All you should know about Ulcerative Colitis

When you hear about Ulcerative Colitis (UC), you may often confuse it with Irritable bowel disease (IBS) or Crohn’s disease. Although the symptoms are quite similar, the diseases are far different. UC also falls under the category of inflammatory bowel disease. However, it majorly targets your colon or large intestine. The disease results in causing irritation in your colon, which further leads to swelling or inflammation. When your colon gets swollen due to irritation, it results in the formation of sores or ‘ulcers’ on its walls.

You need to remember that there is no specific cure for Ulcerative Colitis. However, there are medical and surgical treatments available for adverse cases when you don’t have any other options left. If you can cure UC with the right form of treatment at the right stage, you may prevent adverse consequences. When the condition of your colon becomes worse, there is no other way but to go for surgically removing it.

What are the causes of Ulcerative Colitis?

In simple words, UC is mainly caused when your immune system fails to work effectively. The immunological functioning of your body decides whether you are capable of resisting infection or becoming susceptible to it. There are various immunological barriers in your body that marks and ensures absolute protection from harmful invasion of microbes.

Here is an example for you as in what goes wrong with your immune system during the normal and abnormal defense.

When you have a common cold under normal conditions, your immune system identifies foreign bacteria or viruses as intruders and fights. However, in UC your immune system identifies the good bacteria in your gut, food, and cells lining the colon as intruders. Thus, your body’s own immune system turns against you. WBCs or white blood corpuscles normally protects you during infections, but now turns against the walls of your colon. Such kind of undesired immunological mechanism causes inflammation in your colon linings and results in the formation of ulcers.

If you seek the attention of doctors to know why UC happens, they might not be able to reason you. It is still not quite medically clear as to why ulcerative colitis happens in the first place. The possible reasons to support your questions may be an unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors, and food habits. Adding on to that, another prominent reason behind UC can be a genetic predisposition. If you have UC running in your family for generations, there is a possibility that you may inherit the disease. Stress and anxiety are not directly related to causing UC, but you never know how it’s contributing towards its induction.

Possible symptoms of ulcerative colitis:

The most prominent sign of ulcerative colitis that you will experience is bloody diarrhea. If you closely observe your stools, you may also notice the presence of pus. These two symptoms are clearly indicative of the fact that you have ulcerative colitis. Other characteristic features of being affected by UC are:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Cramping pain in your belly
  3. Feeling of fullness or not hungry
  4. Sudden loss of body weight
  5. Abnormal discharges for emptying your colon at once
  6. Fever
  7. Pain in your joints or soreness
  8. Fatigue or tiredness
  9. Mouth ulcers or canker sores
  10. Skin sores
  11. A certain feeling like your colon is still not empty even after going to the bathroom
  12. Pain in the eyes when you suddenly look at bright lights
  13. Anemia (lowering of the number of RBCs in your bloodstream)
  14. Difficulty in controlling your stools or hold it

These symptoms may abruptly hit you right away, subside after some time and again come back. Ulcerative colitis can bother you for several weeks, months or even years. You need to be very careful with your food habits during such vulnerable times.

One more thing that you should remember while looking for a cure for UC, is to never confuse Ulcerative colitis with Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel disease. The treatment may go horribly wrong if you think the other way.

Even though Crohn’s disease also causes swelling of your abdomen, but it doesn’t concern any region of the digestive tract. For ulcerative colitis, it is not just any region but specifically the large intestine and inner lining of your colon. Irritable bowel disease also reflects some of the signs of UC, but it does not cause ulcers or inflammation. IBS is strictly restricted to causing problems within the inner lining of muscles of your intestines.

How to diagnose Ulcerative Colitis?

When you visit a doctor regarding the treatment of ulcerative colitis, he will first give some diagnostic tests for detection. Different tests are assigned to different forms of bowel diseases. You will be suggested the tests specific to UC, distinct from any other gut diseases. Some specific blood tests will help you identify whether you are anemic or have inflammation. You may be asked to perform stool tests as well for the detection of any unnatural pus in it. Stool tests will majorly reveal if you have any parasites or infection causing microbes in the lining of your colon. Through these tests, you may also see traces of blood in your stool that you couldn’t normally figure out. Other diagnostic tests include flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.

  1. In flexible sigmoidoscopy, the doctor majorly focusses on not the whole colon but just its lower part. Through your butt, the doctor will insert a bendy tube in the lower colon area. This tube has a small camera and a light source to capture images for detection of ulcers and inflammation.
  2. In a colonoscopy, the doctor scans your entire colon for the presence of ulcers and swollen areas, unlike flexible sigmoidoscopy. During the detection, the doctor may even introduce a blue colored dye within your colon. Such kind of advanced colonoscopy is known as chromoendoscopy. The doctor uses color dyes for the detection of regions in your colon that has been affected by ulcerative colitis.

