An easy guide for women on how to boost fertility in your 30s

how to boost fertility in your 30s

Are you in your 30s? Are you worried about your fertility cycle? Yes, it is true that as we age, our fertility system starts declining. If you go around and see in general, you will not see many women giving birth in their 30s or 40s. But, on the other hand, there can be many reasons for you not bearing a child till now. All those reasons may be valid, but to bear a child smoothly at this age, you as a woman need to know how to boost fertility in your 30s.

Also, just knowing how to boost fertility in your 30s will not help; other than this, you also need to know the ways and means through which you can quickly work on boosting your fertility.

Maintain a healthy diet for yourself

A good and balanced healthy diet for yourself will help you easily maintain your body weight. If you do not know it, then yes, it is true that being overweight or underweight may come as an obstacle in fulfilling your dream of holding a little bundle of joy in your hands.

How to boost fertility in your 30s by maintaining a healthy diet?

Salmon and Eggs

If you add these two things to your diet, it will provide you with more omega-3 acids; an increase in omega-3 acid intake does help with the betterment of the fertility system. Other than that, it also helps with better maintenance of whole health.

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how to boost fertility in your 30s

Put a limit on your alcohol intake

If you are a regular drinker, and now you are planning a family, then putting a limit on it is really very important. Wherever you search for how to boost fertility in your 30s, you will definitely get to read a section on this there. If your partner drinks, then he should also limit his cravings for alcohol, at least until you get pregnant.

Be in the no-smoking zone

If you are here reading about how to boost fertility in your 30s and you really need to work on your libido, then please stop smoking. Also try to stay away from any smokers in close contact with you at least till you succeed in conceiving.

Indulge yourself in regular physical exercise

In order to boost or maintain your fertility at the age of 30 or above, you need to indulge yourself in regular physical exercise. The exercises and physical activities which you should include in your daily routine are cardio, biking, swimming, yoga, and a lot more. You can join a gym, or you can work out at home.

Add breathing exercises

Breathing exercises will help you deal with stress that is inevitable at the age of 30. But, if you wish to bear a child at this age, then stress is something you really need to avoid.

how to boost fertility in your 30s

How to boost fertility in your 30s using supplements?

Folic acid supplements

Folic acid supplements help with the process of improvement in ovulation. The best source to get this supplement is any chemist near buy, or you can also buy it online.

Fish Oil and Magnesium

On the one hand, fish oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids; on the other hand, Magnesium will work for the good health of the fallopian tubes. So, yes, a fish oil supplement or a magnesium supplement would be a good answer for how to boost fertility in 30s.

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Prenatal Vitamins

These can also be counted as a good source for fertility issues resolution; for adding these to your intake list, you should take proper advice and prescription from your doctor.

Maintenance of good menstrual health and sexual routine

This fact is not known to many, but it is true, proper maintenance of menstrual cycle regularities. Also, a good sexual routine is essential for boosting fertility in your 30s.

Make sure to indulge in healthy sexual activity with your partner at least once in 7 days. Regular sexual intercourse will make it easy for you to maintain your menstrual cycle. Also regular evolution will also be well maintained. These two things will surely boost fertility even if you are in your 30s.

how to boost fertility in your 30s

When to get in touch with a doctor?

Well, even after reading this guide on how to boost fertility in your 30s, if you find yourself struggling, then that is your time to visit your doctor. If you are in unprotected sexual activity, but your eggs are still not fertilizing, then, in this case, only your doctor will be able to help you. You may also need a doctor’s advice if infertility is a hereditary issue in your family.


If there is still any issue for you that has not been covered here in the guide, a visit to your doctor is the best solution to apply.        

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