Beauty Regimen for Sensitive Skin

Every skin type comes with its set of unique challenges. And if you have sensitive skin, then you’ve dealt with a couple of not-so-pleasing experiences. Maybe your moisturizer makes your skin feel like someone lit a fire on your face. Or perhaps, your face glows after every shower.

Sensitive skin calls for a careful approach when handling your beauty regimen. Think of it as a delicate baby who needs that extra bit of attention and care. So, if you have sensitive skin, here are a couple of pointers to help you maneuver your beauty regimen.

Trust Your Own Products

Sometimes travel beckons, whether for business or fun. And often, checking into a hotel means a few free hotel room products. But if you have sensitive skin, then don’t risk using products you’re unfamiliar with.

It’s always safer to carry a few products that you’ve tried and tested. If your skin is prone to acne breakouts, be sure to bring along acne face wash to keep an acne situation at bay. Opt for a product that adds moisture without clogging your pores. Also, go for something with anti-inflammatory attributes to help soothe those moments when your face starts to act up.

Always Spot Test

If you were buying, say, a car, it would be pretty standard to take it for a test drive to get a feel for it. Well, you should essentially do the same thing with your beauty products. If you have sensitive skin, then it’s vital to give your products a test before committing to any of them.

For a more reliable conclusion, do a spot test for three days or nights. Apply a bit of the product on your forearm and take note of how your skin reacts to it. If you’re testing out a product for your face, then place a small amount of the product behind your ear and see how it reacts. If after your three-day trial all seems well, then you have a winner!

Get a Toner That’s Alcohol-Free

Before you moisturize, you’ll want something to clean your face. A simple splash of warm water might not suffice to get the job done effectively. That’s why you need a toner. A face toner helps to remove excess dirt and oil from your face as well as correcting and balancing your skin’s pH.

But, not all toners are the same. Some toners are alcohol-based, and that’s a definite no-go zone. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, which ends up irritating your skin even further. Look out for an alcohol-free toner with ingredients such as green tea, chamomile, and white tea extracts for a soothing effect on your skin.

Opt for a Fragrance-Free Moisturizer

After cleansing your face, you need something that will add some much-needed moisture to your skin. Moisturizing is part and parcel of any routine, but when it comes to sensitive skin, finding the right kind of moisturizer matters.

When choosing a moisturizer, your best bet would be to avoid any product that comes branded with “perfume” or “fragrance.” Scents in a moisturizer could mean that the formulation contains additional ingredients that may end up being counterproductive to your skincare. That means that your moisturizer could end up causing more harm than good to your face meaning more redness, itching, and swelling.

Pick a Foundation That Suits Sensitive Skin

Before laying on any makeup, applying foundation is key to achieving that ideal look. After all, the foundation is the platform on which everything else goes on. Having sensitive skin doesn’t mean that you should give up on foundation altogether. It merely means that you need to look a bit harder for the right type of foundation to suit your needs.

Pick something that offers sufficient hydration to ensure your face doesn’t end up feeling parched. Also, go for a foundation infused with ingredients that will soften your skin. Stuff with hyaluronic acid and coconut oil offer smooth and perfect coverage while tending to your sensitive skin. Choose foundations with antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C that allow your skin to repair itself while also stimulating the production of collagen.

Use a Sulfate-free Cleansing Lotion

Sleeping with makeup on means suffocating your skin. That means more sensitivity and more problems for your already delicate skin. So after a night out or a date, you’ll want to get rid of your makeup before hitting the hay.

For sensitive skin, taking off makeup is as delicate an operation as putting it on. Your best companion at undoing your makeup is a sulfate-free cleansing lotion. Sulfate is a sure way of damaging your body’s natural fats while also sapping the moisture from your skin. So, for your sensitive skin, make use of a cleansing lotion that’s free of sulfates to avoid disrupting your skin.

Pick a Suitable Face Scrub

You might think that having sensitive skin means kissing goodbye to face scrubs. After all, why would you put your already touchy-feely skin through more torture? But face scrubs are an essential way of getting rid of the oil and dirt that builds up and ends up causing breakouts.