Sometimes doctors can even perform a biopsy, by removing small chunks of your colon for UC diagnosing tests. X-rays are generally not used for UC detection.


Hong Kong Students Tricks and Hacks for Writing the HKU Personal Statement

History has always taught us that change brings upon mixed emotions and reactions from different people.  Despite this fact, it remains inevitable for change to become part of the human setting and ways of life.  One of the critical sectors of the social lives of people involves the adoption of personal statements in the education sector.

Higher learning institutions such as the Hong Kong University have adopted the use of a hku personal statement as part of their admission processes. These changes have allowed students to embrace new writing skills as part of their day to day lives and practice begins early enough. The trick to having the best personal statement revolves around the theory of having a unique and captivating statement.

How to start on the personal statement

Prospective students in higher learning institutions need to understand that change brings upon greater demand and shifts in the writing cultures and habits. The following list includes one of the traits of the personal statement for the HKU or any other learning institution and how to improve on them.

     1. Fluency

Writing a personal statement should bring into attention the minds of students just like how spelling competitions make competitors shiver. Fluency acts as the communication channel between the student and the learning institution and as such great emphasis remain crucial to creating a good picture. A fluent essay wins a competition, and so makes a personal statement meaningful.

To achieve fluency within any piece of writing, students need to have a good knowledge of grammar and command for language in writing. The above items, experience and management, have a simple hack and it involves extensive reading to grasp the key vocabularies and sentence structures for statements.

     2. Research

Research has many definitions depending on its area of application, and in this case, it involves digging out facts on the writing of personal statements. The faculties within the HKU include science-related principles, and if you require admission for such a course, then you may need an interesting science article as your take point.

Students ignore this aspect of writing the perfect personal statements due to assumptions of a personal statement working like an essay. The hack to the research process involves identifying with previously written science-based own comments and using the critical points that made those pieces of writing perfect and captivating to the mind of the admissions board.

Better your Statement Writing Skills

     3. Practice

Almost every skill in this world requires training, and so makes the hku personal statements that determine if you get accepted in the institution. The critical components of the personal statement include the heading, the body and conclusion all of which require great captions. The headline checker may serve to ensure the titles for these three sections remain tweaked to perfection.

Nonetheless, the wordings after these headlines have to be clear and out of your mind and for that reason you need a simple practice hack. Dedicate few hours of your time to always read through your draft statement to check for errors and new ways of making it appealing to the eye. Continuous practice and writing of new personal accolades go a long route in paving the way for your final statement.

Final action to the personal statement hack

In the course of your journey as a student, disappointments and failure may occur in the way as you discover your real potential and writing skill. You need to develop a strong mentality and use your mistakes as the stepping stones to make better personal statements.

How to Write English Paper And Use Following Tips Also

Now and again, every school or college understudy faces troubles while finishing a pressing or complex assignment. It doesn’t imply that he doesn’t have the best possible abilities or can’t ace the subject! It just implies that the educational programs is intense and it is difficult to stay aware of the considerable number of errands teachers dole out. Writing essays for school has dependably been a troublesome errand, as it requires your consideration, and dialect/writing abilities, and in addition access to libraries/books to discover significant and valid data.

Understudies likewise need to discover enough time to adjust considers with work and pastimes, as they need to invest their recreation energy as strangely as could be expected under the circumstances. Furthermore, they may require help to have an opportunity to get up to speed with a class after a disease or get-away. That is the reason procuring a school essay benefit is an incredible way out! Obviously, you may think that its hard to pick a writing organization you can trust, as they surge the market to pull in understudies with low costs and appealing guarantees. WritingCheap is the leading website will solve your writing problem.

Organize Your Ideas

When you are finished conceptualizing, sort out your thoughts into the most sensible request. From these thoughts, you ought to have the capacity to see a framework for your theory.

Must Do Research On Topic

You’ve built up which splendid thoughts have made the cut, so bolster them. Printed bolster from noted creators or artistic writings is constantly useful. Utilize their plans to include critique onto your own. Simply make certain to refer to your sources.

Keep Fully Interest

Your enthusiasm for the topic you are writing about will radiate through. On the off chance that your writing says, “My mother influenced me to compose this essay and my hand harms,” it won’t recognize you. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about your subject, include yourself in it by doing research.

Offer Information

When you keep in touch with, you give someone else (the peruser) access to your idea life. For some individuals, this is the reason writing is so scary; on the off chance that you can move beyond the terrorizing, notwithstanding, and be totally legit with your group of onlookers, something mysterious happens — your voice/considerations progress toward becoming something important to another person.

Use Audience

By offering to your gathering of people, you make a chance to show them. You have their consideration; all things considered, they trust you are a valid individual with intriguing understanding. Presently they can learn. What’s more, think about what that makes you? Their instructor.

