Catch The Eyes: Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Let bygones be the bygones, and now it’s the right time to utilize every important event of your corporate organization and gift relevant items. Take out time from your hectic business schedule and participate in the inevitable craziness to find out the perfect gift for the corporate event. 

Remember, gifts are the reflection of your company. Searching a perfect gift that touches the heart of your client/employee is indeed one of the responsibilities for growing strong. Many businesses would have failed to create “that First impression” amongst employees, but this one is the second chance to impress them and make the “first impression” again. 

JoSa imaging has compiled a list of some winning gift ideas for corporates and share the right emotions with the employees. Always remember the guiding principle, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Keep reading further to explore the gifting ideas and options to nourish the relationship with your employees. So let’s start our journey on creating an “aww” feeling and spreading love.

Marble Travel organizers and Flasks:

After gaining all name and fame in the phone case designs, laptop skins, Instagram photo stories, and more, the marble design has been extended to the drinking flasks and travel organizers. The design will look all chic on both the organizer and the bottle. It would create an outstanding impression of yours while you are holding this thin flask or the organizer in hand while attending the customer. So imagine how your employees will feel when they receive such a posh gift. They would simply love it.

Catchy and dreamy calenders:

This is one of the scintillating gift options for corporate gift Singapore. You can customize it further by contacting any printing company and make your employees feel special. This personalization will boost different energy in them and encourage them to work harder.

These hand-picked gifts are available at many online stores. Your employees/clients will be delighted to another level and would not be tired to appreciate your efforts. 

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You can also try putting in your company’s logo at the corner. Why at the corner? Because these gifts are not your promotional products, you should not advertise your business. The client/employee or whosoever is receiving the gift should feel free to keep them in their main room.

Shake hands with customized stationaries:

We all love to see a customized pen and diary on the desk in popular movies and series. Imagine your guest receiving the same in real? They would be more than happy to receive them. You will find many online retailers selling customized stationaries, contact them, take their suggestions, and get going. 

If you are giving away greetings to them, you can customize it too. We are sure they will keep them as a memory for a lifetime. If you are a designing expert yourself, you can try your hands and create a sample piece for card gifting.

Seize the company’s value in a crystal globe:

Crystal globe is an exclusive and priceless gift which you can give to anyone. You can create a dream work inside, add your values and freeze it. Every time your guest sees the gift is reminded of the company and the relationship they share. This one is a perfect customized gift option for corporate gifting. The exquisite design inside the ball will create an ever-lasting memory.

Go high-tech, gift a Bluetooth tracker:

This gift will mitigate the annoyance of any person in just a snap of a finger. We all fret on not finding our car keys and bags. For this forgetful situation, a Bluetooth tracker is at the rescue. For getting it started, you just have to link the tracker to your phone using tracker, connect your items. 

Now, when you are unable to locate your valuable items, just call the command on your phone and there you go.. Hearing a ring as loud as it can. So let us start this search game and make life hassle-free.

All in one, a versatile gift:

We all have been there in a situation where we desperately want a bottle opener or a ruler, but would not be able to find it at the exact time. So, how about getting your guests this versatile gift which can be a box opener, screwdriver, car opener, cellphone stand, a ruler, a puller and more. 

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We are sure this gift would be much appreciated and may receive some funny feedbacks too. So let’s try our hands on this new tool.

A creative yet unusual gift bag:

You will find many online stores providing this gift, but make sure you go for customization rather than bulk purchase. These bags re the perfect containers for goodies, bottles, and some snacks.

You can try having a jute bag, and your guest will go “woohoo” on receiving them. So start enticing your customers by giving them this wonderful gift. Also, jute bags keep the space an insulated one which can thus maintain a perfect temperature for storing food.

Creative fun with Umbrella:

We all have seen an umbrella with interior facing, but how about gifting one with exterior facing? This amazing Umbrella solves the problem of saving the person from the rainwater and also holds up the rainwater from falling down on the ground. This is a new innovative umbrella that has gone very popular in Singapore and is preventing people from draining and wetting floors everywhere and anywhere.

Gift a sweet tooth: Customized chocolate:

You can let your imaginations go wild giving out chocolates as an exclusive corporate gift. New year, Christmas, Valentine’s day… whatever it is,  custom-made chocolates will never go out of trend. They are an ideal gift for any occasion. So, how about the idea of sharing love and sweetness of life with customized chocolate?

Give a traditional outfit:

Who said clothing can not be a part of a corporate gift? If done the right way, you can reach out to potential clients and make them feel special. But yes, you need to follow strict etiquettes when it comes to gifting traditional outfits. You can also seal some broken cracks with your guests by respecting them with a cultural outfit.

Whether it is out of honor or as a share of happiness, you should always stand out while picking up the right gift for your guests. Above mentioned are some of the best ways to win your employees hear using corporate gifts Singapore. Let your business grab the attention of your guests and help you in establishing a long-term relationship with them.

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