Five safest hair removal techniques for ‘her.’

Hair is a very major part of us. A beautiful lustrous mane is every girl’s dream, and a lot of money is spent to keep them maintained. Ironically, a lot of money is also spent to get rid of them but in the areas apart from the head. While the head hair brings out our beauty, hair in other parts of the body is equally despised, and a lot of hacks are tricks are tried to get rid of them.

Eyebrow hair, pubic hair, and underarms hair are the biggest target areas with various techniques like waxing and shaving tried and tested on those areas. On similar lines, if there is thicker hair growth on the rest of the body parts, then various treatments are undertaken to get rid of them.

However, why do you want to get rid of them in the first place? Well, having unwanted growth in various parts of our body makes us conscious as more hair gives the appearance of a dirtier personality resulting in finding out ways, no matter how weird it is to get rid of unwanted hair growth.

This article here will focus on the safest ways of getting rid of unwanted hair along with insight on all the factors that influence hair growth. This will enable you to ponder the root cause of your excessive hair growth, allowing you to treat it accordingly. But before we delve further into these details, let’s take an understanding as to what causes excessive hair growth.

Reasons for excessive hair growth:

Did you know that excessive hair growth has a medical term called ‘Hirsutism’? Hirsutism can cause excessive hair growth in any part of the body like face, arms, underarms, private areas, etc. Hirsutism is caused by the over-production of a hormone called ‘Androgen’ and ‘testosterone’s, causing men like patterns of hair growth in the face, chest or back, and sometimes even a deeper voice. Some of the other symptoms of Hirsutism are-

  • Balding tendency
  • Deeper voice
  • Acne
  • Excess stiff hair in the commonly uncommon areas
  • Sudden weight gain
  • The decrease in the size of the breast

Now before we go into another tangent and you get all stressful trying to count the areas where you have hair, let’s take a look at effective ways to get rid of them.

  • Shaving:

Shaving is the most common method of getting rid of hair, not only for men but for us, women too. It’s one of the safest and quickest ways to get rid of extra hair. With shaving though, two little problems arise- One is the hair quality of the newly grown hair. The newly grown hair is coarser in texture and quite stiff. Secondly, the regrowth speed may increase with new hairs sprouting out sooner than expected. The risk of getting cut by the razor is also there, but otherwise, it’s one of the most effective and quick techniques of hair removal for unwanted hair.

  • Plucking:

Plucking through tweezers has been an age-old technique. Unfortunately, plucking is effective on smaller surface areas, like the eyebrow or T zone, where the number of hairs to be plucked out is less. Even though tweezers are time-consuming, they successfully pluck out hair from the root and helps open the pores to give way to the new hair growth.

Plucking is also done with the help of a thin thread that is pulled against the hairs to pluck it out. Plucking is surely an inexpensive process, but it’s very time-consuming and very painful. On a positive side, plucked out hair takes approximately two months before coming back.

  • Waxing:

This is a super effective and super painful method of cleaning that unwanted hair. In waxing, hot wax or cold wax is used to get rid of unwanted hair. A formula or liquid hot wax along with some honey or sugar syrup is prepared. This hot concoction is then spread out on the air, where excessive hair growth is seen. Once its spread, a tarpaulin cloth is used to pull out the hair with a slight jerk in the upward direction.

Its technique is effective for larger surface areas where the hair can be pulled out at the same time. Even though it’s a painful method, it is quite preferred because it pulls out hair from the roots cleaning the dirt from the clogged pores. This allows the re-grown hair to be soft and helps in managing their ingrowth.

  • Laser Hair Removal:

This is a recommended technique for those who suffer from extreme hair growth of unwanted hair. This medical procedure involves a laser beam with a desired wavelength to destroy the hair cells and bulbs so that the growth pattern can be retracted.

It takes a few sessions with the cosmetologist who initially examines your hair texture and skin type to determine what kind of laser beam wavelength can be used on the hair. Once this is determined, the rest of the sessions go in the burning of the cells to kill the hair growth cells. The best part about this treatment is that it’s a permanent hair removal technique with disadvantages like hyperpigmentation and is quite expensive.

  • Depilation:

Depilation is a technique of removing unwanted hair through chemical treatments or using a chemical substance like a hair-removal cream etc. But one should be very careful about such techniques as it’s not skin-sensitive and might lead to inflammation on certain skin types. Also, one should be careful about the area-specific creams and should be used accordingly and wisely.

In a nutshell, even though there are many ways to get rid of hair as mentioned above, one should be careful about the ways to remove them as it might lead to the skin- damage resulting in long-term damage. In any case, if you are suffering from Hirsutism seeking medical help is a must before taking any actions. After all, I am sure, and you just want to get rid of the hair and not the skin.

Coronavirus: everything you should know to fight it

While you are reading this article we hope that you already know about Coronavirus as it is becoming the most life-threatening disease in the whole world. As per now, the number of people affected by coronavirus all over the world is 212,799 among which 8,787 people are already dead. But these horrifying figures do not do justice to this dangerous virus. You also need to remember that the most affected countries are those countries deemed as one of the most developed countries in the world.

Countries like America, Italy or china are among those countries whose medical infrastructure is the best you can get in the whole world. But the spine-chilling news is that even they are helpless in the face of this disease. So, the most important thing that we can deem is awareness. You need to spread the necessary awareness among the people so that they can equip themselves properly in the face of this virus.


So before knowing how to stay away from coronavirus, first you need to know what coronavirus is, how it works and how it spreads. First, this menacing virus was originated from a wet market in a little city in China named Wuhan. The wet market is a type of market where people sell and buy fresh meat, so the market for selling fresh meat. Many animals are killed in that market to sell their meat. The specialty of that wet market is that apart from chicken, mutton, and fish, meats of other exotic wild animals are also sold.

