The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

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If you want a new body, you can choose to undergo one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. These procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a facelift. Learn more about these popular procedures to decide which surgery is right for you. And remember, a plastic surgeon is only as good as their training. There are so many plastic surgery procedures available, so you should consult with a board-certified surgeon to determine which one best suits your needs.

Breast augmentation

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation, can enhance your breast size and shape. You will likely experience some swelling and discomfort following surgery and may be in and out of work for a few days. Your plastic surgeon in NC  will provide postoperative and follow-up care instructions to help you recover as quickly as possible. You may also be required to wear a surgical bra for several weeks following the procedure.

Another procedure, breast lift, is used to restore the shape of your breasts. This procedure restores the shape of your breasts after a woman has given birth. It is also a good option for those unhappy with their breasts or who have lost a great deal of their self-esteem due to large breasts. Breast lifts are usually performed under general anesthesia and take one to three hours.


A surgeon will make a small incision in the area to be treated during the procedure and insert a tube to remove fat. The tube will move very rapidly, which allows the surgeon to remove fat more effectively. Patients may feel intense pain during the first few days following the procedure, but it should subside over time. In addition, patients should avoid strenuous activity for two to three weeks after the procedure.

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After liposuction, patients should expect to wait several weeks before returning to work or normal activities. The results are long-term as long as the patient maintains a healthy weight. However, there may be some contour irregularities after surgery. Therefore, patients should consult their surgeon about their financial arrangements to determine which insurance policies cover the procedure. In addition, if there are any complications during the procedure, the insurer may cover the treatment costs.

Tummy tuck

There are some risks involved with a tummy tuck, but the procedure is generally very safe. The biggest complication is an infection. In addition, loose fat may become trapped in a blood vessel and travel to the brain or lungs. As with any surgical procedure, the recovery time for a tummy tuck can vary, so it is essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. The postoperative recovery period can last from two to four weeks, depending on the procedure and your specific goals.

There are two main types of tummy tuck surgeries. Full and extended tummy tucks target excess skin on the lower abdominal wall. The first type is a horizontal or U-shaped incision above the pubic mound. The cosmetic surgeon then removes the excess skin and tightens the abdomen muscles. The second type is less invasive and uses a longer incision. The incisions for each procedure differ, but both procedures are incredibly effective for improving the body’s shape.


facelift is a standard plastic surgery procedure for aging faces. In this surgery, excess skin is removed, and the underlying muscle and connective tissue are tightened and redistributed. In the same way as a traditional facelift, a neck lift involves the removal of excess skin on the neck. An incision is made under the chin and along the hairline in both cases. Afterward, the incisions may be stitched or removed.

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In most cases, the best candidates for a facelift are patients with noticeable signs of facial aging and elasticity in the skin. Ideally, these patients are in their forties or fifties, though younger patients are sometimes candidates. Facelifts are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries, with an estimated 131,000 procedures performed annually in the U.S. The procedure requires a consultation with a plastic surgeon. The physician will evaluate your health and the results of previous surgeries.

Male breast reduction

If you are a man who is unhappy with the size of his breasts, male breast reduction may be the right procedure for you. The procedure is minimally invasive and carries with it a short recovery period. You will lose some sensation after the operation, but that should gradually return. After about two weeks, you can resume your usual activity. Afterward, you can resume all strenuous activities.

To choose a good cosmetic surgeon, make sure they are board-certified and have extensive plastic and reconstructive surgery training. In addition, make sure to pick one that you feel comfortable with and trust, and ask to see previous patient photos. You also want to make sure the plastic surgeon has an aesthetic approach to surgery, as male breast reduction can leave unsightly scarring. Once you’ve selected a surgeon, you’ll be more confident about your choice of procedure.

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