For your sensitive skin, you’ll want an exfoliator that’s packed with goodies such as vitamin E and Provitamin B5. Such vitamins are antioxidants that smooth, soothe, and soften your sensitive skin. Before exfoliating, try a bit of the scrub on a patch of skin to ensure it doesn’t react with your skin. Once you have the green light, massage the scrub onto your skin using circular motions, then rinse with a bit of warm water and pat your skin dry.

Keep Out of the Sun

Having sensitive skin means that you’re bound to suffer even more from sun-induced damage. But, it could also mean that a lot of sunscreens you try end up irritating your skin. Chemical-based UV blockers found in several conventional sunscreens can end up wreaking havoc on your sensitive skin.

To avoid this scenario, adopt physical sunscreens. These are sunscreens with titanium or zinc oxide, and they are the best option for sensitive skin needs. Physical sunscreens are less likely to irritate while offering essential protection against sunburns.

There you have it, a couple of pointers to a beauty regimen for your sensitive skin. By adopting a couple of these tips, your sensitive skin care routine just got that much more manageable.

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Explore the Chief Reasons for Using a Beard Shampoo

There is a huge difference between your scalp hair and your facial hair. Both your hair and beard are benefited immensely with proper care. However, a particular product may be good for your scalp hair but may cause harm to your facial hair. This fact is particularly true in the context of shampoo. Usual hair shampoos would cause your beard to get brittle and look rough and dry. When you use a special beard shampoo, it would help in keeping your facial hair healthy and in top condition. A specially formulated beard shampoo offers certain unique benefits that no conventional shampoos would be offering. Moreover, it helps in finding perfect solutions for certain issues related to your beard.

They Help Preserve Natural Oils

Your body manufactures certain natural oils for keeping your facial hair strong and healthy. Your beard would look rough, frizzy, and dry if you constantly use the usual hair shampoo to wash your beard. This is simply because these generic shampoos would eliminate the body’s natural oils and completely destroy your beard. You must get into the habit of using a dedicated beard shampoo to clean and maintain healthy facial hair. You may consider using a beard shampoo and also, a beard conditioner for rejuvenating your beard and maximizing the protective shield.

They Are Responsible for Keeping Your Beard Hydrated

Your facial skin and your beard could become dry over time. Remember generic shampoos would make the situation even worse. Dryness could culminate in a couple of issues. Your beard’s appearance would be adversely affected as the facial hair would become fragile, wiry, and coarse. Dry skin could be pretty uncomfortable and may lead to several other conditions. All these issues would never arise or could be solved by using special beard shampoos that are actually optimized for keeping your skin and facial hair hydrated. If you are suffering from excessively dry skin conditions, you may use a beard conditioner along with a beard shampoo for additional hydration.

Prevents Itchiness

Beards could really get itchy particularly when they are short and when it is hot and sweaty. Nobody wishes to deal with itchiness. In this context, you know that a plethora of products for taking care of your itchiness is available in the market but unfortunately, they work wonders on bare skin and not on your beard. Any premium brand beard shampoo would contain vital ingredients that would effectively cut down the itchiness.

Provides Proper Skin Care

Your skin is very important and needs proper care to be healthy and radiant. A healthy skin is mandatory as your skin is the protective shield against the environmental factors. Your skin is subjected to a tremendous amount of stress so it could develop issues such as redness, inflammation, blemishes, and other common issues. You must use top quality beard products such as a beard shampoo, beard conditioner, and a beard wash regularly for fixing all these issues and bringing a soothing effect.


You must pamper your beard if you wish to have a healthy and appealing beard. You must use specialized beard formulations to keep your beard healthy. A good quality beard shampoo would go a long way in protecting your beard from any damages and maintaining a healthy look.

How to Choose the Right Beauty Products

We’re very fortunate to have a lot of choices when it comes to beauty and skincare products these days. The beauty aisles are lined with rows upon rows of every kind of gel, cream and lotion imaginable, designed to treat and correct every possible kind of skin problem. Having so many choices can get a bit overwhelming at times. How do you know which beauty products you should choose for your own skincare needs? Here are a few helpful tips.

Choose Natural, Plant-Based Formulas

Organic & natural beauty products, including those you can purchase at, are quickly gaining in popularity because of their safe, clean and gentle formulations. Some of the chemicals commonly used in a lot of beauty products can actually be quite harsh and could cause damage to your skin.

