Anxiety Headache: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Anxiety can be caused due to excessive worrying and restlessness. In many cases, anxiety can also cause irritability. However, anxiety may also have physical symptoms. One of the most common physical symptoms is anxiety headache. 

While you may not be aware of it, anxiety headache is extremely common. When you start worrying about something a little too much, the head pain starts. These are tension headaches. Similarly, experiencing headaches when you get anxiety is known as anxiety headache. 

Many people confuse migraine with anxiety headache. Anxiety disorder is common and can be treated by having a good lifestyle. 

Anxiety headache

Headache can be a cause as well as a symptom of anxiety. Tension headaches are very mild. However, in many cases, a tension headache can become very severe. Unlike migraine, anxiety headache is likely to affect all parts of your brain. 

anxiety headache
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Migraine headaches can be severe and also lead to disability. Many studies show that people who suffer from frequent migraine episodes are likely to be more anxious and depressed. 

Unlike anxiety headaches, migraine headaches cause visual blue. It will prevent you from practising your daily activities. On the other hand, it can also make you disabled for a short time. You may start visualizing flashes or halo due to migraine headaches. 

What are the symptoms of Anxiety headache? 

People who suffer from anxiety are likely to get tense even in the smallest situations. While this may not appear like a great deal, it is. The symptoms will play an important role in helping you differentiate what type of headache you are suffering from. 

Tension headache

Tension headache is the biggest symptom. While it may not hamper your quality of life significantly, it will definitely have some negative impact. On the other hand, it can also be a huge trigger. Tension headaches can improve significantly, but they tend to last for a long time. 

Migraine headache

While migraine headaches are different from anxiety headache, they do share some relation. Migraine headaches will last for a few days. However, if you want it to go away soon, you need to start medications. 

anxiety headache
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In many cases, migraine pain can become very severe. It will make you feel as if you are unable to move. Moreover, in many cases, migraine pain will also restrict your movement. 

What are the causes of anxiety headache?

Anxiety headache is common in people of all ages. No evidence states that children can’t have anxiety headache. Children who have had a traumatic childhood or experience are likely to experience it frequently. 

Here are some of the common causes of anxiety headache


This has to be one of the most prominent causes of anxiety headache. If you ever suffer from emotional imbalance, your physical body will react. This will eventually give rise to stress. 

Muscle tension

This is one of the most common triggers for anxiety. Many people complain about tension in eye muscles due to anxiety. While this is a threat, if you try to relax, the condition will eventually improve. If you have been suffering from anxiety for a long time, your body will eventually become alert to the symptoms. 

Increase in serotonin level

An increase in serotonin level induces stress. As a result, it will eventually give birth to an anxiety headache. According to experts, too little or too much serotonin level in the body can hamper mental and physical health. If the serotonin level in the body increases suddenly, it will restrict the blood muscles. As a result, you will experience sharp, stinging pain. 

Lack of sleep

People suffering from anxiety have a tough time sleeping. Furthermore, it will also trigger migraine attacks. 

Pain sensitivity

If you are sensitive to pain, even the slightest trigger will affect you. The muscles will become tender. As a result, it will impact how you suffer.

What are the triggers of anxiety headache? 

Constant research is being done to determine the triggers of anxiety headache. While the causes mentioned earlier are very common, certain other aspects can affect you. 

Many people tend to react in a certain way when they are anxious. If they are tensed too much, they will start grinding their teeth or holding their neck. Many people also indulge in cheering gums to prevent headaches. 

anxiety headache
Source: Medical News Today

Women are likely to suffer from anxiety headaches during menstrual phases as well. Most people complain of anxiety headache at the start of their menstrual cycle. Your dietary habits are also likely to trigger anxiety headaches. If you are involved in excessive red wine and chocolates, you are more prone to suffering from anxiety

What are the anxiety prevention techniques? 

While you suffer from an anxiety headache, you need to identify measures that can help to prevent it. These steps include the following:

Identify the triggers

The first and foremost thing to do is identify what triggers anxiety. Stress, alcohol, and caffeine are common triggers. 

Indulge in self-care

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to prevent anxiety. Anxiety will hamper your daily life. When you start practicing self-care, you will be able to best the symptoms. You should get enough sleep and consume meals in your time. 

What are the home remedies? 

Meditation and therapy can help reduce anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety, you should consider visiting a psychologist. However, visiting the doctor may prescribe anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants to treat the condition. 

These types of headaches will require you to show a prescription to get medicines. Yoga and breathing exercises can help treat the condition. Many people also consider starting cognitive behavioral therapy to relax anxiety and pain. 

Furthermore, many individuals also join support groups. This will help you identify new ways to cope up with your problems. You can also consider practicing biofeedback to notice the changes in your body. 

