Tourist places in Goa for a relaxing vacation that can recharge your soul

Goa is a paradise for party-lovers and people that love to live every moment of their life with no regrets. Goa is one such place that attracts people around the world during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Known for its bedazzling beaches, ancient churches, the rich bio-diversity and wildlife, abundant National parks, plunging waterfalls, modern café, and restaurants; everything is part of this place. It is truly a whimsical land, and it opens up a plethora of options for all kinds of travelers throughout the year. Goa isn’t a destination; it is a dream come true to many people. If you plan your vacation to this lovely place, here are some of the tourist places in Goa that you should undoubtedly make their way into your travel planner.

Baga Beach is one of the best tourist places in Goa

If you want to grab an experience of a touristy Goa, the stretches of Baga Beach in the North-Goa are the right place for you. The sound of the roaring waves and the crowded beach shacks with the aroma of the fresh-sea food can make you stay there forever. Baga Beach is one of the prime hubs in Goa that organizes a lot of rave parties and carnivals. One can also visit the shopping stalls by the beach and get their hands on the fancy knick-knacks and trinkets. This beach is opened until late at night, taking a walk in the evening and watching the stunning sunsets can be quite an exciting moment, and this is one of the best places to visit in Goa with friends.

The Aguada Fort, must-visit tourist places in Goa

This is one of the places to visit in Goa for couples. The elegant confluence of the Mandovi river and the Arabian sea is a feast to watch from this place. Built-in the year 1612, this is one of the ancient structures and monuments that plays a significant role during the Maratha rule. It is a massive fort, and going around it during the evening can be quite an ecstatic feeling. The gigantic structure is located on Sinquerim Beach, where you can sight dolphins. You must not miss the sunset from the four-story lighthouse when you are at this location.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

All the birding enthusiasts must visit the most beautiful Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary when you are in Goa. Dedicated to the famous ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali this place is a paradise for bird photographers. Located in Chorão, the sanctuary is strategically built between the mangroves, where one can expect a lot of birds to visit. Surrounded by lush flora and fauna, this place attracts several species of birds.

One can spot different varieties of herons when you are here. Apart from these, Bitterns are the most commonly found birds. One can also watch the rare species of birds like the jack snipe, pied avocet, and red knots. The sanctuary is home to several crawlers and insects too. The melody of the birds chirping can make you feel great when you are at the sanctuary. While you are here, taking a walk to the ancient Viceroy’s Tower in the St. Augustine’s Church Complex is mandatory.

tourist places in Goa- Dudh Sagar Waterfalls

Dudh Sagar Waterfalls define Goa to many people. Regarded as one of India’s tallest waterfalls, this is one of the must-visit places in Goa. Dudh Sagar is a haven for trekkers, and it attracts millions of travelers and tourists with its charm. Watching this waterfall plunging from great heights is a feast to the pair of eyes. Dudh Sagar translates to, The Ocean of Milk. The waterfall gushes in full swing from the height of 310m and mesmerizes everyone with its beauty. Watching the pure white waterfalls surrounded by the dense Western Ghats is one of the best things you can do when you are in Goa. Dudh Sagar waterfalls are one of the best places to visit in Goa with friends.

tourist places in Goa- Mangeshi Temple

Apart from the beaches, clubs, and party-houses, one must also visit Goa’s spectacular temples. Amongst all the other temples, the Mangeshi temple attracts both local and foreign tourists every year. If you are interested to know the history of Goa, this temple is the right place to visit.

This temple’s massive white structure and the well0maintained premises make this temple one of the best places in Goa. The presiding deity being Lord Shiva, this place is one of the revered places for Hindus.

Chapora Fort 

Chapora Fort in Goa is not just an attraction for tourists but filmmakers too. The famous blockbuster ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ starring Aamir Khan, was shot here. Besides, the fort stands tall, overlooking the Chapora river and the Arabian Sea. This fort has a great historical significance. All the other beaches like Vagator, Anjuna, and Calangute are easily accessible from this fort. Photography is a must when you are here. This is one of the finest places to visit in Goa for couples.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus

The church complex is located at Old Goa and is one of the iconic landmarks of Goa. Moreover, the massive structures of Churches can transport you to another world altogether. This site is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The intricate designs, carvings, and the remains of St. Francis Xavier are some of the major attractions at this site. The remains of the saint Francis are fresh even after 400 years. Many people gather at the church once every decade when the remains are displayed to the public. This is one of the revered places for Christians in Goa. The church complex houses several other churches built around the same time.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other places that you can visit in Goa. However, these are some of the most well-known sites that can make your vacation a memorable one. Besides, we hope this write-up will certainly come in handy to you when you are planning your trip along with a bunch of your friends to Goa. Visiting these sight-seeing places will leave you enthralled for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Therefore, pack your bags and get ready for Goa to enjoy the best vacation at some of the best tourist places in Goa.

