Learn How to Make Fake Bangs for a Stylish Look

how to make fake bangs

Want to switch up your look but don’t want to make a huge cut? Fake bangs are the answer! Affordable, effortless, and easy to do – you’ll get the stunning fringe you dream of without waiting for those locks to grow. You’ll be rocking a trendier style quickly with only basic tools and simple steps.

Let’s learn how to make fake bangs and get your desired fashionable look! Any mane can try this style with your trusty faux fringe, a spritz of hairspray, bobby pins, and a flat iron or curling wand! The look can easily be adapted whether you’ve got straight or spiraled locks.

How to make fake bangs

Don’t want to go under the scissors permanently? Perfect! Faking bangs is a great way to don a trendy hairstyle without making a firm commitment. Perhaps you’re in the mood for something new or curious about how different bangs would look. No problem; faking them is an enjoyable and effortless way to update your look with no lasting changes. Here, we will discuss how to make fake bangs:

Clip-On Bangs

Clip-on bangs offer the look of real bangs without permanently changing your hair. These attachments attach directly to the front of your scalp with metal clips, making them convenient to put in and take out whenever desired. Clip-on bangs come in various colors, so you can pick a shade that best matches your natural hair color. Furthermore, these bangs typically consist of heat-resistant synthetic fibers so they’re easy to style using curling irons, blow dryers, or other styling tools.

Clip-On Bangs
Image credit: StyleCaster

Headband with Attached Bangs

Another way to fake bangs without altering your own hair is a headband with attached bangs. This product comes pre-styled, featuring layers of faux bangs sewn onto an elastic band that fits securely over your head and stays put throughout the day. Headbands with attached bangs typically contain synthetic fibers, which make them heat resistant when styled with heat tools, making them great for creating an up-do hairstyle with the appearance of bangs.

Headband with Attached Bangs
Image credit: TLC Direct

Half-Up Bangs

This eas-peasy Half-Up Bangs look instantly boosts your style without sacrificing any hair. Simply grab two sections near the front of your ‘do, above your brows, divide, twist in the same direction, and tie off at the back. Voilà—full bang action that can be glammed up or left natural for that effortless vibe.

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Half Up Bangs
Image credit: Marie Claire

Faux Fringe Ponytail

Create a chic style with faux bangs by tying your hair into a high ponytail. At the front, leave out some face-framing pieces of hair. Take one small section of this ponytail, wrap it around its hair tie, and secure with pins. Using fingers, comb those extra bits forward for effect similar to natural bangs. For added volume and texture, spray hairspray or styling wax onto locks before styling for hold-down.

Faux Fringe Ponytail
Image credit: Forevercryssy

Twist and Pin Bangs

Twist and Pin Bangs is an easy way to achieve the look of bangs without cutting your hair. All you need are some supplies: bobby pins, a brush, hairspray, a small elastic band, and part of your crown area hair. Divide this section in two and twist one side away from your face until it forms a loop; secure it with bobby pins, then spray with hairspray to hold it in place. Repeat on the other side before tying both sections together at the back of your head using an elastic band.

Twist and Pin Bangs
Image credit: dimplesonmywhat

Hair Extension Bangs

Hair extensions bangs offer instant bangs look without making a permanent change. To achieve this style, start by measuring the desired length for your bangs and purchasing extensions to match. You will also need someone to help with installation; attach the extensions to natural hair at the top of your forehead, then blend in the piece with flat iron until everything looks blended in and hide any attachment points. Afterward, style as desired and enjoy your new bangs!

extension bangs
Image credits: Amazon.in

Braided Bangs

For a fashionable, daring look, try braided bangs – just pull your bangs towards the center of the head and secure them with an elastic. Braid till you’re done and then wrap around the base to form a circle shape, fastening it with bobby pins. Perfect for any event – be it casual or special like weddings – this revamp on traditional bangs looks truly stunning.

Braided Bangs
Image credit: Pretty Designs

Sock Bun Bangs

No need to reach for the scissors – just grab a sock! All you have to do is cut off the toe and roll it into a dreamy doughnut shape. Gather your bangs in a ponytail and pop on an elastic band before delicately twisting your hair around the bun until it’s firmly in place. This modern spin on classic bangs can be dressed up or down – easy-peasy sophistication no matter the occasion! This is how to make fake bangs.

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Sock Bun Bangs
Image credits: HairstyleCamp

Scarf Bangs

Scarf Bangs is a method for temporarily creating the appearance of bangs using a scarf. Place the scarf over your forehead and tie it securely at the back to achieve this look. Then use its front portion to cover any remaining strands in your hair; finally, secure it with bobby pins. This method works best on hair that is shoulder-length or longer in length.

Scarf Bangs
Image credits: okay andie

Bobby Pin Bangs

Bobby Pin Bangs are an easy way to create temporary bangs with just two hair pieces from either side. Depending on the desired look, part your hair in the center or slightly off-center, then take two pieces from either side and pin them across the forehead so they overlap. Continue twisting and pin sections until desired fullness and shape is achieved. Bobby Pin Bangs make great special occasion hairstyles as they take minimal setup time but can also be worn throughout day without needing restyles.

Bobby Pin Bangs
Image credits: POPSUGAR

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to spice up your look without making a permanent decision. Clip-on bangs, braided bangs – whatever your hair type and length, you’ll find the right fit. Play around and express yourself through your own unique style!

Fake bangs are a cinch with clip-ons or for hassle-free headbands trimmed with bangs. Give your mane a quick spruce up and secure these styling tools for instant allure. No sweat!

Give yourself a makeover with fake fringe ponytails or tuck-and-pin bangs! Pull different sections of your hair, twirl ’em up, and secure them for a brand new bangin’ look.

Looking to switch up your style without sacrificing any length? Hair extension bangs are the ideal tool for the creative fashionista.

Want to experiment with a new ‘do? Fake bangs are an awesome way to beef up your look without any lasting damage. Check out the many ways to create faux-fringe so you can find the style that’s just perfect for you!

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