Losing Weight Without a Fuss With Adjustable Gastric Balloons

Adjustable Gastric Balloons

The Adjustable Gastric Balloons is a piece of inflatable medical equipment that is positioned for a short time in the stomach to support weight reduction. Its basic aim is to enable weight loss when surgery is not approved for the candidate. The gastric balloon is also used when workouts and diet have failed to yield significant results. The procedure of placing a gastric balloon is reversible and does not need surgery. In this blog, you will lnow about Losing Weight Without a Fuss With Adjustable Gastric Balloons.

A deflated silicone balloon is introduced into the abdomen through the mouth. The balloon is subsequently filled with some fluid and this helps to reduce the amount of food the patient ingests every day. After a successful procedure, the candidate feels satisfied quickly. The fundamental purpose of gastric balloons is to help with weight loss by boosting satiety, slowing gastric emptying, and helping to lessen the amount of food intake for gradual weight loss. Gastric balloons reduce the volume of the gut space and weight loss results from diminished calorie intake.

Measures Used To Determine If Patients Qualify For The Gastric Balloon System 

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Check 

Before a patient is qualified for the gastric balloon, the BMI must be 27 and above. This makes people who are not eligible for other bariatric processes eligible for gastric balloons. The eligibility range of Body Mass Index is between 26 and 60. Gastric balloons are not advisable for people with a BMI greater than 60.

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The Obesity Check 

Individuals with obesity grades I and II and extremely overweight people are also qualified for gastric balloons. However, in overweight people, gastric balloons are a precursor for other surgical weight loss procedures. It is worthy to note that people that have health conditions caused by obesity may not qualify for gastric balloons.

Fast Weight Loss Check 

Persons aiming for immediate and rapid loss of weight are good prospects for gastric balloons. An actress hoping to take up a role, a bride preparing for a wedding, or a supermodel desiring a leaner body may opt for a gastric balloon insertion. With the addition of dieting and regular exercises, gastric balloons will give most people desirable results. 

Patients Not Willing to Undergo an Invasive Surgery

People who are not willing to undergo any form of invasive surgery for weight loss are the perfect candidates for gastric balloons. Gastric balloons are simply introduced through the mouth via the esophagus into the stomach and the procedure is not invasive. 

Dieting With no Visible Outcome 

Some people have been placed on a diet by their dieticians and doctors but haven’t seen results. Other situations are even complicated with an additional increase in weight after embarking on crash diets. Such candidates may qualify for gastric balloons. 

Patients With no Previous Stomach Surgery 

People who have no previous stomach or esophageal surgeries are good candidates for gastric balloon procedures.

People Who Have Been Advised Not to Gain Weight 

Patients with health issues who are barred from gaining weight are also eligible to use gastric balloons. Weight gain has been widely reported to have adverse effects on people with heart conditions and problems relating to metabolism. Such patients are advised by doctors to use gastric balloon procedures to reduce weight. Also, other health problems related to weight gain can be avoided by using gastric balloons. 

Try Adjustable Gastric Balloons

Adjustable gastric balloons are the only kind of gastric balloons that can be reduced or increased in volume within a patient’s stomach. The demand for adjustable balloons rose from two issues relating to other forms of gastric balloons

  • Incompatibility with the patient’s stomach may necessitate premature balloon extraction.
  • Decreased efficiency after using it for 3 months.
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Adjustable gastric balloons reduce intolerance with a lowered or upward adjustment of the balloons thus elevating the success rates of adjustable gastric balloons. The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon System is the prime gastric balloon certified for implantation which emphasizes balloon volume changes as required.

The Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon System is a silicone balloon that is injected with saline solution. The size of the gastric balloon can be modified to enhance as the patient’s weight decreases to boost tolerance. It is embedded in the gut for a year in locations outside the United States. The Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon System comprises a filling catheter that allows gastric volume adjustment between 400ml to 800ml. It is eventually extracted using endoscopy. 

How Does Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon Work? 

The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon requires no surgery and zero hospitalization. It is an out-station weight loss procedure and it is introduced through the gut within a quarter of an hour

Spatz3 weight loss candidates can have volume-adjust up which involves increasing the size of the balloon. This helps to curb weight gain by taking up more space. Candidates can also have the balloon size reduced (volume-adjust down) when the weight loss is too rapid. This encourages balloon tolerance in the weight loss candidate. 

The Verdict 

The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon system has the best success rate in the industry because of its adjustment settings. The majority of gastric balloons have reduced efficiency by the fourth month, but the adjustability of Spatz3 helps regulate the balloon effect. This enables weight loss candidates to attain increased weight loss results within a short time. Click here to find out more about it.

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