How is Travel Changing?

Technology is constantly evolving and pushing everything forward, and the travel industry is no exception. There’ve been many stark and exciting changes already, and there are no signs of things slowing down anytime soon.  Read on to find the details about changing your travel plan.

After all, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t so long ago the first plane was whizzing around in 1903. Needless to say, things have changed a lot in travel since that fateful day, and they continue to change even now. 

But how is travel changing today? Well, here’s a few things to consider. 

Greener Travel 

It’s no secret that many countries, including the United States, are looking to drastically curb their emissions. Now, electric cars and e-bikes are entering the scene, and they’re giving their lucky owners an edge in helping to protect the environment. 

Road trips can be undertaken without sending toxic gases into the environment, and people who live in the city can swap their cars for an e-bike. Some are even strategizing their travel more, adopting lots of different behaviours to make their trip as eco-friendly as possible; flying in economy class, taking public transport, ride-sharing and more.  

One thing is for sure – it is now possible to see the planet without destroying it at the same time. That’s a lesson more, and more people are beginning to learn, swapping out their gas for battery-powered machines and being more thoughtful elsewhere. 

Legal Assurances

Whether you’re going on an international holiday or simply going to work, changing your travel comes with a cost. Buying a car or chartering a flight will always have a big fat dollar sign before the deal is done, and moreover, there can be quite a lot of risk involved without the proper legal assurances. Of course, this means one thing: insurance! 

The world of insurance can be quite intimidating, but with the right service at your beck and call, things become easier soon enough. There’s plenty of deals out there in the way of car insurance and e-bike insurance, and shopping around for the best deal takes no time at all. Additionally, it’s also well worth the effort!

At the end of the day, travel is rarely a one and done transaction. It’s an investment. You should protect that investment any way you can because if things get broken, lost, or squandered somewhere in the mix on your travelling experience, compensation and protection could soon follow on. Car and e-bike insurance, for example, can give you that extra help when luck isn’t on your side. 

On-demand Transit

It used to be that you’d stand on the sidewalk, hailing taxis to take pity on you and drive you to where you needed to go. Sometimes, you’d even need to compete with others to get your ride, vying shamelessly for the attention of the driver through wails and flails. Now? Well, not so much!

With the event of hugely influential technologies like the Uber and Lyft apps, transit is now on-demand. Drivers text their passenger’s pre-arrival, and bookings are made in a few swipes of the screen. It’s a big deal, considering that this kind of technology is recent. It’s totally awesome, and just about everybody is here for it.  


There’s a lot to see overseas, and there’re many different architectures, cultures, and people to interact with and learn all about. However, these once in a lifetime experiences can also be had a little closer to home, too. 

Many Americans are choosing to vacation closer to home and have been for some time. Of course, there’re many beautiful places to visit in the States, with no shortage of breath-taking landscapes and thrilling urban cities to be blown away by. Undoubtedly, there’s a lot to see at home, and it’s something that everyone the world over is becoming more aware of. 

Of course, this is perfect for anyone who is looking to save time and money with their vacation. Not everyone can break away from their responsibilities for two-three weeks anymore, so sometimes a quick adventure is what’s needed. 

Virtual Reality

Is it really travelling if you don’t physically move anywhere? Well, that’s debatable, but virtual reality is giving adventurers out there a lot of insight into their destinations… before they even arrive. 

Just five short years ago in 2015, it was reported that this technology was admittedly “in its infancy” and won’t be entering the mainstream anytime soon, and it still hasn’t as far as travel goes. Still, it’s undeniable that these kinds of forward-thinking technologies will have an influence over the travel industry in the future. 

After all, today people Google Earth holiday destinations, or explore digital environments in video games that are rendered to look like the real thing. It’s now possible to access (impressions of) places without ever actually leaving the couch, which has its perks for preview purposes. Obviously, it can never quite substitute the real thing! 

Did the above pointers answer how travel is changing? If so, perhaps reflect on your own travel methods, and see if there’s anything you’d like to look into more!  