Coronavirus is a new type of virus. The basic characteristic of a virus is that they reinvent it to become stronger and adaptable to the environment. Before the corona, Ebola made a massacre in Africa and S.A.R.S in China. The common thing among all three of them is that the origin is the wet market. Eating the meats of exotic wild animals is responsible for transferring their diseases into human bodies.


The basic symptoms of coronavirus are like common flu or viral fever. The incubation period of this virus is 2 to 14 days. The basic symptoms are

  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Fatigue

Apart from these symptoms, the affected patient may also suffer from

  • Achiness
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose


  1. If you remain close or in touch with the person who is affected in coronavirus
  2. If you come in contact with any respiratory droplets of the affected person. That means if an affected person coughs and sneezes and the droplets land in your mouth and you inhale it.
  3. If a person touches a surface or an object which contains coronavirus on it and then touches their mouth or nose then they can get affected by the virus.

The fatality of coronavirus:

According to WHO in March 2020; the fatality rate of coronavirus is 3.4%. While it statistically does not seem dangerous, it spreads exponentially throughout the world. Then 3.4% mortality rate becomes very dangerous when you calculate them in millions or billions of affected people. The researchers have found that death is taking toll mostly on old people whose immunity is taken as low. Even if you are not so old but you suffer from arthritis or diabetes or you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol that means your immunity system is weak. So, you will be under the grasp of the fatality rate of coronavirus.

Preventive measures:

1. Hand sanitizer:

The first thing you can do to protect yourself from being affected by the coronavirus is b washing your hands at regular intervals. Hand sanitizers that contain 60% alcohol can be very handy in this case.

2. Maintain social distance:

Keep a distance of one meter from a person who is sneezing or coughing.

3. Avoid crowded space:

It is common math that more you come close to the crowd more the chance of getting contaminated for you.

4. Do not touch your face:

If you avoid touching your face then the virus will not be inhaled by you through your hand.

5. Seek medical help immediately if you develop any symptoms:

Immediately contact medical help if you suspect that you are contaminated by it.

6. Quarantine:

Stay in isolation and avoid human contact for at least 14 days if you have any possibility of developing coronavirus.

7. Boost your immunity:

The most important thing to fight coronavirus is to boost your immunity system. According to Luke Coutinho, India’s number one health expert our body’s basic immunity is enough to fight coronavirus. So, we have to concentrate on boosting our immune system. But the question remains how? The least you can do is you can incorporate those things in your diet that boost your immune system.

  • Garlic: eat one quote of garlic every morning.
  • Nightshade vegetables:  add bell pepper, tomato, capsicum in your diet.
  • Star anise, lemon, and ginger: every morning boil star anise and ginger together and squeeze a whole lemon into that boiled water and drink it.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics are good bacteria in your body which boosts your immunity system. Yogurt or organic apple cider vinegar are the basic things that supplement probiotics in your body.
  • Zinc and selenium: if the amount of zinc and selenium increases in your body that means your immunity system is at its optimal level. Almonds and pistachios are the basic sources of zinc and selenium. If you can add pumpkin seeds or watermelon seeds with it then it will spike your immunity.
  • Water: Keep your body hydrated. A hydrated body means a good digestion system and a good digestion system means strong immunity.
  • Turmeric and black pepper: if you add black pepper into turmeric milk; that means your body will absorb the turmeric better.
  • Basil leaves: eat two basil leaves daily.
  • Stress: do not stress because stress only releases cortisol in your body which is harmful to your body and reduces immunity power.
  • Exercise: do exercise every day
  • Meditate: meditate before sleep
  • Sleep: try to have a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours. It boosts immunity.

So, guys! Try not to panic. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Green tea: benefits you can’t even think of

There is might not be a single person in this world who does not know that green tea is beneficial for our health. Green tea holds a wide spectrum of advantageous properties that make it invaluable to our daily diet chart. Someone is trying to lose weight? Have a glass of green tea every day. Someone is feeling always tired? Have a glass of green tea.

Someone is having a problem with maintaining concentration? Try to drink green tea routinely. So green tea is kind of one single solution to all the problems that our daily busy, lousy and tight-knit schedule challenges us with.

Now imagine you have green tea as a regular beverage in your daily diet chart. Then you will most likely be less susceptible to physical or mental health issues than any other average person. That other average person is the one whose diet chart does not contain green tea in it.

What is green tea?

Now the problem is that we do not exactly know those specific beneficial properties that make green tea so popular. To understand the specific advantages of drinking green tea first we need to understand what green tea is or how it is processed or how it is different from any other type of black tea.

To put it simply, black tea has less beneficial properties because it undergoes a process of fermentation. But in the case of green tea, it does not go through that fermentation process. So, it is no brainer that green tea will retain an optimal amount of beneficial properties than any other type of black tea. Now we will dive into those specific areas which are the exact advantages that we get from regular drinking of green tea. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

A real fat burner:

Most of the popularity that green tea has gained so far is because it has amazing quality in burning fats and converting it into calories. That is why nutritionists and dieticians have always kept green tea as a mandatory beverage in the diet chart of a person who is undergoing the process of weight loss.

Polyphenol is the substance that we find in green tea which miraculously intensifies the process of oxidisation of fat. It also boosts our metabolism. That is why if losing weight is your plan, green tea can be your true companion.

Rich in antioxidant:

We do not need to clarify what antioxidant is capable of doing to our body. Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Thus, while it gives us a lot of energy in our daily exhausting lifestyle, it also helps us to fight in warding off cancer from us.

Studies have shown that women who drink green tea routinely are less likely to develop breast cancer. It goes the same with men. Daily drinking of green tea has a protective factor in developing prostate cancer.

Fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases:

As we age, we are more susceptible to develop many neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases. These diseases lead to short- or long-term memory loss. Apart from these diseases, regular consumption of green tea can also boost your memory and make you smarter. It also helps us in maintaining concentration and making our brain function properly.

