ride every time you use it and won’t make you feel disabled.