4 Delicious Midwestern Dishes

Every region has its own unique cuisine, and the Midwest is no different. Midwestern cuisine is strongly influenced by the tradition of European immigrants adapting foods from their home countries to their new home and making the most of whatever ingredients were available to them as they endured harsh Midwestern winters.

Midwestern cuisine places a heavy emphasis on hospitality, so whether you’re interested in specialty salads Mitchell SD or warm comfort foods, be prepared to share.

1. Tater Tot Casserole

In some parts of the Midwest, a casserole is known simply as “hot dish.” Regardless of what you call them, casseroles are a staple of Midwestern cuisine, and there is perhaps nothing so quintessentially Midwestern as a tater tot hot dish. The entree is simplicity itself; standard ingredients include cream of mushroom soup, ground beef, and frozen tater tots, which are placed on top and give the dish an appealing golden-brown glow when baked.

2. Goulash

Midwestern goulash derives from the traditional Hungarian version, but it is not exactly the same thing. The main difference is that noodles are optional for Hungarian goulash but standard in the Midwestern adaptation. Other key ingredients include ground beef and tomatoes, seasoned to taste. Cheese is optional but a welcome addition to give the dish extra appeal.

3. Chislic

Chislic is an extremely localized Midwestern dish. It is found almost exclusively in South Dakota, primarily the eastern half or “East River” in the local parlance. It consists of cubed meat, typically beef or mutton but sometimes venison or other game meats, seasoned, deep-fried, and served with a choice of dipping sauce, often ranch or barbecue.

4. Buckeyes

The synergistic pleasures of chocolate and peanut butter combined has been known for decades. Buckeyes combine them in an easy, no-bake dessert consisting of frozen peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate.

How to Travel in Japan: JR West Rail Pass

Do you plan on becoming one of the 30 million tourists who visit Japan each year?

If so, you can make your travels less stressful by taking advantage of a JR West Rail Pass that’s exclusive for foreign visitors.

What is a JR West Rail Pass and how can it revolutionize the way you visit Japan? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this handy travel tool.

What Is a JR West Rail Pass?

A JR WIDE Pass is a special ticket that allows you to travel on many different trains and buses in Kansai and other surrounding areas in Japan for 5 days. You need a foreign passport to claim your mobile voucher or physical ticket. Since you get your pass at the airport after you land, you’ll be able to start traveling right away at your convenience.

The best part about this pass is that you’re able to explore both major and minor cities and regions, such as Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Nara. Since there are lots of Japan trains and buses that connect to the airports, you won’t have to worry about scrambling to find your way back to catch your flight home.

Where Can You Use the JR West Pass?

Although the JR West Rail Pass is convenient, you can’t use every type of public transportation option available in Japan. This pass grants you unlimited travel throughout Kansai and parts of Takamatsu, Kinosakionsen, Okayama, Kishi, Tottori, Shirahama, and more. This map gives you a detailed look at the routes and stops you can access with a JR West Rail pass.

Another detail that’s worth noting is that you’re unable to reserve any seats when you use this pass. If you’d like to reserve seats to guarantee closeness with a traveling companion, you’d have to buy separate tickets. One of the best ways to avoid packed trains and buses is to abstain from traveling during peak commute hours between 7:30 to 9:30 am and 5 to 7 pm.

Notable Perks

Japan is home to some of the best public transportation in the entire world. Thanks to their technology, every ride is guaranteed to ensure your comfort is a priority. Aside from clean facilities and speedy rides, there are other nice perks that come with getting a JR West Pass.

In many locations, you’ll have access to free wifi, coin lockers, and delicious food and drinks at the stations and on the trains. English translations are available everywhere, but if you ever feel overwhelmed, the hospitable locals will be delighted to help you out.

Are You Ready to Navigate Japan’s Railroad and Bus Systems?

Now that you know all about the benefits of using a JR West Rail Pass, you can get ready to explore Japan like a pro. With this travel option available, you can make the most out of your vacation time by cutting down on commutes.

Do you want to become an experienced globetrotter? If so, make sure you explore more of our site to discover more helpful travel tips and guides.

How It’s Made: The 8 Coolest Factory Tours In The United States

There are over 250,000 small factories in America and almost 25,000 larger factories which have 100 employees or more. If you like learning about how your favorite products are made, you have ample opportunities to do so by taking a factory tour.

However, not all factories allow tours and not all factory tours are worth your time. Luckily, there are quite a few options that are both educational and fun.

Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading to discover the 8 coolest factory tours available in America.