Final Thoughts

Anxiety headache will drain you not only mentally but also physically. It will hamper your daily life and prevent you from living peacefully. However, there are keys to improvement that you can practice. You can consider visiting a therapist to reduce the negative impact of anxiety headache.

Are You Religious or Spiritual? Here’s How To Find Out

Religion and spirituality are often mistaken for one another because there are similarities between the two belief systems. Ask yourself these three questions to determine whether you are a spiritual person or a religious person.

How Do You Perceive Your Place in the World?

Most of the world’s religions offer structured teachings and principles, also known as dogma. Spirituality, on the other hand, emphasizes the connection between the self and the universe, prioritizing concepts that focus on self-discovery along a path of endless possibilities.

Your view on fatalistic philosophies can say a lot about your preference for religion or spirituality. If you are someone who prefers to blaze their own cosmic trail, you may lean toward spirituality. However, if you find solace in the idea that your life’s journey has been predetermined or otherwise defined for you, you may take comfort in the symbolic rituals and pedagogic texts of religion.

Do You Rely More on Faith or Intuition?

Faith is described as a strong belief in the supernatural regardless of empirical evidence. Intuition is a deep understanding of a situation without the need for explanation or further proof. Both faith and intuition are similar in that they do not require real-world experiences for personal validation, but they originate from entirely different sources.

Usually, people are told to have faith by religious authorities or by sacred texts. In other words, faith is derived from one’s external environment. Spiritual people like Gale Tobin often describe intuition as something that comes from within the self.

Do You Believe in Divinity or a Formless Higher Power?

This question is a telling one. If you believe in a deity or in many deities, it is very likely that you have a religious bent. This does not mean that you have to believe in divinities from just one religion. It is very common for people who are religious but not a part of organized religion to borrow from a variety of traditions and practices to fashion their own unique beliefs.

If you are a spiritual person, you most likely believe that the divine and the mundane are not entirely separate. Many spiritual people believe that universal energies can be found in the natural world but do not believe that definitive deities are responsible for that power.

Now that you have reviewed these questions, take some time to reflect on your answers. If you fall somewhere in between, that is totally normal. Hopefully, you will now have better insight into your own beliefs about life’s important questions.

Status for inspiration: let’s check out some of the coolest ones

Sometimes a lot goes on in our mind, and we want different types of status for inspiration that we can check on our phone or upload on other social media platforms. Although inspiration comes from within, we need some best motivational status to give us some positive vibes in our lives.  

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best status that you can upload on social media platforms that will inspire you and inspire your friends on social media platforms.

Before we dive into to check the best status for inspiration, let’s know why you should post the best inspirational posts on social media.

Why should you post inspirational status?

Inspirational posts and status boost your engagement on different social media platforms. People these days are stressed about their lives, relationships, and work. Thus, everyone wants to check the content that can inspire them and motivate them at the end of the day.

Inspiring others can be the best thing you can do in your life. Today everyone around us is hungry for motivation and inspiration, and choosing inspirational posts can allow you to help and motivate people in need. In addition to this, you will get soul satisfaction after posting emotional status.

No matter if you are a businessman or an office goer, inspirational status can help you be a more excellent version of yourself. You will be able to stay positive and motivated in your work and personal life.

Best status for inspiration that you can post on social media

Let’s check out the following:

The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. 

This inspirational quote by Walt Disney can be used as a status when you want to start something new, and you want to get going. Use this status on Instagram or WhatsApp, and people will know that you will do what you have promised.

Fear is the disease; the hustle is the antidote.

Travis Kalanick, who is the CEO of the famous cab service provider Uber, is given this beautiful quote. This status gives you a hint of how hustling can give you the best result in your life. So, post this status for inspiration and hustle to win.

I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took excuses.

The famous Florence Nightingale gives this best motivational quote. Nothing can be worse than providing excuses for success or failure. You can use this best motivational status when you either win or lose. This inspirational status suggests that you take ownership of your actions. 

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

This beautiful status for inspiration gives you a hint of spirituality. The status is by Lao Tzu and shows when you let go of your ego or pride of being who you are, what your position is, you will become what you might be. 

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.

This is one of the most honest quotes you may ever know about. We are busy making different plans, thinking about your future, our career ahead, our relationship, and everything related to the future. But life happens in the future when we are busy making plans, and we are engrossed in thinking about our future. Thus, the quote suggests that you should try to keep your mind in the present while making plans for the future. This will help you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Build your dreams, or else someone will hire you to build theirs.

