Yung Bleu Net Worth: Bio and Age

Yung Bleu Net Worth

People who are fans of rapping and are involved in the music industry already know who Yung Bleu is. He is one of the most successful American rappers. You can check out Yung Bleu net worth in the coming sections. 

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss Yung Bleu’s biography and his net worth. 

Who is Yung Bleu? 

If you have been following the music industry closely, you probably know who Yung Bleu is. He is a huge social media personality, apart from being a successful rapper. He is most popularly known for his music video Miss It. 

Yung Blue was born in Mobile, Alabama, on 4th April 1994 as Jeremy Biddle. However, he is popular among the masses by his stage name. He started rapping at an early age. He was a victim of gang violence in which he lost his brother. 

Therefore, it can be said that Yung Bleu had a stressful career. After being inspired by rap legends such as Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross, and Tupac Shakur. 

By the age of 11, he had become an ardent follower of rapping. Moreover, he used to record his own raps on his mobile phone. 

Yung Bleu Career

Yung Bleu started at a very young age. Like most rappers, he also started his career as a mixtape artist. One of his earliest mixtapes came out in 2013 and became an instant hit. The mixtape featured the song Go Head that, became an absolute favorite for the masses. However, Bleu felt that he wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. 

In search of better opportunities, he moved to other places where he felt that he would be noticed. Well, true to his belief, he got noticed by Young Boss Entertainment. Very soon, he signed with them and released the mixtape, Investments. The mixtape was released across different online platforms. 

Yung Bleu Net Worth
Source: Complex

Yung Bleu was closely associated with Boosie Badazz. He signed a deal with Columbia Records and Bad Azz Music Syndicate. Despite getting success, he made sure to add new music to the mixtape of Investments series. He also released the album Bleu da Ruler. The album had his first big hit Miss Hit. The song became a viral sensation as it hit 83 million on YouTube. 

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After getting massive success there, he opened his independent label named Vandross Music Group. He also got a distribution deal with Billboard Hot 100. However, he gained more attention in 2018 with his single Ice On My Baby. The song has over 80 million views on YouTube. 

He has also released a remix with Drake named You’re Mines Still. The song was a part of the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 200. He has now collaborated with big names in the industry such as 2 Chainz and Chris Brown. 

What is Yung Bleu Net worth? 

Their successful career has had a huge role in Yung Bleu’s net worth. As per estimates, his estimate is around $500,000. 

Although Yung Bleu has an active following on Twitter, he has been very secretive and private about his family affairs. Rarely will you find any information about his love life on any social media platform. However, one of his social media posts in 2019 brought into the limelight some information about his family. The picture was shared during Thanksgiving. 

Many sources believe that Yung Bleu has two sons. However, there isn’t any confirmation on that as of yet. Therefore, we have no idea about his wife and kids’ names. 

How does Yung Bleu spend his money? 

The maximum of Yung Bleu’s spending is due to his lavish lifestyle and real estate. He has made a great name for himself in the music industry. He owns a restaurant and a massive jewelry collection. 

Yung Bleu absolutely adores his hometown. Therefore, he has purchased a restaurant there. The restaurant is most famous for its delicious food. Many even consider it to be the soul food. The restaurant is named Gwen’s House. 

Apart from real estate, Yung Bleu has a wide collection of cars. However, it is his fascination with jewelry that leaves some people shocked. He flaunts his jewelry collection on his social media channels. One of his most prized possessions is the watch from King of Bling Johnny Dang. 

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Life Lessons from Yung Bleu net worth

One of the main reasons Yung Bleu has a huge net worth is that he follows a humble lifestyle. Despite having a lavish lifestyle, he doesn’t forget where he belongs. It’s the small ideals that have contributed to his success. Yung Bleu is an ardent believer in expressing feelings. 

Yung Bleu Net Worth
Source: Hip Hop DX

He believes that if anything makes you upset, you should be vocal about it. Life will hit you at the hardest times, but you should know how to move ahead. No matter what challenges life throws at you, it is always better to be ready. It is only then will you be able to succeed in life. 

He believes that humility is the key to being successful. You can master your own way when you learn to be humble. 

Yung Bleu Inspiring Quotes

Most of the people that were there when I got signed isn’t there anymore. I don’t even think I know the dude’s name, but he brought me to Imran, then Imran signed me. The crazy thing about it is that it was the only deal I had until I signed. When I signed? I had everybody trying to sign me once I signed. But it was after I signed, so.

Signing to Boosie and prolly Wiz [Khalifa wanting to work with me]. He kinda like the biggest artist that done reached out to me; I feel like, if he wanna mess with me, I must really get some music that’s hitting people.

Final Thoughts

Yung Bleu is a leading rapper who is popular for his different tracks. He had a tough childhood and eventually became one of the most successful rappers of all time. He has collaborated with some big individuals in the industry. Yung Bleu net worth is approximately $500K. 

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