Organic skin care brands such as Well Within Beauty focus on using only the finest natural and organic ingredients in their products. Consider switching to organic beauty products to make sure your skin stays safe and protected, and free from harmful chemicals.

Choose Products that Specifically Target Your Skin Concerns

Everyone’s skin is different. Some might even say that our skin is as individual and unique as our fingerprints. Besides having your own individual skin type, you probably also have a unique set of skin concerns. You may struggle with acne while the other members in your family don’t, or you may be prone to redness and sensitivity while your best friend is starting to get wrinkles.

Whatever your skin concerns may be, be sure to choose beauty products that will specifically target those concerns, while still being appropriate for your skin type. Don’t just copy someone else’s skincare routine or buy products because your favorite celebrity endorses them—pay attention to what your own skin needs and build a regimen centered on those.

Don’t Add Any Unnecessary Products

In relation to the step above, don’t pile unnecessary products onto your skin. Your skin is actually quite resilient on its own, and is surprisingly good at healing and repairing itself. The idea of skincare is to help it along instead of hindering its natural renewing abilities. You don’t want to smother your skin under layers and layers of unnecessary skincare.

Advertisers are extremely good at enticing you to purchase more beauty products, tricking you into thinking that you absolutely do need multiple moisturizers and serums. Don’t fall for their marketing ploys. Again, pay attention and listen to your skin—you’ll know if you should add another treatment or if you should stick to a more bare bones skincare routine, especially if you have overly sensitive and reactive skin.

Choose Multitasking Products

These days, everyone is so busy and most people simply don’t have time for elaborate, multi-step skincare routines. Choose multitasking products that can target several skin concerns at once, or that serve several functions. For example, choose a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead of using three separate products to moisturize, provide sun protection, and conceal blemishes. Or you could buy a cleanser that also doubles as a makeup remover.

These simple beauty choices are all very easy and practical to make. Focus on making smarter, healthier beauty choices, and you’ll soon notice the difference in your skin.

How To Achieve That Polished Look And Maintain Your Appearance

Some would argue that your appearance seems to be currency in this modern climate so looking after it to the best of your ability is paramount. Cosmetic procedures are on the rise, and blemishes and unfavorable skin marks are quick to be erased amongst image-conscious individuals. The war of stubborn body fat is well underway and learning how to blitz it through intense workouts and exercise is crucial to staying healthy and lessening your risk of serious health complications associated with being overweight and having an unhealthy diet, such as type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Looking after your body involves nurturing your health and taking the necessary steps to getting it in top form and keeping it that way by adopting new health routines.

Cosmetic Procedures 

If there are some features to your appearance that cause you to become upset and disheartened, it’s worth seeking medical advice and finding out whether a short procedure could put pay to your worries. What you believe to be an aesthetically displeasing nose can, after all, be corrected by surgery. Moles, skin-tags and thread veins can all now be removed by medical professionals. Dr Newmans Clinic in London specializes in removing and improving the appearance of thread vein so if this plights you then consider visiting. By seeing what could be done for you by way of improving your appearance and getting, you can begin feeling happier about your body.

Achieving That Polished Look 

The polished look upheld by celebrities isn’t always an easy feat to achieve, as you have to remember that the majority of the rich and famous have a team of stylists employed to keep them looking this way. Personal trainers, dedicated physiotherapists and live-in chefs trained in the art of expert and personalized nutrition are some of the measures undertaken by these celebrities. You can, of course, achieve the polished look with the know-how and the effort with a slick and well-organised exercise and diet routine. This look is likely more achievable than you may at first think. Celebrities divulge their secret weapons in maintaining their appearance regularly so you can think about adopting their tips and tricks and getting ever closer to nailing the sought after polished look. Close attention to unfussy tailoring and clothing will help you to get one step closer to achieving this look also and knowing how to style your hair to complement your face shape can work wonders too.

Looking After Your Skin

Your skin is the biggest organ that makes up your body, so you need to pay it your utmost attention and look after it, so you look and feel good for many years to come. You should always think of your skin as a very worthwhile health investment. Your skin will help see you through your life so begin taking care of it as early as possible by wearing sun cream and ensuring that you keep your skin out of the sun as much as you can. Some advice to looking after your appearance and your health is to bypass sun beds completely, and instead, use good quality fake tan should you wish to achieve a tanned appearance.