This is one of the best quotes you can put up if you are thinking about starting a new business or a new startup. Even young boys and girls planning to create a new career after college can put up this status that suggests that it is essential to have your dream.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

This quote is given by the famous Steve Jobs, the man who started the company Apple. This quote provided by Steve Jobs suggests that you don’t need to wait for years if you have the right talent. You will get limited opportunities in life, and you have to make the best choices with those opportunities. Thus, don’t waste your time living someone else’s life. Be true to yourself and focus on building your life from scratch.

The best revenge is a massive success.

If you have recently failed at something, this can be the best status for inspiration. Putting up this status on social media platforms will help you buckle up and get ready for fantastic success. Thus, stop crying at your last failure and get willing to take revenge from everyone who mocked at your loss. Nothing can be better than answering your haters with your success.

Do what you can, where you are, and what you have.

This is one of the greatest quotes given by Teddy Roosevelt. This quote suggests that you can always have one reason to procrastinate and delay your success. But, if you are committed to your success, it is essential to start working with what you have, where you are, and what you can. So, stop making excuses and get ready to work for your success.

It always seems impossible until it is done.

This is one of the best motivational status given by Nelson Mandela. As per Nelson Mandela, everything may seem impossible until it is done. Thus, don’t be fearful before starting any task. It is quite natural to get afraid in the beginning. Therefore, be on your journey to success and get ready to achieve the impossible.

All these status quotes are given by some of the most famous people all around the world. So, use any of these quotes if you are looking for maximum status.

Orthopaedic Specialist In Singapore Shares 5 Tips To Get Rid of Neck Stiffness

There will be days when you sleep in the wrong manner then wake up the next day experiencing neck pain. This is not something you should be concerned about but the longer it takes, the more pain you will be experiencing. Hence, better know how you can get rid of neck stiffness as fast as possible. In this blog, you will know 5 Tips To Get Rid of Neck Stiffness.

It would also be a splendid idea to see an orthopaedic specialist in Singapore as there are a lot of good ones out there. It may come to a point when your quality of life will be affected and you may be forced to skip work due to the immense amount of pain you are experiencing. 

Here are a few tips to manage this type of pain and get rid of neck stiffness:

1. Massage Your Neck

Go to the nearest spa and tell them that you are experiencing stiffness in your neck. It will only be a matter of time before the masseuse shows up knowing what to do to your neck. You will feel so comfortable that you will forget about all of your problems. Don’t forget to apply natural oil so the effects will be a lot better. 

2. Correct Sleeping Position

One way to correct your sleeping position would be to sleep on your back. This would align your body and lessen the amount of pressure put on your neck. Another way would be to put a pillow on top of your legs so the pressure on your neck will be lessened. This will also make you feel extra comfortable so it will only be a matter of time before you fall asleep.

3. Buy a Contoured Pillow

One good reason you are experiencing pain would be the pillow as it may be a bit high or a bit low for your neck. You will find out too late that you invested in the wrong pillow. It would be better to invest in something that will give you extreme comfort at night so you can sleep soundly. 

The wrong pillow will bring about devastating consequences and cause you a great deal of pain. Therefore, you ought to do some research and purchase the right type of pillow that brings comfort to your neck when you sleep at night. You should not save on this sort of money as it can be detrimental to your health. Furthermore, a good pillow will enhance the quality of your sleep where your mood will improve drastically.

4. Put Heating Pad on Neck

There is a reason why most people would suggest putting a heated compress on parts of your body where you feel pain. It is one of the most popular natural remedies but it should only be done when it is already more than 24 hours. If it is just new, cold compress is the way to go. It is not that hard to make a heading pad anyway. You just need to put it in boiled water, and that should do the trick.

5. Exercise the Neck

There are a lot of neck exercises that you can do in order to move the muscles around the neck. These exercises will subdue the pain in no time. Just remember that it is important to do them in the proper manner or else you won’t get the desired effects. You can start with a few repetitions then move up once you get the hang of it. 

Exercises have been found to improve your health and mood as well. Nonetheless, it is crucial to do them regularly for optimal effectiveness.

After applying the above techniques, you will observe that you will never experience neck stiffness again. It is a great relief because you will never have to experience that type of pain again. 

Depression in Women- Understanding the Signs of the condition

As a woman, you all have many life roles to play. It includes wife, mother, friend, caregiver, healer, and thus, the list continues. The complication of all the characters can create ups and downs for a lifetime. Depression can affect every part of a woman’s life. This part includes your social life, physical health, fell of sense-worth, relationship, and career. Depression in women is intricate by factors like social pressures, distinctive female reactions to stress, and reproductive hormones. However, it is essential to understand that you’re not lonely. Depression is nearly twice as possible to affect women over men. It tends to possess distinct contributing sources in women besides it does in men. Yet there are several things as well which you can perform to make yourselves sense better.

