Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Do you have a friend or a relative who is so rich they seem to have everything? If yes, then you may feel like gifting them is such a challenge. This pushes you to put your best foot forward and come up with the best gift ideas.

It’s challenging but exciting. There are actual gifts you can get someone that has everything.

Keep reading for the top 5 best gift ideas for someone who has everything.

1. Get Them a Gift Card or Certificates

Gift cards are the easiest gifts to give someone who has everything. Yes, they are simple, but they have a personalized touch.

Gift cards are most suited for that person who has everything and doesn’t enjoy vigorous outdoor activity.

For instance, you can get a blank gift certificate from their favorite store and have them decide what they want to get.

2. How About Something Personalized?

When a friend or relative has everything, a personalized gift makes a difference to them. You can get something as simple as a mug and have it engraved with their names or their picture.

You can even have a unique piece of jewelry designed specifically for them.

3. Give Them an Experience

Experiences make the best memories. If someone has everything you can think of, give them an experience of a lifetime.

It can be as wild as skydiving or a calm experience such as a relaxing day at the spa.

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If you are still having trouble head over to for something creative.

You can enroll in a cooking class with them for maybe a week or a month.
Preferably you can go for one-day events such as wine tasting, buy them tickets to the theatre or the museum to avoid interfering with their schedule.

4. Gift Them a Unique Technological Device

Thanks to technological advancement, we can get our loved ones unique devices.

For instance, if your boyfriend is a tech guru, how about you get him wireless floating Bluetooth speaker for his birthday? That’s a gift he can truly appreciate. Alternatively, you can buy him a unique laptop with his name on the cover.

5. A Subscription Service

A subscription service is a perfect gift you can gift a person who has everything. It can range from their favorite magazine to fitness classes or beauty services.

It can even be a subscription for their pets. Gifting your friend a subscription service shows that you pay attention to small details in their lives.

If you settle for subscription service as a gift, choose one that’s within their area of interest.

How Do You Come Up With the Best Gift Ideas?

The best way to come up with the best gift ideas for that person who has everything is to pay attention to small details in their lives. If they have an upcoming birthday, listen to what they most complain about.

It might be a faulty coffee making machine or a disorganized closet. They might even complain of fatigue because they are overwhelmed at work. Work with that and get them what they most desire.

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Having trouble deciding what to gift your friends and family? Keep reading our blog for more ideas.

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