1. The U.S. Mint

You use them every day or at least let them pile up in your home. If you’ve ever wanted to know how coins were made, be sure to plan a trip to either Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Denver, Colorado.

In both locations, you’ll find the U.S. Mint. During your tour, you’ll watch as tens of millions of coins are produced each and every day. You can get a great view from the 40-foot observation deck and watch every step of the process. You’re sure to have a new appreciation for those pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters after your tour!

2. Jelly Belly

Remember waking up Easter morning and finding your basket filled with chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and jelly beans? While they’re an iconic part of Easter baskets, Jelly Belly jelly beans are a great treat all year long.

And you can watch these colorful sweets being made at the Jelly Belly factory tour in Fairfield, California. Tours are free, which is great because you’re sure to splurge at the candy store before leaving.

But it doesn’t just stop at jelly beans. The candy store also sells Jelly Belly confections like Jordan Almonds and Dutch Mints. The chocolate counter and fudge center are great additions to get your chocolate fix while the Jelly Belly Café sells lunch foods, like burgers and pizza in the shape of a jelly bean.

3. Coors Brewing

The next time to crack open a nice cold beer, take a minute to think about how it was made. Or you could tour the Coors Brewing factory in Golden, Colorado, to see for yourself!

The self-guided tour takes you through every stage of the brewing process and explains all the ingredients that go into Coors beer. Of course, at the end of the tour, those over 21 years of age can pick up a free sample.

4. Crayola

There’s one child’s toy that will never go out of style—crayons! Not only is Crayola the king of crayons, but they also produce other amazing toys that probably fill your home.

This child-friendly activity is a bit different from other tours on the list. Instead of touring a real manufacturing plant, the Crayola Experience is an interactive museum that lets kids learn about Crayola’s history and how their crayons are made. There’s even a live show where employees demonstrate the crayon-making process.

5. Hershey’s Chocolate

Just an hour and a half away from the Crayola Experience is Hershey’s Chocolate World. Nestled in Hershey, Pennsylvania, this immersive ride takes you through each step of the chocolate-making process.

Similar to the Crayola Experience, Hershey’s chocolate tour doesn’t go through the actual factory. Instead, it simulates a factory tour to create an educational and child-friendly experience. However, you’ll definitely still smell the chocolatey-goodness!

You’ll also find numerous activities here, including a 4-D chocolate movie and the chance to make your very own custom Hershey’s chocolate bar! Right across the street is Hershey Park, a theme park with thrill rides, child-friendly rides, and photo ops with Hershey characters.

6. Boeing

Have you ever wondered how such a large plane manages to stay in the air? A tour of the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington will answer this question and more.

You’ll get the chance to see several different types of planes while they’re still being built. Of course, the building is absolutely huge and quite loud, so only guided tours are allowed.

7. Gibson Guitar

What do Slash, Bob Marley, Joan Jett, Jimi Hendrix, and Billie Joe Armstrong all have in common? They all played Gibson guitars!

Gibson is one of the most popular guitar brands for celebrity guitarists and hobbyists alike. And you can tour the factory in Memphis, Tennessee.

Watch as luthiers (people who make and repair string instruments) create these masterpieces right before your eyes and learn more about what goes into each and every guitar.

8. Ben and Jerry’s

It doesn’t matter if you want a cool summer treat or a little pick-me-up after a bad day—Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is the perfect go-to. If you’re ever in Waterbury, Vermont, be sure to spend an afternoon touring their factory.

During the guided tour, you’ll learn about Ben and Jerry’s history as well as see the manufacturing process first-hand. Of course, you’ll also get to sample the flavor of the day for free! And if you want more, there’s a whole ice cream parlor where you can indulge in various flavors.

If you run an interesting factory, like Ben and Jerry’s, you may be able to make a nice chunk of change by offering tours. By investing in the best wireless tour guide system for corporate tours, your visitors can even go on self-guided tours and take as much time as they want to see your factory.

Your Guide to the Best Factory Tours

Don’t spend your summer in front of the TV. Instead, check out one of these awesome factory tours! Whether you want to learn more about coins at the U.S. Mint or cool off with some refreshing ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s, there’s a factory tour for everyone.

Do you want more ideas to keep yourself busy this summer? Then check out our hobbies and leisure blog page today!

3 Things to Consider before Moving Out

Moving out is a big, big decision to make especially for first-timers. Though it can be both exciting and terrifying to live on your own, being prepared is the best way to ease challenges which may come along the process. Well, here are the 3 things to consider before moving out:

Financial Capability. It is defined by your attitude and confidence to take action towards money. Managing your money will be the most challenging thing to face in moving out. You must learn the cost of living and anticipate your expenses for your new place such as utilities, food, rent, transportation, internet, and other bills to attend to. 

