7 Reasons To Spend Time Alone

7 Reasons To Spend Time Alone

Sometimes being alone is by far the best thing you can do for yourself, and for those around you. You might feel as though you are just too busy to take some time out, or that you don’t want to seem antisocial or be perceived as a loner. The truth is that these things don’t matter; your mental health and happiness do. The following reasons to spend time alone are important, and if you can incorporate just a little bit of me time into your day, it could make all the difference.

More Empathy

Spending time with the same group of people all day every day means that you only really get to see one side of things. It might even become an ‘us versus them’ kind of thinking which, although for the most part isn’t too dangerous, can mean that you misunderstand others, or even perceive a threat where there isn’t one.

When you spend time away from these people, ideally on your own, you can put your own thoughts and feelings together and work out what you really think about things. Doing this can give you a lot more empathy for other people and situations, and you might even find that you can be more helpful in life because of this.

More Productivity

There is a trend for offices and workspaces to be more open plan so that everyone can work together and perhaps collaborate more. You might even work in a place that has a ‘hot desking’ method of working, so you move from place to place depending on which computers or desks happen to be free when you need them. Although this might be useful for getting people to work together in a team more, it is not conducive to productivity, and being alone is much better.

When you are on your own, either in an office by yourself or in your own cubicle, you are better able to concentrate on the task at hand. You won’t be so distracted by what other people are doing, and your own work will be done more quickly and to a higher standard.

More Creativity

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Not only does being on your own mean that you work harder and faster, but it also means that you are more creative in your endeavors. When you are by yourself, and you take a break from your work, your brain is allowed to wander, to think through solutions and come up with all kinds of ideas without being constantly interrupted by someone else. Therefore, there is much more chance that you will come up with something new and exciting if you are by yourself. Remember to have a pen and notepad with you to write down these ideas, or email them to yourself when you think of them, because the fact that you are on your own means there is no one to tell those ideas to when they come, and you don’t want to forget them.

More Relaxation

Relaxation is the key to a happy life, and can keep your mental health on track. When you are stressed and overwhelmed your body is flooded with cortisol, the stress hormone. In large quantities, this hormone can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, strokes, and mental health issues amongst other life changing conditions. When you are on your own it is far easier to relax – you can read a book, catch up on TV programs, shop online for vaping equipment which you can view here, knit, or simply sit and do nothing at all. As long as you can focus on the moment and stop worrying about the future, and the past, you can relax properly and when you go back to your normal life again, solutions to problems will be a lot easier to find, plus you will feel calmer and more at peace too.

Dealing With Problem Behavior

Some kids have behavioral problems that being alone can help with, according to medical experts. If you can carve some alone time into your own schedule, this will show your children that it is perfectly all right – acceptable, even – to be alone sometimes, and that will induce them to try too. If they have behavioral issues, this can calm them and give them time to think through what they have done, or what they were planning to do. On top of that, even if they don’t have any issues, learning to be alone builds mental strength, and if they can tolerate or even enjoy their own company, they will be less likely to develop depression.

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Time To Plan

Have you planned your life? The answer is probably no, and although you don’t need to plan every single aspect of it, having some kind of goal to attain is important. This will keep you on track and focused, and help you to make decisions. When you take time to be on your own, you can use that time to plan the next stage of your life. You can ask yourself important questions and answer them honestly because you have time to think. This is not the time to fall into what other people are expecting of you, so really think about what it is you need and want from your life.

Get To Know Yourself

Not many of us truly know ourselves which may sound strange, but it’s true. We’re often just not comfortable in our own skin, and that can cause problems in many other aspects of life. We lack confidence, don’t believe we can do certain tasks or take on certain responsibilities, and generally feel bad about ourselves and our lives. There is no need for this, but sometimes we just can’t see what we are really like and what we can really do because there is so much going on. Taking time to be alone means you can re-assess and work out what it is that you really want to do that will suit your skills and personality.

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