This Is How Much a Dental Visit Will Cost You (With or Without Insurance)

how much does a dentist visit cost

Far too many Americans are putting off their dental care. Did you know that more than half of Americans forgo dental care because they cannot afford it?

However, delaying dental care can result in more serious health issues. In the end, the costs to replace or save teeth could exceed preventative dental care.

You may be wondering how much does a dentist visit cost? Read on to learn more about dental costs. Explore whether dental insurance is worth it.

How Much Does a Dentist Visit Cost?

The answer to this question varies depending on the dental services provided. A basic check dental check-up consists of cleaning and evaluation.

In addition, the dentist may request a number of x-rays to be conducted. Without insurance, these services are likely to cost just short of $300.

However, this may be just the start of your dental visit costs. The dentist may discover an issue during the evaluation. Perhaps a cavity is identified through the X-rays.

Your dental costs are about to increase based on the severity of the problem. Dental procedures like crowns or root canals have the potential to add thousands to your bill.

The key takeaway is that preventative dental care reduces long-term costs. By keeping the teeth clean and identifying potential issues early on, you will avoid more expensive dental work.

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

This is another question that many people grapple with. Families are hesitant to add another monthly bill in the form of an insurance premium.

However, dental bills tend to add up, especially with a large family. If you have a family of four, getting an annual check-up for each person could cost north of $1,200.

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Experts in the dental community recommend getting a check-up twice per year. If this advice is followed, dental checkup costs for your family are now $2,400. This figure does not even consider the potential for a dental repair or emergency.

The average dental insurance plan covers 100% of a dental check-up. You are likely to find a dental insurance plan in which the annual premiums are less than your family’s check-up costs. There is more info here on affordable dental insurance options for you to research.

Another benefit of holding dental insurance is that you can reduce stress levels in the event of an emergency. Far too many people deal with tooth pain because they fear the cost of repairing it.

Others become upset or stressed if they chip a tooth. With dental insurance, you can rest assured that it will pay a significant percentage of the bill. In addition, dental insurance companies negotiate lower prices for specific procedures.

Wrapping Up the Dental Insurance Debate

It is better for your dental health and wallet to carry insurance. You are far more likely to receive the proper care if you have insurance. Preventative care is entirely covered and dental procedures cost a fraction of what they normally do.

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