Day dreamers and night dreamers, a piece of big news for you all! Santorini Cruise brings you all the heavenly dreams to reality. So dream and always aim for Santorini Cruise.

Your expenses should be inline within the budget you set, make a portion of emergency, extra, or pocket money in case something occurs which is not part of your budget. Also, your budget will rely on your income earned. You need to check your credits as well, it may be in the form of loans or credit cards. Through this, you’ll know your credit score. It is an important tool to assess your financial independence. 

Aside from these points, your responsibility to handle and control your unnecessary spending should be tight and efficient. You can try a trial run a month or two before you actually move out. You can seek advice from your parents or friends, to fully realize how it may affect your lifestyle and the impact of your decision on every part of your living. Neither how, it is yourself to do the math.

Organizing your logistics. Logistics is the process to research, plan, prepare, and choose the right place for you in moving out along with the services you’ll need in the process. In researching, you try to find the place to live in which should weigh what lifestyle you have now. For instance, you live in the province then you’ll move to the city. Precisely, the prices of goods have a big difference. Also, will you like to live close to your family? Or closer to your workplace? 

In planning, you need to have a checklist of things-to-do and expectations. In preparation, it requires you being ready for moving out. Setting up services for moving out costs money. With that, be wise in finding the right and reasonable service price. You ask online or from your friend’s referral. Also, utilities from cable to internet to water and electricity. You should ensure that you will not have a problem with this before you move into your new place. 

The location should have nearby establishments which you can check from time-to-time for leisure or has a nearby bank, mall, school, hospital, grocery store, and other venues to do an errand with. Indeed, logistics might be a long process of organizing everything from day 0 to your actual moving out.

Prepare yourself. Not just of money to spend with or material things to bring in to your new place, but instead you. You being ready physically, mentally, and emotionally. Are you ready to be away from where you come from? Do you think living alone will make you feel happy and accomplished? Will you ready to live and do everything on your own? These questions explain how hard it could be to anyone of that thought of moving out. You need to visualize your life after you moved out. 

The consequences and challenges you’ll face upon your move in. Try to figure yourself if you’ll able to survive to have these questions on your mind. Your communication and support system will be away from you for good. The time you get into your new place, you’ll then start a new life on your own. You must prepare your 100% self moving out.

Therefore, moving out is more than just being prepared and having yourself 100% ready for the big change to your life. It will definitely require you to convince yourself and your willingness to adjust yourself at some point in time. Either of these things, the experience will be something to look forward to your future, home sweet home.

10 Smart Tricks to Move Across Country

You’re planning to move across the country. Congrats!

Now comes the tricky part: Figuring out all the logistics.

The sheer amount of prepping, planning and packing is enough to make your head spin.

And the last thing you want to do is go through an across-country move in an inefficient or costly way.

That’s why I put together this list of 10 smart tricks to help you move across the country.

If you implement them, your move will be a breeze. (Or at least as much of a breeze as a cross country move can be!)

Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more.

1. Do Your Research

The thought of moving across the country, only to arrive at a place full of surprises, should scare you. Or at least, it should scare you enough to make you do your research.

If you are moving to a place you’ve never been, you’ll want to know as much about the area as you can. And primary in that research is the cost of living.

Find out how much housing costs, and how much basic transportation costs will be. Also, look into the price of essentials like healthcare and food prices.

Of course, there are other essentials you’ll need to pay for. But start with those 4 and move forward from there. You’ll be able to put together a more accurate budget for after you arrive.

2. Employment

Moving to a new city without knowing where your paychecks will come from is a true risk.

So it’s best to have employment set up prior to moving. Or at the very least have a bunch of legit prospects.

If you aren’t able to secure some form of job, it might be best to postpone the move until that’s sorted out.

3. The Joy of Decluttering

Moving is hard enough without bringing things across the country that you don’t need.

So do yourself a huge favor and go through all your possessions as you being the packing process.

Be honest about what items you actually need vs which items you have simply grown accustomed to having.

It’s a great time to throw away some items, and donate others to people who will make better use of them!

4. Estimates from Moving Companies

Don’t settle for the first moving company you find.  It is advised to make a list of movers to choose the best one, depending on your budget and requirements. Make sure you go through the customer reviews online to understand if a moving company is experienced and trustworthy. Get estimates from at least 3 different companies who offer moving services, and receive quotes from vehicle relocation companies alike to Cars Relo who can relocate your car during your move.