Don’t use Unconventional Format

Presently isn’t an ideal opportunity to try out your innovative capacities. On the off chance that you are not kidding about the grant you are applying for, center your inventive vitality into your union of thoughts. By playing with the arranging excessively, you reduce your writing capacities. Your essay ought to include:

Short But Complete Introduction

Incorporate your proposition inside the presentation. On the off chance that you are a capable postulations essayist, it can stretch out into two sentences. Keep your presentation short and punchy. A long imaginative presentation is enticing, however fight the temptation. You have a point (and likely a word restrict) to get to.

Write Complete Body

Make something like three discernable focuses inside the body of your essay. Each point ought to be in its very own section with the goal that it very well may be effortlessly distinguished by the peruser. Also, mesh sources into the body of your essay if conceivable. It will make your writing more grounded and furthermore demonstrate that you submitted yourself to exploring the current topic.


“In end,” explanations are out. Lead into your decision obviously and tenderly. The body of the piece should move in the direction of the end, so your last remarks ought to be caught your own particular reflections. An end ought not have all the earmarks of being the presentation spewed — your peruser will get on to this.

College Students Health Problems

As a college student, it is important that you would want to be at your productive best at all given times. What’s with the courses you have to take, lectures, and exams, your health is going to be one determining factor on how well you perform in these areas.

There are several health issues that you can have or encounter as a college student. While there are some that would require the help of your guardian or visiting the counseling office, some you should be able to handle yourself, by knowing a few things.

In the article below, we outline some common health challenges that students face, and suggestions toward handling them, or best case scenario, preventing them.


The college environment could present a new paradigm. What with students having to get used to career-defining lectures, a new social environment, and lots and lots of extracurricular activities, it is no surprise that stress is on the top of the list among these group of people.

However, it is important to understand that stress can be managed, and poor grades do not completely define the end result of a career. Research into successful people and A-listers would unravel a list which include those who did not complete college.

The objective here is to be calm, determine your most important objectives, take the courses and exams in your stride, and have a compelling view of the individual and professional you are becoming.

Anxiety and Depression

A quick injunction: If you’ve been expressing regular bouts of anxiety or depression, for quite some time now, do understand that you are not the first person to experience such; so you should visit the school counseling office for help and assistance. There are lots of people who care about you, and would love to be of assistance.

If you do feel the tendency to be anxious ahead of important events, i.e. tests, exams, etc. or you usually resort to feeling unhappy when you perform poorly in your courses, then a change in perspective is required.

First, research from several sources reveal that the primary source of anxiety and depression are the mental pictures the individual holds in his or her mind on a regular basis. This means that our mental pictures are the large determinant of our feelings and behavior.

The suggestion then is if you do view yourself as successful, regardless of the outcome of your courses, and understand that you are becoming an expert, your perception of yourself changes, and as a result you would feel comfortable handling your courses, and the tests that result.

Additional injunction: Do hold exciting pictures in your mind of the person you are becoming, through your college courses, and taking the courses would be a breeze. Hold yourself fondly. Look at yourself with kindness and gladness, and accept that it is a privilege to be in college in the first place.

And next, go adventurously be the best you can.


It is expected that people would experience health problems if they do not eat properly. College students are no exception.

A research conducted by online and mobile food ordering portal, GrubHub amid the grammar check uk free reveal that college students have an affinity for fast food. The research showed that food like the Chicken with Broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, Sesame Chicken, Wings and Dumplings were among the meals commonly ordered. However, by far, Calzone, the energy drink, was the most ordered.

Thus, the research concluded, it is no surprise that students gain rapid weight during their first to second years of college.

It is important then, to learn how to manage your eating habits, and geared toward eating light meals and balanced diets. This is because in addition to adding unhealthy weight, people with poor meal habits tend to exhibit depression and lack of physical fitness.

Work out an eating system to take in more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eggs, bananas, apples, salmon, oatmeal are some of the meals you can take, quickly, and lightly, on a busy day.

Loneliness and Homesickness

Another commonly experienced problem among college students, homesickness usually arises when it is a first time the student has been away from home for a long duration. This, could cause withdrawal and anti-social behavior as the student gets used to a new environment.

However, the first thing you should understand about being lonely is that you are not alone. So, you could brave it by reaching out to others who are experiencing similar symptoms and create group to alleviate this problem.

Several other options could help. Join a college extracurricular activity i.e. you would meet people there who have similar challenges just like you. Take part in school sports even if it involves, at the start, going to the stands. Create a social media group i.e. Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, and encourage others, even if anonymously at first, to open up about problems they face.

Reaching out to others is usually the best way to alleviate this problem.

And above all, keep desirable pictures of the reason you are in college before you. Imagine the exciting future you are creating.

Concluding, the above are simple and direct ways college students can resolve the most common challenges. And again, if you can do these by yourself, reach out to someone. There are lots of people that care about you, and would want to help you.