Do Wool Duvets Help You To Sleep Better Than Other Duvets?

Wool Duvets blanket folded up

Duvets are a large case filled up with down, feathers, wool, silk, polyester batting or combinations of some materials. They have sewn through double edges to hinder the wadding to poke out. To create drama or add a contemporary look to the interior of your room a duvet cover of different fabrics and color schemes is placed over it. A duvet cover can be washed as many times as you want like a bed linen placed on top over your mattress.

Worldwide assorted stuffing is tried to fill in the duvets to make you sleep healthier and better. Every person has its own personal choices to sleep under a specific fill duvet. I personally love wool duvets, as they are awesome to sleep under. Wool duvets were famous time back but down and feather took over them but now again they are in vogue due to its special features.

Pleasure of pure wool

After a hard-tough day getting into a soft comfy bed seem like to be a dream come true. Slipping under a nice soft duvet can be compared to a warm sauna bath. There is no alternate to a pure wool duvet as it holds back the warmth and make you feel gently hugged. Wool is a natural product which accumulate many properties. Wool is famous for keeping warm in winters and cool in summers.

Benefits of wool

Wool products whether duvets, pillows or toppers have emerged as one of the best bedding materials, offering many plus points when it comes to aid the sleeper in gaining a great night sleep. So many people talk about their sleep transforming from bad to great after using wool products. Wool duvets promise a consistent night sleep at optimum temperature, requires minimum care maintenance, no matter whether it’s chilly winters or summer to its full height.

 Here I am going to share some of the great benefits of wool which made me fall in love with it all the time again and again.

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Body temperature regulation: wool fibers regulate body temperature while you are enjoying slumber. They provide lightness, warmth and comfort round the clock, means no need to invest in seasonal duvets. Pure wool fibers absorb all the moisture from the body at night and help to control your body temperature to a perfect balance to make your sleeping experience an awesome one. The air regulates easily and makes you toasty in winters and let you chill when you are too hot. Wool can be relied to have a perfect body temperature to sleep well.

Naturally hypoallergenic: one of the dominant benefit of using a wool duvet is that it provides a natural defense against house dust mites. Wool products are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable and top of all safe for everyone, from a young baby to an elderly adult. These duvets are even suitable for allergy sufferers, as some researches shows that if a person have problem with wool even though it will not create any tough time for them.

Retains shape: duvets and pillows and even mattress toppers shape out over many years use, then it’s a challenge to keep them in shape but luckily, I do not face any of these issues while using wool duvet. Just throw a wool duvet over your bed sheet and its done to enjoy a sweet dream sleep.

Renewable and sustainable: wool being a natural product gained from sheep will never run out of supply. Wool is biodegradable making it a very sustainable and renewable, as its obtained without putting planet at risk.

Fire retardant: wool is naturally fire retardant but still Raymat’s wool duvets are ensured completely if any situation persists it helps to prevent fire from spreading.

Cost effectiveness: wool is very inexpensive. Moisture levels effect the warmth levels after sometime but wool performance is not effected even after 20 plus years of use.

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How wool improves sleep?

We all acquire a good night’s sleep, helping us to have a fresh, healthy mind and body. But many of us lack a plentiful sleep due to various reasons. But scientists are continuously asking it could be your bedding?

Answer to this was featured in The Telegraph, researchers at the University of Sydney have found that sleeping on wool gives a 25% better sleep. Wool gives a longer and deeper sleep with perfect body temperatures. The main reason behind a great slumber it wool good absorbency. It absorbs all the moisture released by body and keeps you dry and let you wake up fresh.

How to care wool duvets?

Wool duvets require somewhat extra care as being a natural fiber.

Regular care includes air it out to keep it fresh. On a sunny or breezy day hang the duvet outside to allow natural air pass through it and leaving it fresh again.

Deep clean of wool duvets is only recommended if needed. At Raymat we process the wool so that it can be gentle machine washed with mild detergents. Spin or tumble dry them well to release excess water. Large duvets need professional help to clean.

Dry them out in air. But to some extent can be tumble dried at low heat.

Wool duvets mean no restless nights ever after. So, check out our store Raymat Textiles UK for pure merino wool duvets in all sizes and warmth levels, and enjoy your sleep to full extent.

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