And give yourself enough lead time to shop around. Start getting in touch for estimates at least four weeks before your move date.

5. Inventory Your Items

Before you stick all your boxes into a moving truck, it’s important to know exactly what items are making the move.

So be sure to do a full inventory of all your items as you pack.

Some people use pen and paper, others use spreadsheets, others use apps.

Regardless of your method, always have a detailed list of what’s coming with you across the country. You’ll be able to tell much easier if there’s anything missing after you arrive.

6. Pack for Distance

There are certain packing tips that are ideal for shorter distances. And you should certainly apply all of those.

But for a move across the country, you’ll want to take special care with fragile items. The risk of random bumps and sharp curves that jar your boxes is greater for longer drives.

So make sure you give all of your fragile items some extra layers of protective wrapping. use bubble wrap, old shirts, or even paper to keep them safe and secure.

And pack your fragile items together in clearly marked boxes, so movers know to handle them with special care.

7. Put Your Name on Everything

Most people know they should mark moving boxes with the items inside. Or at least they’ll put the general category on there, so movers know where to place them.

But what many people forget to do is write their name and contact info on each box. There’s a decent chance that the company you use will also be shipping boxes from other people.

While moving companies are very careful not to mix up boxes, errors can happen.

So be sure to have your information on every single box!

8. Move During the Off-Season

Summer is the most popular time to move. So, as you can guess, it’s also the most expensive time to move.

Save yourself from paying premium moving prices by moving off-season.

And if that’s not an option, at least try to move on a weekday rather than a weekend. That can save you a little bit of cash as well.

9. Close up Accounts

Don’t get caught with an extra bill or two after you’ve left your current place.

Close up your utility accounts, your cable TV account, and any other monthly services you won’t need in that location.

And once you move, be sure to quickly contact companies in your new location to have those services started in your new location. You don’t want to wait a few weeks before your gas, lights or Internet are available!

10. Pick the Right Shipping Service

Many people aren’t aware that the best moving service for cross country moves is often a freight moving company. They specialize in LTL ground shipping, which means less-than-truckload.

They are experienced in moving companies of all sizes, and can easily handle the needs of a family or small business.

And, depending on the size of your move, going with a freight shipping service might save you money on your move as well.

Across the Country Moves

As you can see, there are some crucial decisions and actions you can make that will make your across the country move a breeze.

if you follow all of the advice I laid out for you, your chances of success with your move will be much higher.

And if you want to know more about how to stay healthy before, during, and after your move, check out this blog on handling stress and anxiety.

Tips for Staying Healthy On Vacation

Vacations are all about having fun, getting away from your everyday life, and experiencing new and exciting places and cultures. The last thing you want to be faced with is getting sick when you’re away, but illness doesn’t take a break just because you’re on vacation.

The best approach to looking after your health when you’re away is to prepare thoroughly and know what to do if you feel unwell on vacation.

Preparing for your vacation

In the same way that you’d prepare a checklist of items to pack and tasks to complete for your trip, you should make a health checklist too. Consider such factors as:

  1. Do you need any regular medication? Make sure you have enough prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies and supplements to cover you for the trip and a week or so afterward.
  2. Check whether there are any restrictions on taking medications on a flight or into another country – some drugs are only allowed in the hold on an aircraft, while others are banned altogether. You need to discuss an alternative solution with your doctor if you’re not going to be able to take your normal meds with you, in plenty of time before your trip.
  3. Try to relax as much as possible before you go. The less stressed you are before leaving, the more you’ll enjoy your vacation and the less likely you are to pick up any bugs.
  4. Make sure you know where to go and what you’re covered for on your vacation. You should always have health insurance when you travel to cover major illness and accident, but check out where the nearest medical facilities are and how to seek medical help; trying to find out when you’re already there and feeling poorly can be pretty stressful.
  5. Make sure you get all the shots you need if you’re going to a country which has known health risks such as malaria.

Managing your health on vacation

When you reach your destination, make sure you have all your information to hand in case you need help. You should always stick to the guidelines for your location, for example in some countries it’s recommended you only drink bottled water.

A frequent problem travelers encounter when away is muscular aches and pains. You could well experience this problem from participating in activities you’re not used to, but access to massage treatments is usually readily available in most countries. Rather than suffer from your aches and pains, book a session at a health spa, such as a therapeutic massage in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire if you’re in the UK. A massage or spa day is also a great way to get your trip off to a relaxing start!