Healthy heart function:

Studies have shown that green tea has a beneficial effect on the heart. How? Green tea helps our blood vessels to relax. So, if you have any changes in blood pressure, may it high or low, your blood vessels can withstand that fluctuation. It also has a protective property from making your clot. So, the bottom line is that regular consumption of green tea boosts the overall health of your heart and ward of any possibilities of a heart attack.

Wards off any possibilities of diabetes:

Again, many studies have shown that green tea has a miraculous effect in fighting with type two diabetes in which your blood sugar level goes high and your blood stops producing insulin. Regular drinking of green tea can reduce the possibility of developing type-two diabetes.

Kills bacteria: green tea has a good reputation in killing bacteria, fight viruses like influenza. So, drinking green tea means all those harmful bacteria that has made your mouth their home is gone. That means you have stronger teeth, stronger cavities than ever. So, the longevity of your teeth effectively increases.

Fights bad breath:

We have mentioned earlier that green tea kills harmful bacteria residing in our mouth. So now what causes bad breath? The answer is simply because of some bacteria living inside your mouth. So daily consumption of green tea kills those bacteria and makes your breath fresh and healthy.

Takes care of your skin:

Green tea has so many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that it is an open and shut argument. Because of those properties, green tea slows down the ageing of your skin which means fewer wrinkles as you age. Even many studies have shown that if you get sunburned, applying green tea on that sun-burned area can reduce the damage caused by the scorching sun. So green tea gives overall protection to your skin.

Prevents cell damage:

Green tea contains such substances which cater to the overall benefits of our health. Those substances prevent cell damage. It has some minerals that are always important for your health.

Fights depression:

Due to our exhaustingly busy and crazy lifestyle, we are more likely to get depressed. Depression has become a growing concern in the world. Green tea contains an amino acid named Theanine which has a relaxing effect on our body.

So, having a cup of green tea means a relaxing day. A relaxing day means no sleepless night; good, deep and sound sleep. A good night’s sleep means you are better prepared for your daily tight-knit exhausting schedule. So, regular consumption of green tea can amazingly benefit your overall daily lifestyle.

So, our suggestion is simple. Guys! If you are regularly consuming green tea, keep drinking. If you do not drink green tea, start drinking right from this day.

How alcohol can affect your sex life?

Alcohol is something that we all love to consume.  Some drink alcohol daily in a measured amount, some drink it occasionally or some drink it without any control. The bottom line is that alcohol has become more or less our daily life partner. Without alcohol, we do not feel joy, happiness or relief from stress and anxiety. That is the reason that makes alcohol so popular among people.

We love to be in a state where all inhibitions are out of the window, we love the feeling of living in the present and above all, we all love to have a moment away from gut-wrenching stress and anxiety. The thing is though we like to drink alcohol, it is a proven fact that daily consumption of alcohol can affect your body, your sex life. While the term ‘affect’ can be both negative and positive, we will dive into the matter of how alcohol positively or negatively affects our sex life.

Alcohol and sex:

From ancient times, alcohol is treated as responsible for being some kind of love potion that makes people horny and aroused. Even the term ‘beer goggles’ has been coined to describe a pattern of feeling after one has had alcohol seeing every people attractive. Does that mean alcohol has an aphrodisiac effect on us?

Even various sexual myths have been related to alcohol. Some believe that consuming alcohol makes you orgasm better or it heightens your sexual performance. So, you will now handle this matter by giving importance to every loose thread that is related to the topic of alcohol and sex.

Positive effects of consuming alcohol:

As we have mentioned earlier, alcohol can both positively and negatively affect our sex life. So now we will just go through the facts of how drinking alcohol in a moderate amount can positively affect your sex life.

  • Alcohol lowers our inhibitions, stress, and anxiety:

It is true that in our sane mind we are always restricted from our inhibitions. These inhibitions restrict us from being sexual, being open to sexuality. Moderate consumption of alcohol lowers our inhibitions and fears or anxiety along with it. It initiates our basic instincts and thus induces sex.

  • Helps us focus on the present:

Alcohol has a depressant quality which slows our neurons down temporarily. As a result of that, we start to focus on our present and start not to worry about our future. As a satisfactory level of sex requires us to focus on the present, consuming alcohol just helps us to be that relaxed person.

  • Beer goggles:

As we have said earlier, it is somehow a proven fact that we get attracted to another person more when we are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol reduces our judgements thus helps us in getting attracted to other people. Getting along well with other people and being attracted to them just primly induces sex.

Negative effects of consuming alcohol:

Alcohol is consumed by both males and females. Weekend parties or friends’ birthdays are those places where both males and females get a little loose by drinking enough alcohol. Of course, consuming alcohol affects the sexual life of both males and females. That is why first we will now discuss how consuming alcohol affects ladies.

Negative effects on females:

  • Orgasms are hard to get:

Excessive drinking can tamper the blood flow down there. That means it takes longer to achieve orgasm and even when the orgasm is achieved it is just less intense.

  • It is harder to get wet down there:

When you are aroused and sober, your body makes you prepare for sex by increasing the flow of blood down there. It makes your vagina swelled and lubricated. As excessive drinking slows down neurological responses, it interferes with the blood flow makes your vagina dry and less swell.

Negative effects on men:

  • Erectile dysfunction: 

Yes, the lemon squeezing topic. As there are various causes of erectile dysfunction in men, the consumption of excessive alcohol is the prime one among them. Alcohol slows down neurological responses. So, your brain fails to send your body the signal to fill your penis with proper blood flow. This makes it harder for your penis to get erect and results in erectile dysfunction.

  • Premature ejaculation:

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are interrelated. One is the cause or effect of another. Alcohol interferes with your brain’s signal. Your brain fails to send your body proper signal to erect your penis. Yet you are feeling aroused. Thus, the combination of feeling aroused and not getting proper erection results in premature ejaculation or sometimes no ejaculation at all during intercourse.