The Catch– depression states that to feel better, it needs action, yet getting hold of gestures when you’re suffering from depression is severe. However, sometimes you may not hold much energy. So, you likely have sufficient to take a brisk walk around your block or pick up your phone to speak to your loved one. This way can be the best start to boost your mind and thereby improve your outlook.

It is also necessary to learn about the symptoms and signs of depression in women so that you can tackle the situation head-on, cure your depression effectively, and prevent it from returning.

Signs of depression in women

The depression symptoms in women may vary from lenient to critical, distinguished by the effect they provide on your functional ability. Here are some usual signs of depression in women that include:

  • Sense of hopelessness and helplessness. You feel that nothing will get better, and there is no such thing you can perform to enhance your condition.
  • You no longer bother with your pastimes, social activities, and former hobbies that you used to like.
  • Your appetite frequently changes, causing significant weight gain or weight loss.
  • Develops some changes in your sleeping pattern
  • You’ll feel restless, agitated, and angry.
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempts.
  • Increase in pains and aches that include bloating, breast tenderness, cramps, and headaches.
  • You may have trouble remembering things, concentrating, and making decisions.
  • You may feel sluggish, fatigued, and void of energy.
  • There may be sleeping problems, sleeping too little or too much, and insomnia.
  • You’ll get disinterest in relationships and regular activities.

Symptoms of Depression in Women

Not all women with depression have similar symptoms. Some women tend to possess only a few of these symptoms, while others may hold many. Above were listed some signs of depression in women, yet women tend to go through specific depression symptoms frequently over men. The symptoms include:

  • Depression during winters because of lower sunlight levels. Such kind of disorder is termed as a seasonal affective disorder.
  • You experience excessive sleep, more of eating, and weight gain rather than inadequate sleep, weight loss, and less appetite. These are some symptoms related to atypical depression.
  • You’ll have a strong sense of worthlessness and guilt. You rebuke yourself for perceived mistakes and faults.

Problems don’t appear temporary and seem permanent and overwhelming. But when you reach out for aid, you shall feel better.

Causes for depression in women

Women report undergoing depression at exceeding rates over men. This disparity in gender can be illustrated by several hormonal, biological, and social factors that are certain to women.

  • Premenstrual problems: There is hormonal imbalance during the menstrual cycle. It can cause intrusive symptoms of the PMS or premenstrual syndrome. For example, emotional reactivity, fatigue, bloating, and irritability. Few women face disabling or severe symptoms too. They may require a diagnosis of the PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
  • Infertility and pregnancy: Women face several hormonal changes during pregnancy that leads to depression, especially to a woman who’s already at considerable risk. Further problems associating with pregnancy like infertility, unwanted pregnancy, and miscarriage can also play a significant role in fertility.
  • Postpartum depression: It isn’t unusual for a new mother to confront the ‘bay bluest, which is a normal reaction that tends to fall back in a few weeks. While some women go through lasting and severe depression, which is termed as postpartum depression, it is influenced by hormonal fluctuations, at least in part.
  • Perimenopause and menopause: Women may go through an increased possibility for depression in perimenopause. Moreover, it is the stage that leads to menopause when there is a rapid fluctuation in the reproductive hormones.

Diagnosis of Depression

You may consult a doctor if you’ve depression symptoms. Certain medicines and few health issues like thyroid disorders and viruses may generate similar symptoms like depression. Plus, there are times when depression can be part of other mental health conditions.

Diagnosis of depression comprises mental health specialists who interrogate regarding the symptoms, struggles, emotions, and your life. The mental health expert, nurse, or doctor may instruct you to carry lab tests on a urine or blood sample and perform daily checkups to explore all other related problems causing depression.

How is a depression in women treated?

Your mental health expert or doctor may treat depression through medicine, therapy, or a mixture of both. Based on the symptoms and signs of depression in women, the nurse or doctor shall refer you to a mental health professional for therapy.

Some individuals with mild depression form improve their health conditions after experiencing a few months of therapy. People going through moderate to extreme depression may require treatment and kind of medicines known as an antidepressant. These antidepressants change certain chemical levels in your brain. It might take a few weeks for the working of antidepressants. There are various kinds of antidepressant medicines, and few work even better over others through treatments like antidepressants and therapy.

Women having depression can influence them more likely to adopt alcohol and drugs to cope. However, alcohol and drugs may make your mental well-being worse and may impact how the antidepressants function. You can consult your doctor or therapist regarding any drug or alcohol use.

Moreover, it would help if you gave some time to the treatments to work. It might take a few weeks for your antidepressant medicines to work. Besides, it isn’t advisable to stop your medications all of a sudden without consulting your nurse or doctor.