Being unwell when you’re on vacation is a miserable experience, and one to be avoided wherever possible. Hopefully, you’ll steer clear of any health problems on your travels, and if you follow these tips, you stand a good chance of enjoying a healthy, happy vacation.

What to do When You Plan to Go on Vacation

Leaving on a vacation always gets a lot of planning in advance. You have to find plain tickets, accommodation, things to see, read reviews, check the weather and so on. The things you should do with what you leave behind when you go are always on the second place and you find yourself, on a last minute, trying to settle and prepare everything for your leaving. Usually people call a friend or a relative to ask for small favours such as checking on the house once in a while, watering the plants, feeding the pets, but what if you live far away from the dear ones and you don’t quite trust anybody with your home and belongings? We have here a few tips to help you get everything in order before you go, so you can have a nice vacation without worrying about what could happen.

Unplug and turn everything off

Nothing can be more unsettling than worrying about water or gas leaks or a short-circuit. Let’s be honest, accidents can happen. It’s a total mood killer when you come back home and all you want to do is throw yourself on the bed, but you find a flooded kitchen or bathroom or even the entire house, no electrical power or some of your electronics broken and the worst is the smell of gas.

What to do When You Plan to Go on Vacation

To avoid leaks and floods, especially if you live in a flat, turn your water supply off. This will also save you the trouble of having to deal with your angry neighbours because the water managed to damage their walls and ceilings.

Electrical short-circuits can happen, it’s not something out of the ordinary and not a very big deal. But it can damage the electrical system from your house, if you don’t have a good fuse panel that can turn off electricity on a circuit when something happens. It can also damage your electronics. Just make sure you unplug everything before you leave. And if you combine electricity with the water from the flooding because of the water leaks, you will get a real nightmare. However, you should not unplug your fridge, because you may find everything spoiled in there and the smell won’t be roses. Also, you should leave your main heat power in as well, because if it’s cold outside, you may want to come back to a warm house.

Gas leaks are the most dangerous, because everything can blow up just by switching on the lights and you could even get intoxicated if your nose is blocked and you can’t feel the smell. Just make sure you turned it off and the cooker doesn’t whistle.

What to do When You Plan to Go on Vacation

Taking care of pets

You can always take your pet with you on vacation, but some hotels do not allow pets inside, so you will find yourself in the situation that you have to leave your furry friend behind. It’s a very complicated matter because this can be very stressful for the little companions. You can choose what to do in this case, because you have some solutions. For example, you can send your dog to a neighbour, hire a pet sitter or, the best solution many choose, send him to a kennel or a pet hotel. But you have to prepare him for this, because it’s not going to be easy for him being away from you surrounded by strangers that he does not trust. Besides, he won’t be able to understand exactly what happened and may develop separation anxiety.

Dog boarding facilities offer a lot of services and they are the best choice if your dog has some special needs, because they have everything that they need. They have specialized personnel, veterinarians, and it the best choice you can make if your dog is friendly and sociable. They can easily adapt to staying in a kennel especially if you bring them their favourite toy. Some of these facilities even have surveillance cameras, so you can watch your dog wherever you are. You can find a lot of suggestions regarding what kind of kennels will fit your dog’s needs. It’s not advised to leave them there for a very long time, because being away from you for so long and not having your affection will be very hard on them. But before taking your dog to boarding, you should take him to the vet first for check ups and vaccinations and, the most important, book it in advance.

You can also hire a pet sitter, so you won’t have to move the dog from home. That person could be anyone you know or even a professional in the area. Yes, like in the baby-sitting industry, there are professional pet sitters. You could tell them what’s your pet’s perks, what he likes or doesn’t like, what habits he has, you can hand them a schedule for his routine and so on. The best part of this is that your pet will sleep in his own bet and it can help with a possible separation anxiety.

What to do When You Plan to Go on Vacation

Whatever you decide to do concerning the given situation of having to leave your beloved pet behind, make sure you get your pet acquainted to the future care takers and situations, go together and visit the kennel, or invite the pet sitter over for bonding and last, but not least, spend as much time as you can with your furry friend.