  • Shrinkage of the penis:

The size of the penis has always been the topic of insecurity for men. Now you will be more insecure by knowing the fact that daily excessive consumption of alcohol makes your penis shrink. The main cause of it is a no brainer. Again, alcohol interferes with your brain’s signal, thus resulting in the reduced flow of blood in your penis or shorter length of the penis.

Negative effect on both men and women:

  • Reduced sex drive:

Consuming excessive alcohol daily can negatively affect both male and female sex life by reducing their libido or the urge to have sex. Our libido gets suppressed because our body fails to produce a proper amount of sex hormones due to excessive drinking of alcohol.

  • Infertility:

Infertility has now become a raging issue for both males and females. While there are numerous causes responsible for infertility in both men and women, consuming excessive alcohol has become just one of those causes.  In men, it tampers with the production of sperm or healthy sperm in men resulting in infertility in men.

In the case of the female body, drinking excessive alcohol interferes with their menstrual cycle and thus resulting in creating problems in the ovulating process. A problem with the ovulating process means a problem with the fertility of women.

So, the bottom line that you can easily assume that drinking alcohol in a moderate amount daily or occasionally can cause no harm to your body. But excessive consumption of it can genuinely hamper your whole sex life.

Daily habits that decrease testosterone level

The moment we heard the word testosterone generally, the image of a man flashes in our mind. Though we will talk about those daily habits that decrease testosterone levels in men’s body, testosterone is produced both men and women. So now you might ask why we only talk about male while talking about testosterone. The answer is that testosterone is the primary male sex hormone.

What is testosterone hormone?

It is produced by the testicles of a man’s body because the pituitary gland in our brain tells our testicles to do so. Now the production of testosterone hormone increases in puberty or adolescence period and decreases as we age. As we have already said that testosterone is a primary sex hormone for men; it helps in sperm production in men genitalia.

What is its influence on a man’s body? 

It also increases muscle and bone mass of men as men enter puberty, the growth of body hair increases due to the secretion of testosterone hormone. But the essential thing that testosterone is responsible for is that it stimulates sex drive in men. So to put it, the low testosterone level in the body means low sex drive, and high testosterone level in the body means high sex drive. Apart from the physical influence of testosterone in a man’s body, it is also responsible for man’s mood along with his psychological and mental health. Testosterone also influences the brain and makes it bigger than women. Brain function and memory are also affected by testosterone. So to sum it up, testosterone hormone is essential for the overall sexual, physical, and mental wellbeing of men. So if a balanced level of testosterone is maintained in a man’s body that means it caters to a healthier life for him.

Causes of low testosterone level in a man’s body


Well, this point is put at the top as a cause of low testosterone levels in a man’s body because the 21st-century lifestyle has made every single human being in this world more stressed, be it physically or mentally. Not to mention that both physical and emotional stress are the primary causes of the reduction of testosterone. So how it happens? The answer is that if you are unnecessarily stressed, then your brain releases cortisol. Cortisol has an inverse relationship with testosterone. If the level of cortisol increases in your body, the level of testosterone decreases.

Lack of sleep:

Though we all know that an eight-hour rest is essential for our health, yet we unnecessarily stay up late at night for work purposes or to watch NETFLIX or movies or to surf the internet or to play android games in our mobile. Whatever may be the cause, staying up late at night is one of the most critical factors that results in the imbalance of all the hormonal levels in a man’s body. Now, if you continue to stay awake late every night, your hormonal imbalance may cause the drastic dropping of testosterone levels.

Unhealthy diet:

Because of our daily busy modern life, we hardly pay any attention to what we are consuming in a day. We often satiate our appetite by only eating unhealthy roadside deep-fried fast foods or foods that contain a lot of carbs. It directly affects your testosterone level. To be specific foods that contain soy-based products, dairy products can negatively affect a man’s testosterone level.


Alcohol is highly associated with the decrease in testosterone levels in a man’s body. Studies have shown that if you daily consume alcohol, then it can lower your testosterone level by 6.8 percent in three weeks.

Processed foods and fried foods:

Again, our over-reliance to Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC, or Subway has made us consume processed food. While we all know that over-consuming of these processed foods that contain trans fats are directly related to heart problems and diabetes, it is also known for reducing testosterone levels in a man’s body.


Sugar is an element that is used in almost everything. Be it medicine or food. Studies have shown that we consume 19 spoons of sugar every day. Sugar is another prime culprit for the lowering of testosterone levels in your body.

Increasing belly fat:

If you have a tire of fat around your waist, then my friend, it is causing the lowering of your testosterone level. Why? It is so simply because belly fat is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen hormones. As testosterone level gets lower and lower in your body, and estrogen level gets higher and higher in your body fat starts to build up in your breasts, resulting in man boobs and also in your hips.

Use of drugs:

To say it, any type of intoxication is harmful to your health as well as for your testosterone buddy. Studies have shown that if you use drugs or marijuana for a long time, then it results in the imbalance of your brain signals and cause in the lowering of testosterone levels in your body.

Mobile in the pocket:

Yes! Yes! We know that almost every man put smartphones in their pocket. But dear men, we hate to break it that it is hampering your testosterone level in your body. Studies have shown that smartphones in pocket daily can reduce testosterone levels. Mobile phone radiations are not suitable for your testosterone.

Taking long hot baths:

It is a well-known fact that we all love long hot showers. But without your knowledge, these fantastic hot baths are slowly draining your testosterone level. The heat of boiling water hurts your testosterone.

Use of laptops:

As the days are passing by, and we are becoming more and more the slave of modern technologies, specifically of electronic devices. Applications of laptops have increased at a significant level for the past decade. Along with it, the past decade has also seen a considerable amount of lowering of testosterone levels in a man’s body. As a laptop is designed to put on laps, the heat of the computer is hampering the production of testosterone in your testicles.

