Is IV Therapy Good for You?

IV Therapy is good

There have been many healthcare advances as of late, and some of these health trends have grabbed the attention of many, including celebrities, athletes, influencers, and maybe even some of your friends or family! One of these trends happens to center around IV therapy, which you’ve probably heard of or seen firsthand during a visit to your doctor’s office. Maybe you’ve walked by a tranquil lounge area on your way to the exam room to see someone kicked back in a comfy chair, relaxed, with an IV drip in their arm while reading a magazine. Sounds rather luxury, doesn’t it? Like something out of a Hollywood movie? Well, it doesn’t have to be! IV Therapy is good and becoming more and more common among health care providers, but what really is IV therapy?

Similar to donating blood, patients are injected with a needle that delivers wellness supplements, such as hydration fluids or vitamins, directly into your veins. This method provides the quickest absorption of nutrients into the body. It is used most commonly amongst the ever-expanding field of Integrative and functional medicine. No worries, though, you don’t have to search far and wide to find IV therapy near you. Many large cities are offering this service – for instance, IV therapy in Los Angeles is quite easy to find!

Even with the growing popularity, one begs to ask the question, “Is IV therapy good for you?” To answer this question you first need to know what types of IV drip therapy is available. What are the uses for them? IV drips can be administered to almost anyone, and it’s uses seem endless! Whether you are feeling ill, tired, lethargic, achy, or looking for an easy and quick way to receive vitamins you may be deficient in; IV therapy can improve your symptoms. Actually, some people even opt for an IV drip after a night out to replenish a hangover – talk about awesome! Some IV options include immune boosters, cognitive performance, gut health, detoxing, energy enhancers, and biotin for boosting collagen. 

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So in short, IV therapy can be a means of treatment that will improve your overall wellness: increasing your immune system’s responses, maintaining a healthy gut for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or leaky gut, combating dehydration, improving your complexion, nails, and skin, or boosting your metabolism. Since the nutrients used in the IV drops are those that you would otherwise intake in your nutrition or supplement capsules, the ingredients themselves are safe for IV use. Along with the endless IV choices, IVs are also time-efficient since they only take approximately 15 to 30 minutes per session, and you are off to conquer your day with a sense of rejuvenation!

The next time you feel like you are coming down with something and could use a quick boost, consider trying IV therapy. With all the benefits IV therapy offers, you might as well jump on the trend bandwagon! IV therapy isn’t a treatment just for the elite; you, too, can reap the benefits of this popular wellness service. In fact, most first time IV therapy clients often leave feeling more motivated to improve their health and maintain the ‘feel good’ effect that the drip provides. Who knows, maybe making an appointment to receive an IV drip is the push in the right direction you need to start making other healthier choices. After all, preserving your health is the most important and it will pave the way to how you function, both presently and in the future, so you may as well invest in your own health.

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