Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment To Know About

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

Once the egg fertilizes, it marks the beginning of pregnancy. After the fertilization, the egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. This is how a normal pregnancy starts. However, an ectopic pregnancy is different. It is for this reason that one needs to be familiar with ectopic pregnancy symptoms. 

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

In today’s time, many people aren’t familiar with the concept of ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes it may happen that due to ectopic pregnancy, many women may not know that they’re pregnant. In general pregnancy, the egg attaches itself to the uterus. 

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms
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In the case of ectopic pregnancy, the egg attaches itself to the abdominal cavity or fallopian tube. While the egg will continue to grow, finding whether or not you’re pregnant can be tough. According to many surveys, apart from the uterus, a fertilized egg can’t grow anywhere in a healthy manner. 

The egg will grow after attaching itself to the fallopian tube, but it will never be a healthy pregnancy. However, ectopic pregnancy is very rare. Nonetheless, if it is not addressed immediately, it can also be a medical emergency. 

Faster ectopic pregnancy treatment will play an important role in reducing the complication risks. It will also play an essential role in promoting healthy pregnancy in the future. 

What are the causes of ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy can be dangerous. The exact cause of ectopic pregnancy is vague. However, experts recommend that all sexually active women are prone to ectopic pregnancy. Nonetheless, it is necessary to take the proper measures to avoid it. 

Some of the common causes for ectopic pregnancy include the following:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetic abnormality
  • Birth defect
  • Medical conditions such as the uneven shape of the fallopian tube or uterus
  • Scarring and inflammation

Depending on your condition, the doctor will be able to advise you the best. If you feel you’ve been a victim of ectopic pregnancy, you need to address it immediately. The faster you see a doctor, the quicker it will help in treatment. 

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What are the ectopic pregnancy symptoms? 

It is usually tough to detect ectopic pregnancy symptoms in the initial phase. Nonetheless, many women do show the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy at an early age. The early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are the same as general symptoms such as missed periods and tender breasts. 

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms
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If you have an ectopic pregnancy, the pregnancy test results will be positive. However, ectopic pregnancy isn’t normal but rate. If the egg grows in a place it isn’t supposed to, the signs and symptoms will become noticeable. Furthermore, it can cause a lot of negative impacts. 

What are the early signs of ectopic pregnancy? 

Pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding are the most common signs of ectopic pregnancy. However, it is necessary to note that the vaginal bleeding during ectopic pregnancy is very light and is mostly spotting. 

Once the egg attaches itself to the fallopian tube, you will experience some bleeding. The pelvic pain will sometimes make you feel the urge for a bowel movement. Nonetheless, in many cases, the blood may collect and cause clotting. Many women also experience irritation around the nerves. 

What are the emergency symptoms of ectopic pregnancy? 

Once the fertilized egg attaches itself to the fallopian tube, it will continue to grow. If it is not taken care of, it can also lead to the rupturing of the fallopian tube. Therefore, instead of lighter bleeding, the woman is likely to experience heavy bleeding. These symptoms can be life-threatening. It can lead to fainting, lightheadedness, and even shock. 

Should you see a doctor? 

If you feel that you are suffering from ectopic pregnancy, it is advisable to contact the doctor at the earliest. However, some of the emergency situations during which you will need to see a doctor include the following:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Regular fainting and lightheadedness
  • Abdominal and pelvic pain

Are there any risk factors? 

Individuals who have an ectopic pregnancy need to take care of the basics. Some of the common factors that make one prone to having ectopic pregnancy include the following:

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Fertility treatment

Ectopic pregnancy treatment is easy. However, many researchers claim that women who undergo in-vitro fertilization techniques will likely have an ectopic pregnancy. It is necessary to note that practices similar to IVF can also increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. 

Birth control

The specific birth control you choose will also have a negative impact. If the woman has an intrauterine device, the chances of pregnancy become very rare. Nonetheless, if the IUD isn’t accurately placed, it can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. 

Tubal ligation can, however, be a proven method of birth control. If the method isn’t done properly, there are high chances of you becoming pregnant. Nonetheless, this can also increase the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. 

Tubal surgery

Certain surgery can leave a grave impact on your fallopian tube. However, this increases the chances of having an ectopic pregnancy. 


Sexually transmitted infections can often affect the fallopian tubes. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most common disorders. Not only will they damage your fallopian tubes, but other parts of your body too. As a result, it will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy


Pregnant women smoking are at the risk of developing ectopic pregnancy. If you smoke more, you will be at a higher risk of developing this problem. 

What is the ectopic pregnancy treatment? 

The doctor, before prescribing a treatment, will check the possibilities of you having serious health problems. The doctors usually recommend surgery or medication as an effective form of treatment. 

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms
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Doctors may use medicines to terminate the ectopic pregnancy. However, when they do surgery, they will monitor the levels of HCG in your body. Most doctors use surgery to treat the condition. The doctor will usually operate the fallopian tube in such a condition. Either the doctor will rupture it or completely remove it. 

Final Thoughts

If you monitor the ectopic pregnancy symptoms regularly, you will be able to detect the problems. It is extremely crucial to manage the basics and reach out to the doctor. While you may not differentiate, the doctor will definitely help identify a potential solution for fixing the problem. 

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