So, the bottom line is to avoid those, as mentioned above, daily bad habits that are affecting your testosterone level.

Sex toys: sharing the next level of sexual pleasure with your partner

There is not a single iota of doubt that having a pleasurable sex life has its benefits. The first thing you can get from having pleasurable sex is that it relieves your stress and anxiety. Why? You might ask. Having pleasurable sex with your partner releases feel-good hormones like serotonin, dopamine, etc. in your body. The benefits of these hormones are not only limited to relieving stress, panic, and anxiety. The hormone dopamine is also related to memory, learning, motor system function, etc. so having sex not only refreshes your mood but also improve your memory and health. Again having sex means burning calories. What better exercise can you ever find than sex that helps in burning calories.

Why do you need to use sex toys?

So the thing is that you need to have regular sex in your life. But as the day goes by, having sex becomes drudgery to the couples. They find it nothing exciting. So you have to do something new to keep the spark alive. While there are numerous ways to keep the spark alive like sexy dressing, role-playing, having intimate romantic dinner, there is one thing that stands alone in this regard. That is using sex toys. There is a wide range of sex toys that can give you intense pleasure in your sex life, that no mortal human can give you. Those sex toys target your multiple pleasure points simultaneously in such a manner that heighten your sexual pleasure for a million times. So if you use sex toys during sex, it not only enhances your sexual pleasure but also makes your sexual relationship more kinky and exciting. So guys, to keep your sexual spark alive and exciting, owning some sex toys are the best option for you. We will help you in giving the idea about those sex toys that you should own to make your sexual life more steamy, hot and exhilarating.

What are those common sex toys that you should own?


The dildo is very common and also the most basic sex toy that you can ever have. With the help of a dildo, you can stimulate your female partner’s vagina or anus. There are numerous types of dildos that you can avail of. Dildos are also available in different sizes. Generally, they are categorised in small, medium and large dildos.

Double penetration dildo:

You can have a double penetration dildo which can be used to stimulate your female partner’s both vagina and anus. It can also be used by female partners simultaneously.

Strap on dildo:

There is another type of dildo that is called a strap on dildo. You can wear a strap on dildo to penetrate your female partner’s vagina or anus. If you want to apply it to your male partner then you can stimulate his genitals and at the same time penetrate his anus.


Horseshoe is another type of sex toy that shaped like a horseshoe. It is a non-vibrating sex toy. It is put into both anus and vagina at the same time


These types of sex toys are called vibrators because they cause a buzzing sound by vibrating in different patterns. As the sex toy vibrates, it causes a sexual sensation to the erogenous point it is applied. In a broad aspect, vibrators can be of two types.

Vibrators for external use:

Vibrators that are for external use can stimulate external erogenous points like clitoris to provide an intense sexual sensation.

Vibrators for internal use:

Vibrators which are for external use are generally of phallic-shaped. These types of vibrators are inserted into your female partner’s vagina or anus or your male partner’s anus. The vibration causes sexual stimulation internally and facilitates orgasm.

Vagina balls:

Vagina balls, also known as orgasm balls are simple hollow metal balls that have a small weight. These are internal sex toys. These balls are inserted into your female partner’s vagina. These balls are attached to a retrieval string. As these balls roll inside the vagina, they cause a sexual sensation inside the vagina that enhances sexual pleasures.

Penis sleeve:

The penis sleeve is one type of sex toy that is worn by men. It is a type of dildo that is hollow inside. That hollow portion is to insert your penis. It is very stretchable. It is also one type of penis extension. It can be worn by men of any penis sizes. As you wear it, it gives you an instant extension in both length and girth. So to put it simply, it is worn by men and used to penetrate his female or male partner. It provides you with that extra length and girth that can satisfy your partner’s fantasy. The most important advantage of penis sleeve is that some men, who feel insecure and intimidated by using sex toys like dildo or vibrator, can find it intensely personal and masculine. You can have usual sex with your partner just by wearing it yet it makes your sex more satisfying and exhilarating.

Erotic furniture:

Apart from sex toys, there are many sex furniture that can enhance your sexual pleasure. While simple couch, sofa or bed can be regarded as erotic furniture because they can be used for having erotic sex yet we are talking about some furniture that is specific for sex. The most important and popular erotic furniture includes a spanking bench. It elevates your partner’s hip to put him or her in a sexy position. Then you can spank his or her ass or simply just have sex in the doggy style. It can also be used in BDSM sexes.   Sex furniture also includes sex wings, sex gliders, various types of spanking or flagellation devices.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to rock your partner’s world? Are you ready to take a step ahead in your regular sex life? Do you want to satisfy your partner’s fantasy? Then get up and rush to any sex toy shop. Sex toys are also available on the internet. The point is, grab those above-mentioned sex toys and lose yourself in a sensual sexual experience.

Demon in the bedroom: how to overcome sleep paralysis

Have you ever been in a situation in your sleep, where you are awake but cannot move a single damn muscle of your body? Or have you ever been in a case in your sleep, where again you are awake but are having a feeling that someone is choking you? Or do you sometimes feel that there is a demon in your room, and you suddenly woke up from your sleep and cannot move your body in fear? Take a deep breath.

There is no demon in your room. There is no one to choke you in your sleep. Well, here is the deal of all these unheavenly happenings; you have sleep paralysis. Yes, your inability to move your body or any muscle is the result of sleep paralysis.

But you do not need to worry, sleep paralysis is widespread and it is not life-threatening. So now you might want to know more about sleep paralysis, and you might want to be recovered from it. Well! Here you will find the complete details about sleep paralysis and how to fight it. So, without wasting any time, let’s indulge in the matter.

What is sleep, paralysis? 