Tips to Have Good Mental Health

It is very important to take care of yourself and remain satisfied throughout the whole life. Making simple changes within you not do not need loads of time, but these changes help you out in long return. A good mental health is much more than simply the absence of mental illness. There are a lot of ways with which you can boost your mental health. Your mental health has a major role in how you cope with stress, overcome challenges and recover from life setbacks and hardships. This is becoming common in this society that most of the people have started to take drugs, alcohol just to get rid of the issues they are facing. In order to kick this addiction, Juul Lawyer can help. The main purpose of Juul lawyers is to help such people and those who are suffering from some other problems.

If you want to have good mental health, you can follow these tips:

Stop being introvert:

This is a major problem that most of the people do not talk about their feelings and thus they have their own world in their mind full of anxiety, fear, anxiety and much more. Expressing your feelings is the way you can have a relaxed state of mind.

Have some exercise:

This is very important because this keeps our body active and we feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Try to do some exercise early in the morning because it improves our metabolism and help us live a healthy life.

Eat Healthy, stay healthy:

Eating is just not only related to physical health but it also effects on mental health. Our brain needs a mixture of nutrients to stay healthy and functions well just like the other organs of the body.

Give yourself values:

Treat yourself with kindness and build self-love. This is very important in improving mental health because self-criticism has dangerous impact on mental health. Make time for hobbies and also keep broadening your horizon. Keep bringing changes in yourself.

Happy relationships:

Being around those people who truly care for you is very important in boosting good mental health. Develop good relations with family, friends, workmates, and others in your community.

Sleeping schedule:

It matters more than we think. Getting enough sleep is very important because skipping a few hours can cause tiredness, irritation and you will feel low the whole day. Adults should aim for eight to nine hours of quality sleep.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Staying hydrated is also a key role in maintaining good health. According to a research, people who drink sufficient amount of water daily are happier than those who don’t. If someone is suffering from some sort of disease and takes medications then it is even more important for him to keep himself hydrated throughout the day.

Be optimistic:

Good mental health means that you always stay happy. Hardships are a part of life and no doubt stay calm in those situations is the big challenge. Try to perceive the thing in the way that it is. Stay optimistic in mishaps because this will have a positive effect on your personality.

Final Thoughts:

These tips will surely help you live a healthy and happy life but if still someone is fighting with mental health issues, he should seek some professional help. Seeking help is not a weakness and treatment is effective. People who get appropriate care do recover from mental health.

Learning How to Build Self-resilience for when Life Knocks You Down

Author: Ines Marinho

Let’s go back to the times when the adults of nowadays went to school and had all those mandatory courses throughout, at least, 18 years od their lives. Education starts at home, it is a fact and continues to kindergarten, primary school and so on.

However, if people stop to think for a while and ask themselves when or at what point someone taught them to deal with their emotions the answer might be not found. In the educational systems, there is no such thing as helping children, future grown-ups, dealing with life, emotions or failure.

Individuals keep on being educated to success and to only accept this faith. The truth is, success is a result of many failures and, going through the process of failing can be overwhelming and hard to deal with for many human beings. No judgments on that.

Raising self-awareness and developing resilience skills have become the biggest purpose of psychologists, hypnotists, and neuroscientists of the present society. The more people understand themselves from a positive perspective, the greater sense of well-being as they face emotional struggles will happen.

Self-awareness usually focuses on five determined domains: Sensations, Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, and Mentalization (STEAM). Let’s take a look at how to approach and demystify these concepts.

  • Sensations – What do you sense in your body and mind?

Being self-aware includes awareness of your body and mind. When life tends to knock you down for multiple reasons, which will certainly will at some point, because imperfection is what dictates the human condition, you might notice some common symptoms all over your body. Your muscles can be tense, your stomach is churning and you have a general feeling of heaviness in your body. As you start to pay attention to these sensations, you may also notice that it opens you to a greater awareness of inner experiences, like your emotions.

How do you feel towards a certain situation? What does that situation provoke in your brain?

  • Thoughts – What are your thoughts?

When facing overwhelming problems, people naturally try to close and protect themselves. Sometimes, or most of the time, active minds go into hyper-drive with their thoughts racing nonstop. Overthinking prevents people from clearly reflecting on the issues with a cold and distant approach. For example, people have a tendency to believe their mistakes at work are proof of them as a failure, not putting it in the context of their multiple successes.

By consciously observing your thoughts, you get the ability to reflect on them with an impartial view. Like this, you can recognize irrational fear and anger-based thoughts that inflate a small issue.

  • Emotions – What are you feeling?

Once you recognize what your emotions are, ‘sit with them’. Don’t run away from them, instead embrace them to understand them. Gently ask yourself, what are you feeling. Be sensitive to your level of distress. If you are overwhelmed, you might need to work through this a bit more before approaching your emotions.

