Why Everyone Should Be Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Right, so we are living through a global pandemic, and never have hand sanitizer been more widely used than it was today.

Hand sanitizers come in the form of hand sanitizer gel and sanitizer spray, both designed to prevent germs or harmful illnesses from causing harm to your body.

Hand sanitizer should never substitute for washing your hands, it is really that immediate solution to get rid of bacteria or germs if you can not wash your hands and also acts as an insurance policy to use after washing your hands, just in case.

In general, there are some main reasons that everyone should consider when it comes to deciding to incorporate hand sanitizer into your daily hygiene routine. Here are the top reasons why everyone should be using hand sanitizer.

  1. It can prevent germs from spreading

Using hand sanitizer is an easy and simple method to ensure that people can wash their hands, no matter where they are. Some studies have come out to show that nearly 70% of people who wash their hands don’t actually use soap! So hand sanitizer is a great way to get more people to properly get rid of all that nasty bacteria living on your hands.

  1. It can help give you good overall hygiene

When we use hand sanitizer, we are giving our body a higher chance of being able to live a healthy life without getting sick. In fact, some studies are actually showing that the everyone should use sanitizer, the less they are prone to getting sick! It is such a simple and effective method of keeping you healthy and best of all, you can take it with you and practice good hygiene wherever you go.

  1. It can help get you to zero waste lifestyle
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Did you know that one of the most wasteful things people do when they wash their hands is to use a paper towel once and then discard of it—with many people also using a separate paper towel to cover the door handle when they depart the bathroom. Hand sanitizer is a great solution to zapping away bacteria and not wasting a paper towel. So you can stay healthy and feel good about it!

  1. It is a form of insurance

When you use hand sanitizer after you wash your hands, you are basically doubling up on the germ and bacteria zapping, meaning that you are doubling the chances of getting rid of all the bad stuff. Hand sanitizer is actually designed to work in situ with hand washing and is a simple way to seal the deal on protecting your health and wellbeing

  1. It doesn’t take a lot to achieve a lot

Hand sanitizer gets the job done in a simple and effective way. All you need is a simple spray or dollop of hand sanitizer gel and you will have enough of this powerful formula to get the job done. It is designed to offer the highest level of protection for the minimal among of usage. A great reminder that it also does not take a whole lot of effort to protect ourselves.

  1. It is recommended by the World Health Organization

And last but not least, as we currently are amidst a global pandemic, hand sanitizer is recommended by the World Health Organization as something that is recommended for every person to use as the world tries to stay protected against Covid-19. With the leading health organization recommending it, why wouldn’t you consider using it?

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Hand sanitizer is something we strongly recommend besides wearing nitrile gloves to anyone who wants to improve their chances of staying protected against germs, bacteria, and things like Covid-19.



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