To put it in simple terms, sleep paralysis is a state of consciousness in your sleep where you are unable to move because your brain is awake, but your body is not. It happens when you pass between a stage between sleep and wakefulness. So as you are awake or your brain is awake, you can feel that your muscles are not moving because the mind has paralyzed your muscles. This condition sometimes leads to hallucinations. As we have discussed earlier that the subject might visualize a demon in his or her room, or he or she might feel that someone is chocking him or her. Though it is alarming for the subject, it is not dangerous.

How does sleep paralysis happen? 

With so much researches, researchers now believe that sleep paralysis happens because of disturbed Rapid eye movement cycle or REM cycle. People feel sleep paralysis in the particular phase of coming out or falling into the REM sleep. You might ask what the REM cycle is. To clarify this, the REM cycle is a particular phase in the rest of the mammal or birds. This phase is distinguished by the rapid movement of the eyes of the subject. In this phase, the issue dreams vividly. The immovability of body muscles also characterizes this phase. So in sleep paralysis, the brain paralyzes the body muscles, and the subjects fail to act out their dream. They are awake, but they cannot move their muscle.

What causes sleep paralysis?

Though many people undergo the experience of sleep paralysis, for most of them, it happens only two or three times in their lives. So to find out the root of sleep paralysis, we have found some shocking revelation. Let’s find out those causes.

Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation:

 The modern-day life has stressed us so much that we often have to sacrifice sleep because of our busy tight-knit schedule. If any extra duties or responsibilities or work things come up, we, without thinking much, cut short our sleep time. It disturbs our sleep pattern or sleep cycle. Our body fails to cope up rapidly with our changing sleep pattern. That is why the concerned REM cycle occurs. Our brain wakes us up when we do not need to wake up. As a result, we become the victim of sleep paralysis.


A more disturbed sleep pattern leads up to insomnia. Insomnia is a condition where the subject fails to fall asleep or stay asleep. They wake up in the middle of their sleep. The issue also faces difficulty in getting back to sleep when they wake up at midnight. So without stressing our brain, we can say that insomnia is one of the leading causes of sleep paralysis.


 Another outcome of sleeping disorder because of our stressful life is narcolepsy. In this case, the subject is unable to stay awake. They have an uncontrollable urge for daytime sleep. Even when they are just feeling relaxed, they immediately fall into the REM sleep phase. Also, sometimes, when they are awake, they almost immediately fall into REM sleep. Again this disturbs the sleep cycle and causes sleep paralysis.

Anxiety disorder: 

Again, because of our daily stressful lifestyle, we always feel anxious almost about anything. It keeps us awake at night. It leads to a sleep disorder, and sleep disorder leads to sleep paralysis.

Panic disorder: 

Panic disorder is also one type of anxiety disorder where you panic in certain situations. Someone who is undergoing panic disorder feels anxious, stressed, and panic regularly at any time without any apparent reason. It also keeps the subject awake at night and leads to sleep paralysis.

How to prevent sleep paralysis? 

After all these causes of sleep paralysis, you may ask what the cure for this is. So without wasting any time, let us see those cures.

Get regular sleep: 

Yes! The first and foremost solution of sleep paralysis is that you have to sleep regularly at least for six to eight hours. Only having a sound sleep can prevent sleep paralysis.

Go to bed at the same time: 

Another preventive measure of sleep paralysis is that you have to go to bed every night at the exact time. Going to bed at a different time on different nights will not help you in getting out of sleep paralysis.

Get regular exercise: 

Getting regular exercise will exhaust your body. You will be tired and will quickly go to sleep. Another reason is that regular exercise releases happy hormones in your body, which relax your body, which in turn helps in getting sleep.

Try not to smoke and do not drink caffeine or alcohol: 

Try to cut your consumption of alcohol or smoking cigarettes. These are the leading cause of sleep deprivation, which leads to sleep paralysis.

Try not to sleep at your back:

Sleeping at your end makes you prone to sleep paralysis.

So without wasting any time, try to maintain these preventive measures right from today, and you will never have to deal with sleep paralysis again.


How can daily meet-ups with your close friends relieve you from stress and anxiety?

We are in an ultramodern technologically advanced world where everything moves so fast around us. We are always in a hurry to reach some destination and goal. You are so submerged in the pursuit of monetary status that we often fail to appreciate our journey in our life. We often feel anxious about what to come or what will happen in the future. There is no shame in accepting that fact. Our modern world has made us pawns to its rat race. We are being victimized. It is effortless to fall under the grasp of stress and anxiety about the future. It is so damn hard to get appreciated in this world. Whatever you may achieve, it may seem as usual. If you are reasonable, you are usually blown to oblivion by people. So, everyone is in a haunted hurry to do some extraordinary in this life. While chasing that illusion, we often give in to the pangs of devilish stress and anxiety.

What is the remedy? 

So, what should you do? If you want to live in this world, you should be in that race. If you do not want to be blown into oblivion, you should try to do some extraordinary. So, what is that magic potion that can relieve us from stress and anxiety even if we are in this horrifying rat race? Here comes the role of having a reunion with a supporting and cozy core friend group. So, let’s see how having a daily meet-up can help us with our stress and anxiety.

  •      Helps in having a positive outlet of frustration:

Everybody is busy with their daily routine. Someone is still studying. Someone is doing a job. Someone is running a business. There may be many duties or responsibilities in your family. But with every responsibility comes with some unspoken frustrations. These frustrations may be linked to your workplace, your family, or your spouse, or only your career. You cannot repress those frustrations for long. You have to find some outlet to channelize those frustrations. But if all your friends can gather to place daily and have a meet-up, have some informal conversation where you can pour your heart out, then remember that it is your safe place. Everyone has a casual conversation about their workplace or family or career. They can reflect on their thoughts with the refreshing breeze of loving friendship. So, venting out those repressed frustration, stress, and anxiety in your close friend circle can have a significant effect on your mental and psychological health.

