Benefits of cloves to a woman for hair and sexual health

Benefits of cloves to a woman

When one thinks of cloves, one comes across a lot of health benefits associated with them. Discussing all of them here in detail might leave a person confused, and also, it will not be feasible to put them all here in one single write-up.  As per the demand of the topic, we will see the benefits of cloves to a woman. Discussing and focusing on this particular aspect of cloves benefits will further divide this write-up into two parts, as cloves are good for women’s sexual health and also for the health of their hair.

So, here as you will scroll down the guide further, you will get to read in detail about the benefits of cloves to a woman for hair and sexual health.

Benefits of cloves to a woman for hair the list goes as follows 

Faster Hair Growth

For the motive of faster hair growth, one should rely on clove oil. Applying clove oil on the scalp has always been beneficial for women if they have wished for faster growth of hair. 

Hair will glow more

If a woman suffers from dull and dry hair issues, then cloves can be her rescue. Instead of using certain chemicalized conditioners, it will be a good choice to use clove oil as a natural remedy to maintain moisture in the hair. Proper moisture maintenance in the hair will bring more glow to them. 

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Promising Remedy for Dandruff Treatment

Here also in the case of dandruff, which is a very common hair condition among men and women. Clove oil turns out as a good option for the treatment of this hair issue. 

Benefits of cloves to a woman

Treats early graying of hair

Benefits of cloves to a woman also include treatment for early graying of hair. The antioxidant properties of clove oil allow it to benefit those who face this. 

Prevents Hair Fall

Benefits of cloves to a woman are not just limited to the treatment of early hair graying issues. There is still more to it. It also works as a good treatment for the problem of hair fall that some ladies face very often

Works as a good cleaning agent for the scalp

Clove Oil has always been a good clean agent for putting away all the dirt from your scalp. It is with the help of clove oil that one can get the scalp free of dead skin, debris, and other unwanted elements.

But as we have already discussed above, cloves are known for unlimited health benefits. So, let us now move to the next section to see some sexual health benefits of cloves for women. 

The list of sexual health benefits of cloves to a woman

Boosts Prolactin Levels

This is a very important female sex hormone that is required for a lot of reasons. Consuming cloves has always been good for better production of this female sexual hormone. Better production of this female hormone in the body will further help in better breast growth, and it also helps with better milk production in the breasts after childbirth.

Helps with a better sexual reflex response

This is also a very good sexual benefit if you are looking for some sexual benefits of cloves to a woman or man. Consumption of cloves is good in this case as they contain a lot of sterols and phenols, which further work on improving the nervous system.

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Helps to fight against STDs

Other good benefits of cloves to a woman include the fighting ability of cloves against all possible sexually transmitted diseases. 

Benefits of cloves to a woman

Eliminates infertility in most cases

There is so much data available online that strongly suggests cloves are good promoters of fertility for both genders. Also, clove water is a good remedy for treating patients facing fertility issues. 

But we cannot just stop our discussion here. Cloves are very beneficial for women, but still, we cannot ignore the list of precautions to be followed while consuming them in any form. 

The list of precautions to follow while consuming cloves in any form 

  • If you are a lactating woman, or if you are a woman who has diabetes or any liver-related issue, then you should only consume cloves in limited amounts.
  • You should also check if, in any way, you are allergic to cloves.
  • If you are on any kind of medication, then it will be better for you to consult your doctor before starting clove consumption. 
  • If you suffer from any bleeding issue, then it is best for you to stay away from clove oil as it may stimulate your bleeding problem. 


So, in this guide, we have left no stone unturned and have described very well all the benefits of cloves for a woman. Along with that, a list of certain precautions is also here for you.