Business Tips on How to Start and Grow a Successful Cannabis Business

Business Tips on How to Start and Grow a Successful Cannabis Business

The cannabis business continues to thrive with the introduction of dispensaries, edibles, lifestyle brands, restaurants and more that are mushrooming everywhere. However, there are still many opportunities that have not been tapped.

With that said, starting, and growing successful cannabis business is not easy and smooth sailing since you will have to contend with contradicting laws and regulations, taxes, among other roadblocks. With sales projected to reach at least $20.2 billion by 2021, it is necessary that you get the foundation of your cannabis business right to be successful.

In this article, we look at tips from success cannabis entrepreneurs on how to start and grow a cannabis business. With the tips below, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls that plague many start-up cannabis businesses.

Create Solutions for Existing Needs

If you look at the successful business you know of today, they have provided a solution to pressing needs. First off, you need to decide on which cannabis sector you will go into. You need to be unique and avoid dispensaries or grow operations.

There are many options that you can choose for your cannabis business. This includes everything from professional training, hydroponics, CBD oils, media companies, consultancy, education, cultivation products and so much more.

Despite the wave of cannabis legalisation, you need to ensure that your business idea is legally viable and that you are offering a unique solution. For long-term success, your cannabis business needs to withstand the business factors and effective regulations in this fast-changing space.

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Identify and Understand Your Customers

Armed with your idea, you need to do a market study to identify and understand potential customers. The legal cannabis ecosystem is fast becoming crowded, and it is necessary that businesses start doing targeted customer segmentation.

The success of a cannabis business is closely tied to how well you understand the customers. You will need to build authentic customers and create a plan on how you will meet their long term.

Know the Rules and Follow Them

You might have a glowing business plan, and customers who cannot get enough of your products, but if you fail to follow the rules, you are sure to attract hefty fines, jail time, and business closure. Unfortunately, the laws governing the opening of cannabis businesses are complicated and confusing.

Most importantly, you will need an experienced legal representative who is well versed in cannabis law and regulations. Disregarding the set cannabis laws and regulation will stifle your growth, and it might come to affect the entire cannabis business.

Carry Out Competitor Research

Identifying your competitors is a crucial aspect of growing a business. Their businesses will provide you with a blue print on how to run a cannabis business and an opportunity to analyse the strategies that work.

Raise Enough Funding

Starting and investment capital is vital for the growth of a business. Since the cannabis business is still illegal under federal law, banks, and other traditional financing options are sceptical about putting money into the cannabis business.

While some investors are wary of getting into the cannabis business, many investors are looking to get in on one of the fastest growing business today. With that said, you need an investor who will bring experience and expertise from their industries to help you grow the cannabis business.

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Business Tips on How to Start and Grow a Successful Cannabis Business

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Resources and Networking

While there is much growth expected in the cannabis business sector, your best friends in the industry will eventually end up being your competitors. With that said, this could be good for your cannabis business.

In time, you will have a healthy circle of support and advice. Moreover, the cannabis business is still in its grassroots stage, which means it is a community-oriented industry. Whenever possible, be on the lookout for opportunities to reach out to other cannabis entrepreneurs in your area and see if you have a viable business plan.

For instance, you could network with other cannabis entrepreneurs in the National Organisation for the reform of Marijuana laws. They have several chapters around the country, and this presents some of the best networking opportunities with other stakeholders in the cannabis industry.


One of the greatest challenges you will get when growing the cannabis business is funding. However, networking with other cannabis entrepreneurs who came before you will set you up for long-term success.

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