  •      Friends are not judgmental:

The most soothing and refreshing thing about having meet-ups with your friend group is that they will hear out your thoughts, frustration, stress, and anxiety without being judgmental. Yes, that is an essential factor in today’s world. A single person’s judgmental tone can easily demotivate us or lead us to a path of anxiety and depression. Unluckily our whole earth is filled with so many awful people who continuously judge our achievements onto their personalized scale of success. They instantly categorize us as underachieved. That is why having a friend group where you can share your thoughts, reflections, opinions, everything without being judged is essential. They are your friends. They will hear you out with love and care. They know you. They will not decide you based on your single misdoing or opinion. But other people might do. So, it would help if you had heart-warming meet-ups with your friends to have that non-judgmental conversation.

  •      They will tease you irrespective of your emotional condition:

You might frown upon the fact how can someone tease you even when you are in heart-wrenching mental health? Or you might find it ridiculous about how teasing your friend can alleviate your mental health. But trust me; if your friend group is filled with your best friends who can only think of your well-being, then he/she will try his/her best to cheer you up. They will tease you. They may pull your legs or may call names. They will do so to the point that you cannot ignore them. No matter how much you try to sink in your thought or try to surround yourself with a solemn barrier of seriousness, they will break that boundary and will try to make you smile. It may make you angry with them. But trust me; it will at least sway your mind away from your anxiety and stress.

  •      Promotes healthy socialization:

Yes, the leading cause of feeling stressed and anxious in today’s world is that we have cramped up our daily routine to such an extent that we hardly find time to meet our friends. Therefore, we feel so lonely in our everyday life. There is no one to talk to. There is no one in this world to turn to in the moment of crisis. We have a thousand friends in our virtual world, but not a single friend to talk to in real life. So, if you have a core group of friends, then you are so lucky. Meeting up your friends and having those heartfelt meet-ups are the seeds of socialization. In turn, it is a proven fact that active socialization can relieve a person from his mental stress and anxiety.

  •      They will always be by your side

Yes, last but not least, no matter what happens with your life, real friends will always stick to your team. Are you feeling low? Not feeling well enough to meet your friend? Do not worry. They will bring those meet-ups to your place. Once you are in your friend group, in those ridiculous informal conversations, it will make your mind off your stress and anxiety. When you feel that the whole world is crumbling around you, you are alone in this vast unknown. Having your friends by your side is a blessing. Only then can you understand how having those meet-ups have lifted you from your misery.

So, don’t waste any time. If you are blessed with an actual real-life friend circle, get up, meet them, and engage in face to face conversation. Try to make it a habit. Secure a slot in your daily routine to have meet-ups with your friends. Trust me, and it will make your life much healthier.


Tips for Saving Your Eyes from Digital Strain

Do you work for long hours on a computer screen? Do you have to stay awake till late hours at night for your work online? Are you a student with lots of science projects to complete on your desktop? Then you have to stare long at your computer screen every day. It is the case with almost everyone in this era. As a result, you can experience a variety of discomforts. It includes headaches, vision problems, eye strain, red eyes, eye twitching, and other eye discomforts. Researches state that fifty-nine percent of people who regularly make use of digital devices with an illuminated screen have experienced digital eye strain.

If these discomforts are long overlooked, it can take a severe turn and push you towards blindness. Hopefully, there are some remedies that you can take refuge in. These tips can help you keep your eyes healthy. Let’s have a glance.

Accurate adjustment of the display:

At first, you have to make sure that your computer, laptop, or desktop, has a proper display setting. The setting should be eye-friendly. Some changes can help you keep your eyes strain-free.

For example, you can adjust the brightness level of your display. The level of brightness should be as high as the brightness of your surroundings. If the presentation of the device you are working with seems to be emitting glare, the level of intensity is too high. On the other hand, if the screen appears to be dark and you have to lean forward every time you want to read something, the level is low. The brightness of the screen is an essential thing. The filter should be bright enough to be read. However, the screen should never look like a source of light in the house.

The size of the text is another crucial element on a screen. The strain of the eyes is directly related to the size of the book. If the words are too small, you have to go through a lot of trouble while reading it. It may cause your eyes strain. So, you should adjust the size of your texts according to your vision. You may want to keep the size medium-large to avoid eye problems.

Contrast is another element that you have to pay heed to. The right difference between the background color and text color can soothe your eyes. Generally, during day time, white background and black text color are perfect. During night time, you can go for a black background and white text color. It is called night vision. For overall color contrast, we recommend a lower level of distinction to work during day and night time.

The saturation of the screen has to be adjusted as well. The temperament of color should be kept minimum to reduce strain on your lovely eyes. This way, the amount of blue light emitted by the screen of your computer is decreased. So it ultimately lengthens your visual comfort.

Modification of your work station is also necessary. The screen should be at least 20 to 24 inches from your eyes.

Proper lighting is essential:

During the daytime, improper lighting around your work station can cause digital eye strain. Place your desk in such a way as to have windows by your side. Soft light from a side window is good. Avoid having a window in front of you or at your back, from where direct sunlight can hit the screen. If you have very bright sunlight around the screen, reduce it by closing windows or shades. You should also lower interior light by using one or two low-intensity bulbs. If you use soft LED lights instead of ‘daylight bulbs’ or ‘cool white’ bulbs, it can be helpful for your eyes. Make sure the color temperature of the lamp is low. Try not to work under neon or fluorescent light.

Eye exercises:

The length of working hours also affects the health of your eyes. Your eyes can be fatigued by staring long at the bright screen of any digital device. You can adjust brightness, temperature, contrast, and all. Even then, your eyes can have digital strain because of your long working hours. To avoid this, you can do eye exercises. Many eye exercises can relax your eyes. However, here is an easy one. The workout is called 20- 20- 20. The rule is, look away from your computer screen every twenty minutes. Fix your gaze on something more or less twenty feet away for almost twenty seconds. Doing this exercise, you can relax your eye muscles and avoid straining your eyes.

