What Is GAMSTOP? Why it is important?


Gamstop is important to service delivered to UK players completely free of charge. 

It was introduced by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and allows players to request a self-exclusion period from gambling. 

It is absolutely not something new because, in the past, the most popular self-exclusion tools that many Brits have used, were NetNanny and Gamban. The element that changes is the compulsory obligation to join the service for all platforms licenced in the UK.

Gamstop is important to the network includes almost 99% of companies in the UK’s gambling market. 

Joining the service you can virtually exclude yourself from online gambling at UK gambling sites in a few simple clicks.

It is a tool that is completely based on the self-empowerment of the player and in his ability to limit his problems autonomously. 

What does this mean?

Joining the program the player will prevent himself from playing in any casinos registered with GAMSTOP. Basically, he will autonomously on the basis of its exclusive decision block himself. 

As we have already briefly mentioned why Gamstop is important to serves help players who lost control over their gambling habits to easily deal with that problem.

However, the deep issue seems all rather than solved. 

In fact, the rule is completely useless is some cases as nothing prevents the gambler from enrolling any casino not on gamstop where he will be welcomed.

Furthermore, the service seems to have affected also a lot of gamblers who, by mistake or lack of knowledge, registered to the service, and now can no longer play on their favourite casino.

One of the most recent surveys on gamblers revealed that a good part of those who joined the service did so impulsively or out of anger due to some bad betting streak.

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But, once the service is activated, you will be excluded from gambling with online gambling companies licenced in Great Britain for a period of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years.

The subscription is irreversible.

For all those players that have already self-excluded themselves, this means that there cannot get access to any of the UK casinos until the minimum duration period has elapsed.

On the other hand, with the GAMSTOP in place, United Kingdom Government is attempting to ensure responsible gambling. But what’s more important, this scheme will help people minimize the risk of going through potential gambling problems.

Who is The United Kingdom Gambling Commission? And Why Do gambling Sites Work With GAMSTOP?

If GAMSTOP is changing so much the way how gamblers live the world of online casinos, it is therefore important to understand who has imposed these rules and why all the English platforms are adhering.

The new regulation has been designed and adopted by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) based on data received on online gambling problems of the last 10 years.

The UKGC is an executive governmental body responsible, among other things, for regulating gambling, promote new legislative proposals, grant licences to the casino and supervising gaming law in Great Britain.

UKGC has done a marvellous job in regulating the gambling industry in the UK for the past few years. It has also played an important role in promoting responsible gaming and forcing casinos in the UK to promote is as well.

It’s important to remember that any UK casino must have a licence issued by UKGC and, from April 2020, the registration at GAMSTOP has become mandatory for all casinos that hold their licence. 

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Therefore, there will not be any NON GAMSTOP UK casinos.

This is basically the most important reason why there are so many companies joining the abovementioned program. As soon as UKGC sets GAMSTOP participation as mandatory, it will mean that it is a requirement for a licence.

The licencing criteria instituted by the UKGC are one of the strictest in the world and they are not shy in finding companies who they feel violate the regulations. All online casinos are worried about losing the market that they built with so much effort, and no one wants to oppose the decisions made fearing repercussions.

Another important reason hides behind the gambling companies’ reputation and revenue. 

Business is more difficult and expensive to conduct with a bad company reputation. Whether a tarnished image is the result of a corporate scandal or poor customer service, you’ll notice the impact on your balance sheet. 

Starting from these premises it is easy to guess how, also before that was mandatory, avoid to joining the GAMSTOP program was read as not being interested in the health of the customers, with terrible repercussions on the reputation.

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