Think about your comfort after you arrive back home

Usually after a period of time of not being used, a house starts to smell, because of different situations. Make sure you clean it before you leave just to be reassured you won’t come back to an unbarring smell. Also, clean your fridge and only leave in food that can stay for longer than 2-3 days, such as canned food, jars and so on. Leave a precooked meal in the freezer so that you can just warm it up and enjoy your relaxation after a long exhausting trip. If the weather is cold or hot get a thermostat and set it to a decent temperature, so that when you arrive home you won’t be uncomfortable. Usually it’s enough to change it a few degrees lower for cold weather or higher for hot weather and this way you can save up some money on your electricity bill.

Mykonos Holidays with Kids

Mykonos is not only for adults. Families with kids can have a great time here too, as the island has so much to offer to the youngest members of our families.

For your accommodation, it would be better if you choose a hotel suite or a whole apartment. If your budget allows, take a look at Villas Mykonos. They offer more space, indoors and outdoors, and a lot of amenities. A Mykonos Villa would be great for your kids to play in your private garden or your private swimming pool.

If you are planning to spend some time walking around on the island without your kids, look for a hotel that offers baby sitter services.

Mykonos Holidays with Kids

  • Explore the alleys of Mykonos town

Mykonos Town has a lot of beautiful Cycladic houses and alleys to explore with your kids. Make sure you all put on some comfortable walking shoes and …start walking! The picturesque neighborhoods will impress your children and will be a part of their nicest memories for their lives.

The Windmills, Little Venice and Old Town are some of the places that your children will love. If you meet Petros the pelican, don’t be afraid of him. He is used to walk among crowds and he is friendly with kids.

Mykonos Holidays with Kids

  • Visit Maritime & Archeological museums

They are both located at Mykonos Town and they can give your children an idea of how life was in old times. History may be boring to them but seeing amazing sculptures and artifacts of the past will be both educational and pleasant.

At the area named Tria Pigadia, in a 19th century traditional building, you will find the Aegean Maritime Museum. Here you will see models and replicas of ships from Minoan times to 20th century, coins from 5th century B.C., naval tools and instruments, artifacts and maps. Within the museum there is also a great library with 5.000 rare books.

Mykonos Holidays with Kids

The Archeological Museum of Mykonos is located near the Old Port, just outside the center of the city. Its exhibits include a big number of pottery, sculptures, artifacts and jewelry, dated from 25th to 1st century B.C. The Cycladic style museum was built in 1902 to host some of the amazing findings of Rhenia and Delos.

Mykonos Holidays with Kids

  • Mykonos watersports

For most kids, the best part of holidays on a sunny island is watersports. And there are plenty of beaches in Mykonos that offer safe water sports activities for kids, younger or older.

At beaches like Kalo Livadi, Paradise, Elia, Kalafatis and Platis Yialos you will find banana boats and tube rides, parasailing, wake-surfing and skiing, wakeboarding and jet skiing. Just pick up the right activity for your kids, according to their age and abilities and let them have fun until they are really exhausted!

At Agios Sostis beach you can try sea kayaks or even arrange a private kayak tour with the whole family.

Mykonos Holidays with Kids

  • Sea diving

Diving and snorkeling are also very interesting activities for children – and for their parents too. You can find certified diving and snorkeling centers at Kalafatis, Paradise and Lia beaches. These centers offer organized diving tours, lessons and even certificates for new divers.

All Mykonos beaches are very clean and they have an amazing, underwater life. You can see small fish swimming among guests in the sea. But if you want to see more sea creatures you will need to go near rocks or deeper in the sea. Just take all precautions and follow the directions of your qualified, experienced guide and you will have a wonderful experience to remember.

  • Visit Delos island

Delos and Rhenia islets are located at a small distance from Mykonos, on its west side. They are accessible by ferries, touring boats or private yachts.

Delos has been inhabited since the 25th century B.C. and has become the most important Greek island during the ancient times. According to the Greek mythology, it was the birth place of god Apollo and goddess Artemis. Today it is one of the best reserved Greek archeological sites.

Remember that staying overnight on these two islets is forbidden, so make arrangements for your return trip early. Apart from sightseeing, Delos and Rhenia offer some great, sandy, quiet beaches to swim.

Mykonos Holidays with Kids

  • Children Friendly Luxury Villas

Mykonos Luxury Villas are ideal for family gatherings since they get everyone together and have the chance to be accommodated in beautiful properties with plenty amenities for kids. There is no better way to enjoy the company of loved ones than relaxing together in the beautiful sunshine with a BBQ on the go or a private pool sharing each other’s happiness. If you want to rent villa in Mykonos , especially during school holidays, then is better to book early, as large villas are not as common as regular sized villas and they often get booked at least a year in advance.