Take breaks:

Apart from eye-straining, you can experience headaches, neck pains, and other discomforts while working long on a digital screen. It would help if you took breaks of two or three minutes while working. For example, you can stick a page beside your computer screen and look back and forth between the screen and the page. It helps in reducing eye stress.

After working a while, you can take a walk for 20 to 30 seconds and come back to your table. You can take down any notes or phone numbers on a piece of paper instead of your cell phone. It is another way of taking a break from staring at an illuminated screen. Are you hungry? Take a break and have a good meal, not at your table, but the canteen.

These are some of the easiest ways of reducing or avoiding eye strain at all. There are other options, as well. Apart from tips and tricks, it would be best if you always considered wearing a good pair of computer glasses. If you have contact lenses, try to avoid wearing those during your computer work. Contact lenses can dry out during long hours of screen work. Finally, everyone has the possibility of suffering from eye problems. If you have to work on the screen, you are more prone to such issues. So, get a thorough eye exam every month. Ask your doctor to check your retinas, corneas, and lenses. If you ever feel any little discomfort in your eyes, tell your doctor immediately. If you take the right step at the right time, major troubles can be side-lined.

So, watch out, dear!

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10 Steps to keep your heart healthy

Developing heart diseases has become pretty standard these days. Heart-related issues can occur to anyone irrespective of age. However, older adults are susceptible to heart diseases and risks when compared to the younger generation. Generally, heart-related problems arise due to the following reasons:

  • Improper lifestyle
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Unnecessary stress
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Lack of physical fitness

When all the issues mentioned above are addressed, then, heart-related items would be found lesser. In this article, we have written about the ten easy and straightforward steps that are to be followed to keep your heart healthy and active.

  1. Time-table isn’t just for school 

To take care of your health, you must make sure to prepare a time-table first. The time-table should be developed, keeping in mind your fitness. Do not spend a lot of time sitting at the desks in office; make sure to include three sessions of Yoga and two sessions of any other workouts that are helpful for your hearts. You must also remember to chart out your time for drinking water and to sleep as well because these two are also as important as anything else for your heart to function correctly.

  1. Consult a dietician 

If you feel your weight isn’t reducing despite hitting the gyms or running regularly then, there must be something wrong with the kind of food that you are eating. So, it’s now time to seek consultation from a nutritionist or a dietician and get the right diet plan charted out.

  1. Start small

When you start off exercising, do not start overdoing because that can kill the spirit of performing it regularly. Hence, performing exercises like running, swimming, dancing, or even workouts are to be scheduled for a shorter duration. Try with minimum repetition, and once you are confident and comfortable, start increasing the time.

  1. LOL isn’t just online

There are a lot of studies that show’ ‘laughing out loudly’ is right for your overall health. Especially to keep the heart diseases at bay, you must laugh as much as you can because this activity is going to keep the stress away from you. Once you are free of stress, your heart knows its duty very well. The inflammation of arteries would be lesser, increasing HDL, the good cholesterol.

  1. Burn those extra calories

If you feel your tyres on the waist and the abdomen regions are hanging, it is time to work them out. One must know that obesity can lead to heart-related issues. Hence, concentrating on staying fit is mandatory if you are looking forward to preventing heart diseases.

  1. Check your weight

Working out continuously without keeping a tab on your weight can be waste. It is essential to keep a check on your weight every month once. Checking pressure would help you to get back to your regime and also help you to get in touch with your doctors in case you find some drastic fluctuations. So, this is one of the steps that have to be followed to keep your heart healthy.

  1. Eat colorful food

Of course, white is the best and the most translucent color but, eating white is certainly not good for your health. Milk and milk products, white chocolate, or desserts can add a lot of calories to your body. These calories can become pretty tricky to burn because they are quickly converted into LDL, the bad cholesterol. Hence, staying away from things that taste exceptionally delicious is essential. Instead, try to fill your plates with low-calorie foods like vegetables, fruits, fishes, salmons, nuts, etc. These are not just colorful, but they are going to help your heart function properly as well.

  1. Salt tastes good, but your heart doesn’t like it

Most of the processed food tends to use a lot of salt as preservatives, and some studies show how salt is being a significant contributor to heart disorders. Hence, avoiding junk and processed foods is essential. You must also ensure to cook your meals with less salt, and this would help you to stay fit and healthy because your heart is going to like it.

  1. Binge on dark chocolates

The heart-healthy flavonoids in dark chocolates are known to be the best friends for the soul. Hence, binging on dark chocolates would reduce the risk of heart diseases. So, for all the sweet-toothed people out there, this is an excellent opportunity to satiate your cravings. So, for all those chocolate lovers, all you need to do is switch from regular chocolates to the dark chocolates.

  1. Fishes and nuts are the best combinations 

Nuts like almonds, apricots, walnuts, and figs can contribute to reducing the risk of heart-related issues. These nuts are high on proteins, and thus they keep you full. They avoid unnecessary hunger pangs. When you are not hungry, you will not binge on something unwanted. Hence, you would also avoid eating junk or processed foods too.

So, this would certainly keep your heart healthy. Along with this, you can also choose to include fishes in your meals. Fishes are known to be one of the best foods because they are rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and also Omega-3 fatty acid, which is one of the most critical components to ward off heart diseases. Fishes like salmons, tuna, and sardines are the best ones to be eaten if you want your hearts to function normally.

Well, these are the top 10 steps that can help your heart to stay fit and healthy. Including all these things as part of your daily routine can make you feel good. When your heart is pumping blood properly to all the other organs, it becomes your responsibility to take care of your heart correctly. When you feel fit and fine, performing your daily chores would become more comfortable. Also, you would stay energetic throughout the day. As the saying goes, ‘It’s better late than never,’ you can start doing all these things from now onwards for a healthy and stable heart.