Preparing For a Liposuction

Preparing For a Liposuction

Consultative Visit

Liposuction is considered one of the safest and most effective cost-effective cosmetic procedures known today. However, taking preparatory steps can significantly improve the outcome of the procedure. An individual preparing to go for a laser lipo in Ohio needs to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Many surgeons have been known to contribute to the consultation fee towards the liposuction cost. During the visit, one can take the opportunity to discuss what will take place during the procedure, what to expect after, and tips to recover from the liposuction. One can also be advised on how suitable it is for them. The surgeon will collect the most important information which will determine if the person is a good candidate for the procedure. If not, the surgeon may recommend other non-invasive alternatives. This visit is the starting point as one approaches the D-day.

Get the Right Information

There are many false myths and misconceptions about liposuction. Some individuals believe that once they undergo the process, fat cells will never return, or that it’s a great alternative to lose weight. With this kind of mentality and misinformation, going for a procedure is only setting oneself up for disappointment. One of the most important parts of preparing for a laser lipo in Ohio is ensuring that one knows all the important details that go into liposuction, and the limits of what it can achieve. Taking time to research, planning ahead, and knowing what to expect will make the whole process smooth and stress-free. During the initial consultative visits to the doctor, one can take the opportunity to ask as many questions as they can about the process.

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Medications to Avoid

There are specific instructions on what kind of medication one should avoid before they go in for a procedure. The doctor will provide instructions on certain supplements, vitamins, and other substances that may increase one’s risk of complications. These substances may cause excessive bleeding, high blood pressure, slow recovery, and many other problems. Examples of such include vitamin E, aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and even birth control pills. It’s most important to be careful by adhering to these instructions as one’s health and safety are on the line.

Smoking and Losing Weight

It’s a known fact that smoking before a surgical procedure can increase one’s risk of bleeding, and may delay healing, among other complications. Smoking reduces blood flow in the circulatory system which restricts the body’s ability to heal. Most doctors will recommend that a patient stops smoking at least a month before the procedure.

Additionally, it’s a bad idea to begin losing weight in the weeks preceding the procedure, as it may have a bad impact on the outcome of the surgery. This is also true if one loses significant weight. Thus, a patient should stay away from elimination diets, or any other extreme weight-loss procedures. Losing weight can weaken the body, which will delay recovery, increase the chances of post-surgical weight gain, and complicate the procedure.

Payment Arrangements

Lastly, make sufficient payment arrangements before the procedure. Liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore medical insurance does not cover it. Where the procedure is deemed to provide therapeutic benefit, some insurers may cover it, but this is a very rare occurrence. One should have a sit-down with their surgeon and ask for a break down of all the costs that may be involved, in order to make elaborate arrangements. The amount of cost will vary greatly based on the treatment area and treatment approach among other factors.

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