I Have a Toothache: Do I Really Need To Go To The Dentist

Oral care is highly important, otherwise the results may be really painful. A toothache refers to the pain, that is in or around a tooth. The reason for the pain may be different. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Gum Infection.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Filling damage.
  • Tooth fracture or
  • Prolonged continuous chewing like in case of grinding teeth or chewing gum.

Any of the above cases, if not taken care of immediately may lead to severe pain. Some of the pain may subside quickly if you identify the pain early and implement an immediate cure. But at times you have to opt for your local dentist.

When Should You See A Dentist?

Any health issue if taken care of in the initial stages may give you immediate relief.  On the other hand, if you delay your pain management treatment it can get really painful. It is highly recommended if you are experiencing a toothache, because of the number of various reasons for the pain, you should visit your dentist.  Simply do a search like ‘best rated Buderim Dentist’ if you are experiencing any of the below issues and choose a dentist that has good reviews.

  • You are in continuous pain for more than 36 hours.
  • There is no relief in pain and it is very harsh and severe.
  • You cannot open your mouth completely.
  • You’re toothache increases while you chew food.
  • No home remedy gives even minimal relief within 24 hours.
  • You are suffering from pain in the ear, your eyes begin to hurt, severe headache or fever.

In either of the above-mentioned cases, you should not delay your visit to the dentist.  Otherwise, you may have to face the painful consequences.

Not all toothache treatments are painful. You should not avoid going to the dentist because of the expected treatment pain. That pain is momentary but the alternative, not going to the dentist, can result in a very harsh toothache which may last several days.

What Are The Symptoms Of Improper Oral Health?

When your oral health care is not carried out in the desired way, you start experiencing signs and symptoms indicating poor oral hygiene. Be alert to such signs and symptoms and you will go a long way in preventing a severe toothache. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Swelling around your tooth.
  • Sharp tooth pain only when you put pressure on the teeth.
  • Swelling or bleeding of gums.
  • Scaling of your teeth.
  • The foul smell from your mouth, when you speak.
  • The liquid outflow from the infected tooth that tastes very bad.

If you notice these things and experience any of them, start practicing proper oral care as it can act as a cure and you will prevent a bad toothache.

In such conditions, brush your teeth twice a day without fail. Gargle after every meal. You can even opt for gargling with warm water mixed with salt. Carry out proper cleansing of your tongue. Check properly that nothing gets stuck between your teeth while eating and if it does remove instantly with the help of dental floss.

These are just a few small precautions that can help you get rid of the pain instantly and may prevent you from having to see a dentist.

Final Words:

Oral health issues are not something to be ignored as the result may be as significant as losing a tooth through to requiring a complete set of teeth. The treatments in the event of prolonged pain may be unbearable, and may require several appointments and can be expensive too.

It is better to be alerted and visit a top-rated dentist  in your area to start your treatment as early as possible. A toothache not only restricts itself to teeth but it also results in pain in your ear, head or even raised body temperature.

4 Benefits of Having a Good Dentist at Hand

Most people wait until they are sick or have a problem before seeing a dentist. However, there are those people who plan in advance and already have a dentist they see regularly. Both ways have their own pros and cons. Having a dentist at hand is the way to go because it saves you so much trouble when you are unwell. Preplanning helps you know all your options and the best one available. Aspen Hill Smiles is one of the best dentistry practices there are. In order to get more details, you can visit their website at aspenhillsmiles.com. Some advantages of planning early and choosing your dentist earlier on include:

  1. Solve all your dental issues

Choosing your dentist earlier will give you time to scout all the available options. You will be able to tell what each dental practice offers. If you are lucky, you will be able to get a dentistry clinic that can solve all your problems. You won’t need to visit one clinic to fix a cavity and a different one if you want to get a cosmetic tooth replacement. You can find all these services under one roof. Such applies for a group of dentists who have specialized in various fields who decide to start a clinic together.

  2. No complications

When you look for a dentist in advance, you take your time with the whole process. You get enough time to properly investigate the dentist in question. If they are online, you can catch some reviews about their clinic. You will be able to see their ratings and the feedback from clients. This will help you evaluate their complication rates. When you know that, you will be able to decide with a clear mind whether or not to go to their clinic. Scouting makes it easy to sort the good dentists from the bad.

  3. Convenient

Toothache can be a real pain. It makes you unable to concentrate on anything and literally brings your life to a standstill. Scouting for a good dentist in advance is convenient because when something comes up, you can just go to the clinic. The problem with waiting until the pain comes on before searching is that you might end up settling on anyone who can alleviate your pain. They may not necessarily be good at their jobs. Furthermore, they may be inconsiderate and rude but you won’t have any other options at that point.

  4. Reasonable costs

When you look for a dentist earlier on, you get to evaluate your choices fully based on a number of factors. One of them is how affordable it is in the long run. In as much as taking care of your teeth prevents most problems, you cannot predict how often you will need a dentist. It is therefore wise to consider cost as an important determinant. If you plan on you and your family being treated by the same person, you need to find a clinic that you can afford.