Take as many breaks as necessary to heal and distract yourself, re-focusing on your emotions later. Along the way, share your emotions with a good friend of yours or search for some medical help, like a psychologist. Break the taboo that searching help is for weak people. It isn’t. People who learn to acknowledge and tolerate their roller-coaster of emotions become able to go through them without being devastated.

  • Actions – What are your actions and reactions?

Being resilient requires that you act in ways that enable you to create a path out of difficult circumstances and on to a better one. It is essential that you observe your actions and reactions. Consider the effect they might be having on you.

For instance, if you respond with intense anger to small situations, such as your partner or family member telling you, he or she will be taking a job in another country, that might be an indicator you need to work on a deeper level throughout your emotions. Besides, if you act like that towards people, you might be able to lose either your rationality or the people you love.

However, if your response is moderated, showing happiness for their future and sadness of missing them, the two of you might still work on something to keep the relationship healthy.

  • Mentalizing – Do you understand what is going on with you and the others?

Mentalizing is a term that means understanding in your mind and connecting that understand to your heart what is motivating you or someone else. When you learn how to mentalize and establish connections between your rational thinking and emotions, you can empathize better and have more compassion for yourself and others.

This compassionate self-awareness can improve your ability to help yourself get through difficult times. You will have a better time seeing your problems clear and figuring out what you need to overcome. Mentalizing yourself that feeling and allowing you to feel is part of the process of healing and dealing with this these STEAM concepts might be an important step to your life.

When life kicks you out, it isn’t about the fall but how you decide to get up and react. Thinking about a practical example in life, let’s take a look at sports players. Every time a team or a long shot MVP NBA player loses a game, they need to either get up and try to recover it or giving up on trying.

Life is not a game you will only ‘play’ alone. There are more people in the same shoes as you, that lose their strength and hopes when life is harsher. Nevertheless, the fall may be deep, but the rise doesn’t need to be painful or an alone path.

Be always kind to yourself, to allow you to fail, to make mistakes and to make the turn to a better path. In a world where failure seems not acceptable, it is, in fact, one of the most beautiful things that can happen. Why? It means you are alive, and you are trying.

Tips to Naturally reduce anxiety

How to deal with anxiety

For some people, anxiety becomes a day to day part of life. But it shouldn’t always be so. Anxiety can take a toll on your mental health, thereby proving to be extremely harmful. Anxiety, however, has become a part of our day to day lives. While you may feel that anxiety isn’t bad at all, it is. The dangers of anxiety will eventually prevent you from staying happy in life. Moreover, if you are suffering from anxiety, you tend to feel tired throughout the day.

Anxiety not only affects your mental health but your physical health as well. Tension has become a daily struggle, and you need to work towards solving it. If you do not keep a check on your anxiety, you are more likely to suffer in a lot of negative ways.

Can you keep anxiety at bay? 

It is never impossible to keep a check on your mental health. If you feel like you cannot keep your mental health in control, you must know that you are underestimating yourself. If you let yourself become weak mentally, you will eventually lose control of your physical self, as well. However, taking small steps can ultimately help keep the anxiety at bay. Some of the prominent ways through which you can keep your stress in check include the following

  • Stay active

One of the best ways to control yourself from becoming mentally weak is to stay fit and active. Staying active requires you to do a lot of things. This will eventually help keep away your thoughts from that of depression. Studies have shown that exercising regularly can be of great help in easing anxiety. If you feel that exercising will keep away your stress, only for a short time, it won’t. If you exercise regularly, you will eventually be able to keep out anxiety for long hours.

  • Quit smoking

People suffering from anxiety tend to smoke a lot during their stressful hours. While this may seem reasonable, it can eventually have a negative impact in the long run. While smoking will release your stress only for a short time, in the long term, it will ultimately worsen your anxiety.

Studies have shown that people who start smoking early in life become prone to anxiety. While you may not develop anxiety soon, but it will eventually start affecting your life in the long run. Studies have further shown that nicotine and other chemicals fork to be a significant part of the cigarettes. However, it is eventually linked to your brain and can increase anxiety over time.

  • Cut down on caffeine

While caffeine is the upper, alcohol is a downer. Being addicted to both can, however, be extremely harmful. It will eventually give a boost to your anxiety. If you are highly prone to anxiety, caffeine can never be a solution for you. Too much caffeine can give way to nervousness and anxiousness.

Studies have shown how caffeine consumption can worsen anxiety disorders. People suffering from chronic anxiety may eventually become prone to panic attacks due to caffeine consumption. Cutting down on your caffeine intake will ultimately help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. While you may feel that coffee and soda contains caffeine, they do not. Other substances such as chocolate, tea, diet pills, and even headache medicines are full of caffeine. Consuming them in excess can eventually be a significant boost to your anxiety.

