Is Rowing Safe for Seniors?

Rowing Safe for Seniors

We’re all so fortunate to live in a world when seniors make up a happy, thriving, and independent portion of our society. Health conscious seniors often eat right and take their vitamins, but they feel as though their options for exercise are limited. In this blog, you will know Is Rowing Safe for Seniors.

Indoor walking, chair yoga, and light aerobics often serve as functional workout routines for seniors who want to continue to live their best lives for years to come. Rowing, an often overlooked exercise regimen, may be the most beneficial option for seniors who want to stay fit and healthy. Is Rowing Safe for Seniors?

Senior Health Concerns

Everyone’s body tells a story of the life we’ve lived, and each of those stories are unique. Seniors have lived long lives, and their muscles and joints have many tales to tell. Many seniors experience chronic discomfort from arthritis, old injuries they never fully recovered from, overuse injuries to their muscles, and joint pain from years of cartilage and connective tissue slowly eroding.

Bodies that have lived long lives are often a little tired and achy, and that’s completely normal. This often leads to weight gain for seniors, and weight gain can come with its own sets of consequences. High blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease risks increase in everyone who is overweight, but the risks are far more significant for seniors. 

The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Seniors often hear from their doctors that they should be getting more exercise. Many seniors feel as though this is impossible, especially if exercise leaves their bodies in pain or if they’re already experiencing issues with mobility. It sounds like an impossible conundrum – how can moving more fix the problem of moving being difficult?

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The problem might seem impossible to solve, but the solution is necessary. Maintaining a lower body weight and a little lean muscle mass will do wonders for improving the lifespan and quality of life for most seniors. Reducing risk factors for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease will keep seniors vital and healthy. Active seniors often enjoy a lifestyle similar to the one they enjoyed in their 40’s or 50’s. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. While a conventional approach to fitness may seem to be an impossible task for most seniors, alternative low impact approaches can provide promising results with the removal of undue strain and a reduced potential for workout related injury.

Low Impact Exercise for Seniors

Low impact exercise is less likely to exacerbate discomfort in seniors, particularly if their fitness journey starts with a lower intensity. Over time, seniors can adapt to higher levels of intensity as low impact exercise begins to strengthen their muscles, joints, and bones while helping them shed excess body weight. 

Exercise that excludes added weight or stress on joints will be easier for most seniors to accomplish. For some seniors, walking at a leisurely pace may feel like high impact exercise. On joints that have been working hard for decades, steps can sometimes reverberate up the knees and into the lower back. When walking feels too difficult, the idea of any other exercise feels far more intimidating. That’s where rowing comes into play.

Why a Rowing is Perfect for Seniors 

Rowing is a full body workout that is extremely low impact, and can also be perfectly executed at low intensity. Beginners can row leisurely and without much effort until they become accustomed to the motion. A rowing exercise machine can help seniors meet their exercise goals without much else. It provides a highly effective workout from a comfortably seated position. 

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Rowing machine workouts solve an important need for seniors, allowing them to get the exercise they need without undue stress or strain on the body. As long as the senior’s doctor approves or encourages more physical activity, a rowing machine will provide endless benefits in the safest way possible. rowing safe for seniors?

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