How to Be Fit By Walking Miles with Your Friend

How to Be Fit By Walking Miles with Your Friend

Maintaining overall health is easy and simple. But we often ignore the simple routine and follow unhealthy ways in our life. These wrong routine can bring us health issues like heart diseases, obesity, bone weakening and diabetics and many more. So it is important to maintain a healthy way for a healthy life.

To be fit, walking works like magic which requires no equipment and can be done at any time of the day and night. It can be performed at the pace of the individual and can be done at any age.

Walking can be a fun activity too if you go in groups or with your friends. Even you can walk in your neighbor street or on the rooftop too. So there is nothing simpler than walking and be healthy.

Health benefits of walking

Here are 13 health benefits of walking and getting an improved body shape and health both.

  • Improves the health of the heart

Walking can increase the pulse rate of the heart which insists on increased pumping of the heart. More blood is pumped in and out of the hearts which in turn increase the health of the heart.  The heart becomes weak with the age and so walking can keep the heart diseases at bay even at an older age. Start practicing the walk from an early age which will also resist the heart diseases to come at an older age.

  • Helps in losing weight

If you are obese and trying to lose weight, then walking can help in doing the same. Choose to walk up to the destination which will help in walking or a reason and also inhibits the weight loss process.  More than 5 pounds of weight can be lost by walking. O when you find you are over-weight, starts walking.

  • Helps to regulate blood pressure

If your blood pressure changes very frequently, then walking can help in getting the blood pressure stagnant. No need to talk medication or blood pressure, instead start walking and get a healthy heart with the proper blood pressure of the body.

  • It helps prevent cancer
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If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, then you may be prone to cancer. To prevent the disease, start walking and changes the lifestyle. This would obviously help in getting a better life with a healthy condition of life. Even diseases like cancer can be prevented by just walking for 30 minutes for times a week.

  • Fight against the stress by increased blood circulation

Often our work pressure gives us stress which can make our life full of anxiety.  Blood circulation can help in getting enough oxygen to the body which relieves the stress of the body. Increased blood circulation can also remove the clog of arteries and veins and reduces the risk of stroke in any age of the human.

  • The bones get strengthened

Walking from an early age will help to develop strong bones which can reduce the risk of getting bone fractures.  The loss of the bone density can also be reduced which can, in turn, increase the fitness of the body.  So in older age, it will prevent arthritis and any pain or drying of the joint fluids.

  • Helps strengthen muscles

To gain muscle mass, the body can gain the muscle with walking. Regular walking can give you the muscle growth which will surely bring in a lot of body mass too. Even if you are lean in appearance, then also walking can help you to gain muscles.

  • Corrects the indigestion

Indigestion can lead to different gastro problems in the body which can later lead to a permanent problem in the body. Walking can help in proper digestion of food. A light walk can be taken after every meal and it is suggested by doctors too.

  • Dementia can be prevented

If you are having the habit of memory loss and getting it in your habit, then it can be dementia. Dementia is a neurological disorder where the patient frequently forgets common things. Walking can help develop normally in dementia patients. Walking on a regular basis maintaining a moderate pace can help to prevent this neurological disorder too in patients.

  • Prevents the aging process
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If you are using expensive anti-aging creams to look young, then that may be so much helpful. In that case, walking can be a great way to stop and prevents the aging process. Walking increases the blood circulation t every part of the body, which in turn releases the collagen and elastin hormone. These two hormones regain the elasticity of the skin and keep then stretched.

  • Vitamin D production is induces

Walking during morning gives the exposure to sunlight which helps the body to release vitamin D. Vitamin D is very essential and is required by the body. Walking can be a great option of getting 100% exposure to sunlight.

  • Prevent the diabetics

If you are prone to diabetics or having it, then walking can help you to control the hormonal disbalance. The insulin resistance of the body can be overcome by walking and getting the right way to handle the diabetic.

  • Increases productivity with new creativity

Walking helps you to increased blood flow to the brain, hence increases productivity with more thinking capability. It also helps in getting new creativity coming up to the mind. Even reports have shown that walking can help calm down a person by normalizing the brain’s hyperactivity.

Wrapping up

Well, so they are all that you can get while walking. If you are already having a habit of walking a regular basis, then I must say that you are quite healthy. Even parents should encourage their kids and children to start the habit of walking instead of using any car or vehicle. There is no alternative to walking at any age. Elder parents can also grow up this habit to keep away the pains of joints or mood swings. It is a great mood uplifting process for older people. try out for a better life

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