  • Get some sleep

Lack or absence of sleep is one of the main reasons why people suffer from worse anxiety. One of the most common symptoms of Anxiety is Anxiety. If you are suffering from lack of sleep due to stress, maybe it is time that you get enough sleep. As a result, you should work towards making sleep your main priority.

If you want to get rid of insomnia, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Small changes before going to bed, such as not using mobile phones, avoiding social media, not tossing around the mattress, can be of great help. Moreover, you can also get enough sleep if you follow a proper schedule, avoid caffeine, keep your room dark and calm before going to sleep. Also, it is necessary to consume healthy foods so that you can stay physically fit.

  • Eat Healthily

A healthy diet can be a significant boost to your overall health. It is also due to the consumption of unhealthy substances that our anxiety worsens with to. Experts suggest keeping a check on your diet if you are suffering from chronic stress. You should strictly avoid foods rich in sugar.

Artificial food coloring, flavors, and preservatives only enrich the food with harmful chemicals. Also, such foods give a boost to low blood sugar levels, dehydration, and more. If you do not stay physically fit, there is no way you can visit me provide. If your anxiety keeps worsening, you need to keep a check on your eating habits. You should work towards staying hydrated and give up on highly-processed foods. Moreover, eating a healthy diet rich in complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and vegetables can be a great way to stay healthy.

  • Go for aromatherapy

The sweet and calming smell can be a significant boost to your nervous system. It can also help calm down your nerves and help you stay healthy. In aromatherapy, sweet smells or fragrant essential oils are used. It further plays a vital role in boosting your mental and physical well-being.

You may either use them with a bath diffuser or inhale it directly. Aromatherapy can help you sleep and relax properly. This can also help keep your cardiovascular health in check. Some of the most common essential oils used for relieving anxiety include bergamot, lavender, ylang-ylang, grapefruit, and Clary sage.

Feeling anxious is healthy, but at the same time, you must take proper care of it. You should work towards keeping your nerves calm. The natural remedies can be of great help in easing anxiety. Nonetheless, make sure that you do not opt for professional help until and unless it is chronic. You may consider seeking medical and professional advice only if necessary.

How Dual-Diagnosis Models Are Improving Substance Abuse Treatment

Anyone who has struggled with substance abuse knows how challenging it can be to overcome. For many people, substance use and abuse are more than a single problem. The origins can be found in unresolved mental health issues, often stemming from trauma earlier in life. When substance abuse treatment programs provide a dual-diagnosis model for addressing these co-occurring issues, it can positively affect outcomes. Here are some examples of dual-diagnosis program elements that are contributing to greater success in the healing of addiction.

Addressing the Source  

Treating substance abuse in a vacuum may work for some people. Behavioral therapy, twelve-step groups and lifestyle changes are helpful for arresting the problem. Data show that a high percentage of people relapse after a period of abstinence. This may arise from the failure to address the root of the problem. Dual-diagnosis programs take on both the substance use and the underlying mental health conditions, which may give patients a better chance of long-term success.

Standardizing Treatment

These programs are beginning to form a consistent standard of care. The substance abuse treatment Benton, Ark., might offer will be similar to a dual-diagnosis program in San Francisco or Chicago. Whatever the location, this more comprehensive approach provides an important context to the process of healing addiction.

Monitoring Medical Factors

Generally, M.D. psychiatrists are a significant component of dual-diagnosis treatment. Patients are thoroughly evaluated for psychological factors that may be contributing to the substance problems. Substance use often begins as a way of self-medicating the symptoms of underlying conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Once these factors are known, they can be treated, and patients can be closely monitored by psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Tracking these issues increases the likelihood that the patient will make lasting changes.

Focusing on Counseling

Most dual-diagnosis programs provide an extensive counseling component. Patients participate in individual and group therapy, with an emphasis on family therapy. Many times, chronic dynamics within the family or core support system can contribute to the patient’s substance abuse. Skilled family therapists can help patients begin healing those issues. In addition, families learn about addiction and recovery, so they can be supportive of the patient.

Considering the high incidence of co-occurring mental health conditions in people with substance abuse problems, it is encouraging that many treatment programs are incorporating dual-diagnosis models. Patients may have more success staying clean and sober and making permanent changes when the root of the problem is acknowledged and treated alongside the substance abuse issue.

Reasons why Assam tea is the best in the world

Have you ever visited Assam? Or heard about stories about this beautiful hill station in India? Assam is one of the most attractive and enthralling states, located in the north-eastern part of India. It has beautiful rivers flowing down green mountains, alluring valleys, and a pleasant climate to soothe your soul. Assam has a scenic beauty that can undoubtedly please you, no matter how much you hate hills. Apart from its picturesque beauty, Assam is famous for one more thing that is none other than its tea plantations.

