Simple and Proven Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

Simple and Proven Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

Looking for a simple and quick way to lose weight? Want to know the secrets behind getting trimmed immediately and staying that way? Well, I have news for you: there are none! Well, that is sort of a true statement in the sense that there are no shortcuts or overnight ways to lose weight (beyond a weight loss surgery) procedure; however, there are simply and proven ways of losing weight fairly quickly that you can learn and benefit from ready about.

Sure, there is no magic diet pill and there is no way you can run for one hundred miles straight to lose all your fat immediately; but there are ways to speed up the process and optimize weight loss for you if you know your body, your basal metabolic rate, and the amount of exercise and calories you need to lose weight fast and keep it off for good.

So pay attention to these simple and proven tips to lose weight quickly if you truly want to make a lifestyle change for the better!

1) Eat fewer calories than you need

No; this one is not a joke. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is simply by consuming fewer calories than you are in need of on a daily basis. In fact, 250-500 calories under your daily needs will land you a weight loss of around a pound per week…and if you take it nice and easy (and slow and steady), then you are sure to lose more weight in pounds of fat than you are in pounds of muscle. So, head over to Google and search BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator, calculate your daily caloric needs based on your weight, height, and activity, add in any additional activity (in terms of calories burned), and set your mark for your daily maintenance calories. Once there, you HAVE to track your calories through a food scale and nutrition labels for at least a couple weeks to get a sense of your intake. Most people mess up here because they THINK they know how many calories they are consuming until they realize that they are sorely off-pace. Get down and dirty and truly understand your intake, subtract 250-500 calories per day from that, and watch the weight slowly come off…it’s science!

2) Walk as much as you can

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This is another simply yet tried and true method, but it typically works assuming you are obeying the laws of caloric intake and not overeating as stated in point number three. For instance, after you eat dinner in the evening, simply take the dog for a walk or go with your spouse in order to get the metabolism back up, the blood sugar balanced, and the additional calories burned off. Although walking may not be the primary way for you to burn fat, it indeed does burn calories and helps to stabilize the blood sugar after a meal, so walking when you can will only help the pounds come off. In addition, whenever you have a choice to walk or take a cab, to take the stairs or the elevator, or to walk instead of send an electronic message, always choose the former method over the latter assuming you have the time in your day to do so. Walking rocks; and the more you get of it, the better in almost any circumstance possible…it WILL help you lose weight and avoid additional caloric build-up over time.

3) Vary your intake of carbohydrates from day to day

This one may be a little less known than the other two methods and even a bit advanced; but I wanted to throw in something a little less basic here to give even the more intermediate dieter a bit more to chew on. If you cut down your calories and cut down your carbs, you are bound to lose weight because of waning glycogen stores and the signal from your body to use something for fuel since it is out of the glucose that is being stored in your muscles and in your liver. This is typically fat and rarely muscle assuming you are not over-doing your cardiovascular exercise and you are getting enough protein throughout the day. However, if you are low-carb all day and all the time, your body may being to detect signs of slow metabolism  and slow down a bit since your leptin (hormone that signals to blunt hunger) will begin to kick in and grehlin (hormone that signals hunger) will subside. This will blunt insulin response until absolutely necessary (which is good since it will make your insulin more sensitive and useful to transport glucose in the form of sugars); however, it may also slow down the production of the T3 in the form of thyroxine and make your thyroid a bit under-active. This is the time to give your body some carbs: get in a bit more carbs every few days without compromising your caloric goals, and your leptin will balance back out and signal to the body that you are no longer on a diet and that it can regulate and burn calories at a more standard pace again. Cycle and vary your carbs!

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Paying attention to this simple and proven tips to lose weight quickly will help you to shed pounds and improve your quality of life.

There are is magic button for you to lose weight fast, but there are these methods that if executed correctly, WILL make you lose weight and get you back on track to the body that you have always wanted. Of course, there are these little things called hormones that sometimes run us more off course and sabotage all efforts despite our willpower (women tend to have more hormonal difficulties while losing weight because of child-birth and menopause…sorry, ladies!). However, taking hold to these tips will give you the best fighting chance to lose weight. If you want to know the secrets behind getting fit and staying that way, these are the closest methods to do so.

Of course, there are more tips and trick to add to these to lose weight; but I would like the readership to chime in and add more of the tips to this list via the comments section. So, have a question, comment, or concern? Want to share your experiences? Please comment below! Just keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor and do NOT claim to endorse what is right for every body, so always speak to your doctor and nutritionist prior to doing anything too drastic. Thanks and comment away!

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