Assam tea is popular worldwide because of the flavor, aroma, and amazing health benefits of the tea. If you visit Assam, you will see the myriad tea gardens flourished all over the state. However, why do you think it is so popular than any other tea available in India? To know that, you need to take a quick look back into the history of Assam tea.

In the year 1823, a Scottish traveler named Robert Bruce visited the upper regions of Assam. On his adventure, he discovered wild Assam tea variety growing in the hill slopes. Now you can easily read papers and find out about the tea variety, growing in the wild regions of Assam. It is none other than a type of Camellia sinensis, but with wilder leaves. The essence of the tea is major because of the soil where it grows. The flood fed regions of Assam during monsoon favors the tea growth, which is picked in hotter times of April. You get different blends of Assam tea depending on the time of its harvest.

What are the benefits of Assam tea?


  1. Prevents tooth cavity

Do you like to eat sweet dishes a lot? If so, then the tooth cavity is a big problem that you might be facing. Do you think you can get rid of it by drinking Assam tea? Absolutely! When you eat a lot of sweet foods, cavities get formed within your teeth that can cause immense pain. It may even permanently damage your teeth. Thinking of such negative health effects, do not think about giving up on your favorite sweet dish. Assam tea can be a solution for you. You can either drink or gargle with Assam tea, in the morning and once again before going to bed. Assam tea keeps you away from creating tooth cavities, and also heals any pre-existing decay.

  1. Act as a body warmer

When you are awake on a chilly night for studies or work, quickly drink a cup of Assam tea. It is one of the best ways to keep your body warm and calm. Rather than taking a cup of coffee, go for Assam tea to stay warm. If there is a frequent change of climate, you often tend to catch cough and cold. Assam tea can come to your rescue to help you recover fast from such conditions and ensure your wellbeing.

  1. Gifts you with a glowing and healthy skin

Are you tired of searching for the ideal solution to your skin problems? Well, you have to look no more as Assam tea offers a bunch of benefits for your skin. It has vitamin A and vitamin E in immense amounts, which are natural ingredients for keeping your skin healthy. These two vitamins help in purifying your blood and improves its circulation internally. Both of these functions are extremely important in ensuring a good skin tone. So no more wasting money on heavy cosmetic products and surgeries for repairing your skin texture. Assam tea can offer you all the skin benefits that you will ever want.

  1. Improves your immune system

Assam tea contains a lot of antioxidants and minerals that can help you fight infections, and boost your immunity. If you drink at least two cups of Assam tea per day, you can easily fight or prevent any disease. To soothe yourself at night, you can even add a little honey to your tea and drink it before sleep.

Can Assam tea fight deadly health disorders?

Yes, absolutely. Assam tea not only offers supplementary health benefits but also fights different serious health disorders such as:

  1. Cancer

Assam tea has numerous antioxidants present in it, which combats oxidative stress within your body cells. Antioxidants basically decrease the rate of damage caused to your cells due to the generation of-

  • ROS (reactive oxygen species)
  • RNS (reactive nitrogen species)

Assam tea somehow regulates the production of oxidative stress and sustains the growth of normal cells, but kills cancerous cells. By drinking Assam tea, you can lower the risk of ovarian, stomach, rectal, colon, breast, and lung cancer.

  1. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

The outcome of both of these diseases is extremely saddening and irreversible. In Parkinson’s, you suffer from tremors due to the breakdown of the CNS (central nervous system). Alzheimer’s or senile disease is a progressive condition where you lose your memory, along with other cognitive functions. Assam tea has surprisingly produced positive effects for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. If you drink 2-4 cups of Assam tea every day, you can potentially reduce the possibility of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

  1. Cardiovascular problems

Assam tea has numerous flavonoids that improve endothelial functioning, lining your cardiac valves, blood vessels, and many more body cavities. Flavonoids prevent the accumulation of plaques within your arteries, thereby reducing the chance of cardiovascular disorders such as-

  • Strokes
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Peripheral artery disease

Can Assam tea improve your mental wellbeing?

Assam tea can potentially improve your sense of alertness and cognitive power. It has various antioxidants that play a major role in regulating neuronal functioning. When you consume a lot of caffeine, there are many associated negative effects like-

  • Headaches
  • Arrhythmia
  • Burning sensation in heart and irritability
  • Nervousness

If you take Assam tea instead of caffeine-containing beverages, you can prevent the risk of such neurodegenerative conditions. However, prefer not to consume more than 4 cups of Assam tea per day without consultation with a health expert.